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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam pulls the old family card on Caroline and says he knows her hormones are out of whack because of the pregnancy…..but he has eyes and he knows something else is wrong. Why all the tension between Thomas and Ridge….and why Ridge wants no one in the press to know any details of the pregnancy. All await the blood test for Nicole to see if she is pregnant. Julius and Vivienne go to the Forresters and hope they are not butting in, but they could not stay in the empty hotel room any longer. Julius has a few more crude remarks to make about Rick and Nicole’s baby…but then hand it over to Maya. Steffy asks her dad to do more than think about it. Thomas made some mistakes and he has apologized for it so she and the company need Ridge to ease the anger and tension. That is not who he is. He needs to move on and forgive. Caroline tells Liam that it does not matter. Ridge is her rock and Liam does not need to worry about him causing her stress. Yes he and Thomas have issues but they will work it out. Liam still persists that something is wrong and she needs to come clean and tell him. Ridge says he is not worried about Thomas making the same mistake. He will not give him that opportunity.

Steffy tells Thomas all this over a stupid punch doesn’t seem right, she bets he would like to take that back. Caroline tells Liam all of this does not matter but he keeps saying it all seems a little strange. She says only because she got forced to tell all she was pregnant way before she wanted to. She loves him and she is fine, so let it drop. The vasectomy is nobody’s concern. Eric tells Zende with Julius there that he is proud of Zende and he owes no one an answer how he will feel if and when Nicole becomes pregnant. He has always been behind her 100%. Maya says her parents can believe what they want but this pregnancy will not be negative. It will strengthen their bond, Nicole so loving and giving can not be anything but positive. Thomas is listening at the door when Caroline talks to Ridge and he says Thomas must never know. Brooke tells Zende they are alone so tell her how he really feels. Dr. March tells Maya, Rick and Nicole that they put a rush on the tests, congratulations she is going to have a baby. Maya says they will take good care of Nicole and not leave her side. The doctor will see them in two weeks. Maya is ecstatic. She hugs Rick as tears roll down his face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn D was worried about Bo and wanted him to get checked at the hospital. Hope tried to reach out to Chase, but he refused to let her. Abby let Ben know that she was in pain, but he thought she was lying. Chad went to Rafe to get help with Abby. Shawn D took Bo to the hospital to see Kayla. Chase saw Hope crying and called to Ciara. Ciara apologized to Hope for arguing with Chase. Chad told Rafe that Abby was in trouble. Steve followed Joey because he was worried about someone being after him. Shawn D went to see Hope. Hope let Shawn D know that she wasnít staying with Jennifer anymore. Shawn D offered to help her with her bags and she snapped at him. Ciara wondered where Bo was because Hope needed him. Shawn D didnít want to tell her that Bo was getting checked out at the hospital. He just told her that Bo went to see Kayla. Bo let Kayla know that he was worried about Hope. Kayla let Bo know that Hope felt guilty for moving on with her life. Kayla let Bo know that she felt guilty for thinking that he abandoned his family too.

Chad kept trying to get Rafe to help him find Abby. Hope lashed out at Jennifer because she felt guilty for moving on with Aiden. Bo didnít blame Hope or Kayla for believing he was gone. Kayla let him know that his test results were ready. Steve told Joey that he had to leave his family because he didnít want them in danger. Steve also told Joey that it wasnít safe anymore. Rafe went to check on Hope. Kayla got the lab results for Bo and was worried. Bo overheard her talking to another doctor about his results. Rafe talked to Jennifer about Abby. Rafe asked Jennifer if she spoke to Abby. Jennifer assured Rafe that Abby was with Ben and that she was fine. Bo left the hospital and went to the park. Bo ran into Shawn D, but didnít tell him about what happened. Steve got a strange text from someone. Abby kept getting stomach cramps and asked Ben to take her to the hospital. Kayla found Bo and he assumed he was dying.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While the dust is still settling for everyone regarding Jason being alive and the same person as Jake, Sam admits to Jason she's overwhelmed and cannot believe that he has no memory of the love they had. He tells her he honestly has no such memories or feelings and reminds her that they still need some answers as to who "engineered" having everyone believing he died when he did not and all that was involved in that. She wants to help him investigate that and he accepts her help although, remembering nothing else, he reminds her he needs to get back to Elizabeth and she needs to get back to Patrick. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere, to urgently meet with the 3 people besides herself who knew and kept the secret that Jake was really Jason. She lashes out at Hayden, afraid that she will use it against Elizabeth, by having Jake and many others finding out that Elizabeth scammed him and kept him away from the life he had before. Knowing all too well what this means to Elizabeth, Hayden reminds her that if she were to do that, it will result in Elizabeth being all alone and experiencing many detrimental consequences which Elizabeth doesn't want to face. Laura privately admonishes Elizabeth to realize that she cannot continue to cling to Jake and not accept that he could get his memory back and get back with Sam. She's also concerned with why her son would want to co-habitate and have a relationship with someone like Hayden.

Patrick calls his ex-wife and Emma's mom, Robin, to inform her (assuming she knows nothing about this) that Jason is alive and nobody has found that out until now. Right when Robin is ready to reveal what she knows (and what is happening to her because of what she knows) to Patrick, she again, gets caught and threatened by guards. Patrick and Anna still cannot figure out why Robin has abandoned them all and keeps "choosing" to evade questions and refuse to reveal secrets that she obviously knows the answer to. While Emma is in the park talking to Spencer, she expresses her concerns about wanting her dad to marry Sam and have a new mom yet it suddenly appears they might reconsider those plan. He tells her he knows that might be because Sam's husband, Jason Morgan came back when everybody thought he died. Spencer listens in on his dad's conversations and talks about his dad's new girlfriend, Hayden. Yet Spencer admits, there is something secretive about Hayden that he cannot figure out. Once again, the guards who keep Robin away from her family show her the video of her daughter in the park and reveal that they can do whatever they want to endanger Emma if Robin ever considers revealing the truth about Jason or disobeying their wishes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary doesn't like the person she is told she was before her memory loss and continues to have feelings for Neil and not Devon. Hilary tells Devon that if he doesn't leave her alone, she will disappear for good this time. Devon and Gwen continue to share their feelings about their situation. Gwen tells Devon that if Hilary wants Neil back, she will have a fight on her hands. Hilary doesn't want to take the pills Dr. Neville prescribed, because she doesn't want to fall back in love with Devon. Neil tells Hilary she can't run away from her life, and she needs the pills to restore her to health. Hilary tells Neil she will think about taking the pills.

Nikki and Jack suspect that Victor is up to a new scheme, and they both struggle to figure out Victor's plan. Judge Moxley is chosen to hear Adam's appeal, and she has a tough reputation, but Victor is sure that she will be fair to Adam. Judge Moxley tries to recuse herself from the case, but Victor asks her to hear the case. Nikki wonders why the judge looks at Victor with fear in her eyes. Adam warns Jack that Victor may stab him in the back, so he should be careful. Adam agrees to help Victor rebuild Newman Enterprises, but Victor must get him a reduced sentence and not tell Chelsea that Christian was his son and not Nick's son. Adam isn't happy about having to betray Jack, but he wants to see Connor grow up.

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