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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before a meeting, Ridge tells a worried Caroline that he talked to Liam about his vasectomy and had it reversed….now a baby on way so no story. Liam comes in and sees they are alone. Ridge says yes he wanted to be sure that Liam understood what he said the other day. He doesn’t want people to gossip or the press to hear about it just yet. Liam looks a bit puzzled but says he gets it, no more from him. Julius tells Vivienne that he tossed and turned all night and got no sleep. This is just not right if Nicole has Rick’s baby in her belly. Father Knows Best never worked on Maya but it used to with Nicole. He’s been praying that she is not pregnant while Vivienne says she prayed that Nicole will have the strength to get through this. He says she is right, they are their flesh and blood and they have to love them. He’s going to look out for both of them. Rick offers Nicole herbal tea to calm her and Maya says the doctor confirmed their appointment. They may know today if she is pregnant or not.

Steffy wonders why her dad is changing the subject of the meeting. He says the designs are not quite ready, he did not sign off on them. Liam surprises them by talking about an article on Eye On Fashion about Caroline and Ridge. Steffy says it is about him expecting a family and how he is looking forward to it. Ridge is not a happy camper and says it is a problem with the press since he did not know about it. Thomas speaks up and says it caught a lot off guard but it is news. He just wishes they would all ease up and he’d like to know more about his designs…..why Ridge is not okaying them. Okay he will make some changes but one thing for sure Ridge knows how to crank out babies. He stays behind after the meeting and tells Ridge that he will work on the designs but he’d like to say again that he is not sure where all this anger is coming from. He admits he messed up and disrespected Ridge and he is sorry for that. Caroline speaks up and says Ridge knows that and it does not have to be discussed again. Thomas adds that he wants to be family again and not adversaries. When that little baby comes into the world he wants to be part of that life. He wants peace between all of them. Steffy tells Liam there is nothing wrong between Ridge and Thomas other than a clash of the Titans. Ridge reminds Caroline that everyone wants peace so that is not unusual for Thomas. She wonders what would happen if Thomas knew the truth. Ridge says there would be a scandal. Thomas would suffer and the one the most would be the baby as his friends, family, playground, school would follow him or her everywhere. Nicole is nervous but Dr. March says they will put a rush on the blood work so it won’t be long before they know the results. Nicole tells Maya that she hopes and prays that today is the start of making her baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Ciara that they couldn’t take their punishment out on Chase because he’s been through a lot.  Ciara agreed, but wanted to know when Bo and Hope were getting remarried.  Theresa wanted to know how Brady felt about her.  Brady wasn’t sure how he felt about her.  Maggie walked in before Brady could tell how he felt.  Nicole had an awkward encounter with Flynn (Daniel’s friend).  Hope still couldn’t believe Bo was back.  Hope apologized to Bo to him for what happened to him.  Bo was okay with everything.  He wanted to wait to talk about the future.  Flynn wanted to take Nicole out until he found out she’s with Daniel.  Victor ran into Brady at the hospital and he told him about Aiden being the killer and Bo being home.  Bo promised Hope that he’d be there for her.  He left to give her some time alone.  Hope broke down when Bo left.

Victor warned Brady not to fall for Theresa.  Brady wouldn’t listen to him.  Bo ran into Shawn at the town square.  They talked about Hope.  Theresa and Brady met at the pub to talk about their relationship.  Nicole saw Brady and Theresa kissing.  Jennifer went to see Hope.  Hope let Jennifer know that she’s struggling to deal with what Aiden did.  Jennifer wanted Hope to stay with her.  Nicole asked Brady what was going on with Theresa.  Brady said Theresa changed.  Shawn and Bo continued to talk about Hope. Hope and John told Ciara that they were moving in with Jennifer.  Ciara didn’t want to do that. Victor saw Theresa dancing around and wanted to throw her out of his house. Ciara asked Hope if she loved Bo and she said she did. Hope wasn’t sure if it would ever be the same with him. Shawn D called Kayla to tell him about Bo being hurt and that he needed help.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the dust settles, following the startling revelation that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan, many people struggle to figure out what to do and how it will affect their lives. Elizabeth is obviously uneasy, afraid the secret will come out, knowing she has to prevent little Jake from being able to talk to Jason alone about knowing his mom kept the secret. She also reveals to Patrick that she's afraid of losing Jason the way he is not so "insecure and afraid" of losing Sam, as he knows Sam has no reason to distrust or break up with him regarding this new discovery. Yet Sam is confused and frustrated with the fact that her husband and father of her child has no memories whatsoever of her. What will they tell Emma and Danny about their plans to get married. Lulu is still angry and not ready to forgive Dante. She almost sleeps with Dillon but stops, realizing she can't go through with it because she is still in love with Dante in spite of what has happened. They both realize that having another child cannot happen now and she can sense that even if he only slept with Valerie once, he lied to her and he and Valerie do really like each other just like she and Dillon do. Valerie is ready to attend the police academy and finds out that she will be assigned to work with Dante during her training, Anna is staring her new job working as Paul's special investigator, as she admits to Jordan, she intends to find out what Paul is up to and catch him at his own game. She talks to him and finds out odd why he does not want to find out who really shot Sonny. And we know the reason for that.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Chelsea comforts Nick and suggests he take Sage home and start healing with her but when Nick goes into Sage's room, he finds that she has already left. Sage goes home and holds a couple of Christian's belongings. Faith arrives and want to see her little brother. Sage starts to tell her what happened when Nick comes home. They tell her together. She takes it hard. Victor tells Adam that he knows Adam was Christian's biological father. At first, Adam denies it but eventually admits the truth. In return for keeping his secret, Victor wants Adam to help him rebuild Newman Enterprises while taking down the Abbotts. Victor promises the judge will go easy on Adam. Dr. Neville convinces Gwen that Hilary needs the medication to survive. Hilary remembers bits and pieces of her wedding day and honeymoon. Neil fills her in on the rest and she throws him out. He finds Gwen in the park and tells her that he told Hilary everything. Gwen gives him the meds from Dr. Neville. Dylan talks to Emma at the hospital and she tells him that a Dr. Neville worked there until he was fired for using questionable techniques on coma patients. Dylan wants to find Hilary to ask her if she knows Dr. Neville. Hilary storms out of the Athletic Club, bumping into Devon on her way. He follows her to the boat house and demands to know why she's there. Dylan gets to Hilary's suite at the same time as Neil and Gwen. He tells them about Dr. Neville and leaves. Neil tells Gwen they have to find Hilary before Dylan does.

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