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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Caroline that she is right. He needs to focus just on her and not Thomas. She says Thomas wants a relationship with him. Ridge says but he must never know. Thomas is at the door listening to this. Steffy likes what Ivy and Wyatt show her. She says if they keep working like this they will have no problem. Ivy tells Wyatt that she is doing a favor for Thomas by modeling for him. Steffy picks up that Wyatt might have a problem with that. Thomas walks on in and says if they have a problem with him then just say it. Ridge tells him lots of names are mentioned and it is not all about Thomas so let it go. Thomas calls him on it. Later Caroline says this keeps happening, Thomas is always there. But Ridge has to pretend or all of this will blow up in their face.

Wyatt tells Steffy that he is irritated by Thomas. He keeps turning on the Spencer brothers and is always a jerk for starters. He gets there is always conflict in business but with Thomas it is personal and he does not like it. And he is not even subtle about it now. He is too comfortable with his girlfriend. He thinks he is wasting his time. He is tired of him playing the Casanova role just because he is the Forrester son. He has it down to a science. So go tell Thomas to hit on someone else. He does not want to go down this road. Meanwhile Thomas is working with Ivy, touching her in certain places while she models the dress. He tells her that he is thinking of her more and more. He says he admires her and her elegance and he will be fantasizing plenty. He gets to see ever inch of her and the fabric and he can’t help himself. He kisses her. She stops him. She says she is uncomfortable with him flirting with her. She is taken and this is different. He reminds her that she does not have a ring on her finger. She says she is with Wyatt and is very happy. He kisses her again. She seems conflicted as to if let him continue or stop him again. Ridge feels Caroline’s tummy and the baby moving.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad talked to Rafe about looking for Abby. Rafe seemed hesitant about it because he thought she was safe with Ben. Ciara tried to convince Hope to be with Bo. Hope wanted to be with Bo, but she couldn’t get over what Aiden did. Kayla told Bo about his brain tumor. Abby tried to get Ben to take her to the hospital because she was in pain. Chad called Ben to show Rafe that Abby wasn’t answering her phone. Ben answered Abby’s phone just like Chad said. Ciara met with Joey and talked about Aiden being a killer. Chase overheard Ciara. Theresa wanted answers from Brady. She wanted to know how he felt about her. Kayla told Steve about Bo’s brain tumor and that he’s dying. Bo was on the ground trying to make sense of what happened to him. Bo started crying.

Kayla told Steve about Bo’s condition. Ciara was happy that Hope decided to go to Bo. Chase went back to the house to talk to Ciara. Victor and Brady argued over Theresa. Steve found Bo and they talked about his condition. Bo and Steve hugged each other before Bo left. Steve cried after Bo left. Bo went to see Victor to warn him about the people who kidnapped him. Chad continued to tell Rafe that Abby’s in trouble. Abby struggled to get her phone when it rang. Theresa thought Brady was using Victor to stay away from her. Bo wanted Victor to look out for Caroline. Chase wondered if Ciara hated him for what Aiden did. Ciara didn’t hate Chase for what Aiden did. Hope went to the hospital to look for Bo and saw Kayla. Hope asked her about Bo and noticed the look on her face. Hope wanted to know what was wrong. Abby reached for her phone, but dropped it when she got a pain in her stomach. Rafe didn’t think that Chad had enough evidence. Bo went to the hospital and found Hope. 

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Sonny returns home, AMA, he is clearly not ok with having to have his house torn up in order to build wheelchair accessibility for him. He argues with Carly, telling her he calls the shots about his house and what has happened to him and if she has a problem with that, she can move out and their marriage could end. She does not want to give up on her husband or her marriage when Lucas comes by to suggest that maybe having a physical therapist would help Sonny, reduce the stress for her and possibly save their marriage. Having not only lost the use of his legs but also custody of his daughter to Ava, Sonny makes it clear he will not rest until he gets the goods on Ava to prove that she's unfit to have Avery. He wants Max to find a way to watch over her yet Morgan wants to handle that "responsibility" and goes over to attempt to find out if Ava has taken over Julian's old position as mob boss, against Sonny's wishes. While he talks to Ava at her apartment, Paul is also there and hides while attentively overhearing their conversation, confident that he and Ava can out-smart Morgan as well as help him engineer their plan to bring down Sonny and make sure he is no longer a threat to either of them.

Sam does not know what to do regarding finding out Jason is alive and back in Port Charles and the fact that before learning that, she intended to marry Patrick and be a family with their two respective kids. She knows that the sudden surprise about Jason changes many things. Right at that moment, the guards who imprisoning and threatening Robin show her a "live video" of a woman attempting to kidnap Emma. Luckily Tracy finds Patrick's daughter, calls him and he comes to get her and takes her home. She expresses to her dad that she is afraid of losing Sam and Danny just like she lost her mom and has heard, from Spencer that her future step-mom just found out that her ex-husband and her son's father is alive and might get back with him and leave her and her daddy. Patrick does not know what to tell his daughter as he's previously told Sam he can't wait around to find out what happens with Jason and what she decides to do. He concludes he has to protect both himself and his daughter and although Sam wants to help him with Emma, he tells her he wants her to stay out of this. While waiting for Patrick and Emma to return, Sam gets a visit from Elizabeth who tells her that Jake is her (Elizabeth's) fiancé and Sam is now engaged to Patrick so Sam needs to not pressure Jason. Yet Sam reminds Elizabeth that Jason is her husband and her son's father and she does not owe Elizabeth any such "promise."

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Stitch wants to tell Abby that he loves Ashley, but Ashley orders him to keep quiet and marry Abby, so that she can be happy. Billy admits to Phyllis that offering Victor office space at Jabot is just the first step in his plan to make him pay for all the pain he has caused the Abbott family. Phyllis wants to team up with Billy for her own reasons to get revenge on Victor. Victor accepts the offer to share office space at Jabot as a birthday present to Katherine for her birthday.  Judge Elise Moxley tells Adam that she has looked at his case and there is not enough to evidence to overturn his conviction, but she must set him free or Victor will tell everyone about a mistake that she wishes that she had not made. Nikki arrives and tells Adam that Victor told her that Elise had an affair. Nikki is shocked when Elise Moxley tells her that she had an affair with Victor.

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