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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Thomas that he can not kiss her like that. He reminds her that he seems to remember her kissing him back. And yes he invited her to model the dress thinking she might need help in showing him how she felt about him. Steffy laments to Wyatt that her dad is way harder on Thomas than he has been on her. Wyatt reminds her that she used to be someone else until she got hooked up with Liam again. He is not coming on to her but he is just pointing out life’s little ironies that at one time he thought she was interested in him. She says she still does appreciate him. He’s cute and sexy and smart. He says yes at times he thinks they would have been a good team. She’s not sure there is one perfect match but she goes home and there he is. Bill and Katie drop in on Liam and Bill says one word – Greece, not the movie but the country, he wants him to go tonight. Liam points his finger and says he is not hijacking him tonight. Liam says someone else can do this but not him. Bill says it has to be a Spencer.

Ivy says she could be offended if she thought about it. Thomas says he knows she thinks he is hot. She says yes but she sees a lot of hot men and she does not want to put her hands on all of them or take their clothes off. She knows he is not interested in her but just in hurting Wyatt and those Spencer boys. He would like to put them in their place. Thomas says Wyatt has nothing to do with it. All he does is work with rocks. Liam dumped her and she was convenient for Wyatt to swoop in. She says it did not happen like that at all and she is very happy with Wyatt. He still maintains that he dazzles her just a little. She says he knows nothing about her at all or what makes her tick. He says even on her worst day she outshines everyone else. He just wants to kiss her as she drives him nuts. Bill offers Liam the jet for his night out with Steffy. Liam nixes that idea, he wants to be alone with Steffy here at home. Katie finishes up the dozen roses arrangement complete with white bow and says she thinks Liam must be going to propose to Steffy. Wyatt questions Ivy of how it went with Thomas. She says he was all right but she was a little uncomfortable. Thomas tells Steffy that Ivy is pretending to be mad at him but he knows she is not as she kissed him back. Liam tells Bill that he doesn’t want just to fall into marriage like most expect of him. They have gone from the impossible to the possible. He does not want a skywriter but still not just the ordinary. Ivy tells Wyatt he is so wonderful and she does not feel she is exactly a good girlfriend. Steffy tells Thomas that everyone knows that Wyatt is with Ivy so do not even think of moving in there or undressing her with his eyes. He wants to make a wager that he can do Ivy. Wyatt asks if there is something Ivy wants to tell him. She says kiss her and not ask if Thomas kissed her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Kayla about the text he got. Bo and Hope talked in the park. Andre threatened Sami when she tried to get out of the dungeon. Steve showed up at John and Marlenaís house because of the text he received. He was wondering if John could help him. John told Steve that he wasnít in the ISA anymore. Marlena was shocked to find out that John wasnít in the ISA anymore. John said he wanted to surprise her with the news. Andre demanded that Sami give him back the information that she took out of the safety deposit box. Sami told him that he could get the information himself. Andre had an expression on his face that made Sami realize that Stefano didnít know what Andre was doing. Sami continued to torment Andre and he wondered why she was talking as if EJ were still alive. Bo wanted to know if Hope could forgive him for being gone. She wanted Bo to stop blaming himself for what happened. Bo wanted her to do the same thing. Sami told Andre that EJ would always be alive in her heart. Andre wanted Sami to cooperate with her or something would happen to her children. Sami reminded him that two of her children are DiMeras and that Stefano wouldnít hurt them. Andre told Sami that he is not Stefano. Sami wanted Andre to cooperate with her so they could take Stefano down. Andre was about to cave, but Sami turned out to be bluffing. Hope told Bo that she couldnít let go of what she did. She apologized for believing that Bo was dead and for marrying someone else. Bo let her know they didnít have time for that. Andre saw Marlena in the park and he talked to her about Sami.

Hope was happy that she and Bo had all of the time in the world to be with each other. Bo pushed her away while they were hugging. Hope wanted to know what was wrong, but Bo didnít tell her anything. Kayla called Bo and he let Hope know that he had to go. Hope realized that she messed up with Bo and started crying. Andre told Marlena that Sami stole important things from him. Marlena didnít believe him. Andre told Marlena that he had Sami. Steve wanted to open up a private detective agency with John. John wanted to include Bo in the plans, but Steve wanted to wait on that plan. Bo went to see Kayla. Kayla thought that Bo should tell Hope about his condition. Andre told Marlena that he wanted everything Sami stole from him. Marlena told him to just get Stefano to change the passwords and codes so Sami couldnít use them. Marlena took one look at Andre and realized that Stefano didnít know what Andre was doing. Steve got a text to meet him at the Salem Inn. Marlena went to the DiMera mansion to confront Stefano about kidnapping Sami. Stefano made Marlena leave the mansion and he confronted Andre. Bo told Kayla that he couldnít tell Hope about his condition because of everything that she has been through. Bo didnít think Hope could handle it right now. Kayla argued with Bo about it, but realized that he knew Hope better. Kayla was okay with Bo telling Hope when he was ready. Rafe found Hope in the park (Bo asked him to see her in the park) and she told him that Bo pushed her away. Rafe tried to assure Hope that Bo wasnít pushing her away, but she wasnít so sure. Steve went to the Salem Inn and noticed that the room was set up in a romantic way. The room was also empty. Bo decided to tell Hope the truth after all. Bo left Kaylaís office and saw Rafe and Hope at the hospital together. Marlena went home and told John that Sami was kidnapped.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly surprises Sonny by hiring Epiphany to be his in-home Physical Therapist. From the moment she enters, Epiphany takes charge and is motivated to administer "tough love" to shape Sonny up and get him walking. She dismisses Carly telling her she needs to do her work without her there. Carly goes to confront Ava and warn her that the custody battle is not over. Right then, Carly notices the blanket that Morgan must have brought over to Ava's home and she knows she has to go and talk to her son. He has just visited Kiki and found out that the cops have traced the cause of the accident Carly was involved in and know it was Franco's car that hit Carly and ran. He intends to keep the secret that Kiki ran Carly off the road. However, he notices Nathan going to falsely arrest Franco for a crime he did not commit and he is not certain what to do. IN this time, Franco has been making efforts to get his old job as Hospital Physical Therapist back, which involves getting a psyche evaluation. Nina is starting her new job as Editor In Chief of Crimson. Yet she realizes she does not have the experience nor know what to do without the help of Maxie. Maxie is very confident that she can turn a bankrupt company around although Julian is worried and Nina realizes she cannot run it on her own. Valerie is staring her police academy training while assigned to work with Dante. While they are together alone in a car, Lulu talks to Olivia who determines that she and Dante should talk about getting therapy.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Elise tells Nikki that her affair with Victor was many years ago. Nikki warns Elise that she better do what Victor wants or he will tear her world apart. Elise says she will not compromise her principles to save herself. Nikki and Adam both warn her again. At Katie's birthday party, Victor accepts Billy's offer of office space for Newman. Ashley arrives and finds out that Jack and Billy made this decision without speaking to her first. She thinks it's a mistake. Sage urges Nick to go to Katie's birthday party. There he tells Victor that he wants to go back to work. Victor asks Nikki why she's ignoring him. She confronts him about his affair with Elise. He says that they weren't married at the time. Nikki is still upset. Dylan visits Ben in the hospital, and he confesses his love for Abby. Dylan advises Ben to do what he wants to do, just go for it. Ben says what he really wants is to make Abby's dreams come true. Later, Abby tells Ben that she's eager to start a family with him, but he is apprehensive. Sage visits Adam at the hospital and realizes that at the worst times in her life, she goes to him. Chelsea arrives and suspects she interrupted something. Nick goes to the coffee house and confides in Dylan. He feels disconnected from Sage. A woman is on the phone. She claims to have gotten him out of the hospital with no trouble. She looks into a crib and says, "You're such a beautiful baby, Christian."

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