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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam keeps hammering Caroline that he is not trying to pry but something is up with Ridge. He knows he is right. She is not sure what he wants her to say and thinks it weird that he is even asking. Liam excuses it by saying they are family, they tell each other everything. He knows Ridge had a vasectomy and a condition and now a baby coming so it’s like a small miracle. Caroline says she and Ridge are not hiding anything and the vasectomy is personal and nobody else’s business. Liam reiterates again that Ridge did not tell Caroline at the time so he knows it must have been a shock to learn that. Ridge drops in on Thomas and Thomas asks for his help with a design. Ridge tells him to just lose the pleat. Thomas says he sees it is pretty obvious that Ridge is still angry with him. He says he is sorry that he might have ruined the moment when he saw them at Caroline’s first ultrasound. Curtly, Ridge says he explained himself already the way he always does.

Brooke walks in and realizes Thomas saw the ultrasound. She says it is amazing that there is a baby on the way as it took them all by surprise. Ridge quickly changes the subject back to the designs. Liam tells Caroline that he is probably making this out to be more than it is. Everything turned out all right so all is good. He’s happy for her and knows she will make a great mom. Nicole and Zende slip off to themselves in the photo shoot room and exchange kisses. Maya spies them and finally comes out of the shadows. She addresses Zende and says what a good guy he is and though Nicole is trying to give them a baby it should not come at the expense of their relationship. She wants everyone to be okay with this. Nicole says Zende knows how special he is to her. Caroline confides in Ridge that Liam knows about his vasectomy so he should be freaking about now. Ridge says unless he knows about that night then he knows nothing so Caroline just needs to calm down. Caroline says Brooke must have told him so Ridge says he will text her. Their secret is safe. Brooke goes to Ridge’s office and he tells her to close the door. He thought he made it clear that his procedures were nobody else’s business and to be kept private. It wasn’t up to her to share it with anybody. Nicole tells Maya that she doesn’t have to keep thanking her for this precious gift. They hug and say they love each other. Maya says that will be even if they do not get the answer they want with this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to Benís apartment and demanded to see Abby to thank her for believing in him. Ben didnít want him near Abby.  Chad let Ben know that he was free because the necktie killer was caught. Chad also let Ben know that he didnít remember anything about their fight. Ben told Chad that he and Abby went away. Abby tried to free herself while dealing with her stomach cramps. Kayla was upset with Steve because someone was after him and his family. Steve didnít understand why Kayla was acting the way she was towards him. Bo told Hope that he was held prisoner while he was away. She felt bad for not waiting for him. Bo let her know that it was okay. Doug and Julie arrived at the hospital. Bo wanted to know if the kids were with them. Ciara walked in Hopeís room and she was reunited with her father. Bo and Ciara went in the hallway and he explained to her what happened between Aiden and Hope. 

Ciara was upset that Aiden attacked Hope. Ciara was glad that he was dead. Bo reminded Ciara that Chase was going to be an orphan. Kayla wanted to know everything because she wanted to help Steve with his enemies. Abby continued to try to get out of the cuff until Ben arrived. Ben told Abby that Chad was at the apartment looking for her. Chad started having flashes of fighting with Ben. Bo tried to apologize for killing Aiden, but Chase didnít care. Hope reached out to Chase and let him know that they were a family. Chase was upset and didnít believe her. He stormed out of the house. Bo wanted to go after him. Ben wanted Abby to call Chad and tell him to leave her alone. Bo was dizzy on his way into the house. Hope noticed how he was walking and wanted to know what was wrong. Bo said he wasnít back to himself just yet. Bo couldnít find Chase, and Ciara didnít care about him. She said he had a secret hiding place and Bo wanted to know where it was. Ciara wasnít sure if she should tell him, but she eventually let him know. Chad was suspicious when he talked to Abby. Chad thought something was wrong. Bo found Chase, but their conversation didnít go well. Chase pushed Bo and called him a murderer. Chad told Abby to signal him if she were in trouble. She did what he wanted and he realized that she was in trouble.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lulu is not ready to consider forgiving or getting back with Dante right now although Laura encourages them both to give this some time and not give up. Dillon finds himself with no more incentive or motivation to continue shooting his movie. Maxie is disappointed because she needs some purpose in her life. At the same time, Nina is interviewing for a fashion designer job with Crimson. Julian hires her against Alexis' advice because he knows he needs a tax write-off and hiring her will enable him to do that. Meanwhile, as soon as Maxie knows that Nina got a job for which she, herself, is far more qualified and experienced with, she is able to get Nina to hire Maxie as her personal assistant. Carly urges Jake to go and talk to Sonny in his time of need. Knowing that after losing custody of his daughter and being confined to a wheelchair, there's never a better time for he husband to need and appreciate knowing that Jason MOrgan is alive and well. Jake reluctantly goes to see Sonny and Sonny somehow seems to know that he really is Jason. Sonny is just as encouraged as Carly when he faces the man who may look different and have no memory, but whom he knows is his long-lost presumed-dead right-hand man and best friend. Yet Jake admits to both Sonny and Carly that he has no memory or feelings about being this profound person in both of their lives so he leaves and returns to Elizabeth's house still not knowing what to do at this point.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil takes Hilary to the Athletic Club after she is released from the hospital. He urges her to try to remember times with Devon. He leaves and she finds a photo album from her wedding to Devon. Downstairs, Neil tells Devon that he thinks Hilary's memory will come back if Devon talks to her. Devon goes upstairs where Hilary is looking at the photo album. She says she knows the pictures are real but she doesn't have the feelings for him that she did in the pictures. Chelsea offers to talk to Sage but Nick says that Sage just isn't ready to attend a memorial. Adam tells Sage about the baby that he and Chelsea lost and tells her that she needs to go to the memorial for Christian's sake. At the memorial, Victor and Nick give moving speeches. Sage arrives and thanks everyone for coming. After the memorial, Jack asks Victor how he can say something so moving and be so clueless about other things. Nikki defends her husband saying that if Victor refused Jack's help then it was for a good reason. The doctor that helped Hilary out of a coma sneaks into the hospital to look at her records. He sees that she isn't being treated correctly. He meets Gwen at the park and tells her that she must finish what he started. He gives her some pills to give to Hilary. Paul is concerned by the number of drugs that were in Hilary's system when she arrived at the hospital. Hilary calls Neil and tells him she remembers something. He goes to her suite and she tells him she remembers that he was there, on her honeymoon. Back in Adam's room, Victor guesses that Adam is especially upset because Christian was really his son, not Nick's.

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