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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya fixes Nicole a healthy breakfast even if she is pregnant or not. She thinks she has the kindest sister in the world. She can even stay home and take it easy. Nicole says no, she’d like to go to work and spend some time with Zende. Eric and Brooke discuss it with Zende and he says he is going in to work to support Nicole. Eric tells Maya and Rick all is going to be fine. From what he just heard Zende is completely devoted to Nicole. Zende welcomes Nicole and asks if she feels any differently. He has missed her like crazy and thinks about her all the time. During a quick meeting Liam tells Ridge that he is tired of Thomas’s insults bringing up the Spencer brothers. But Caroline is getting fat so suddenly Thomas does not seem so important. Ridge tells Caroline this is their baby and it does not matter what Thomas might suspect. And they don’t have to worry what Brooke knows either. She thinks he had the vasectomy reversed.

Brooke ends up working with Liam as he is on computer. He jokes that he sees she has been researching vasectomies. And then he mentions Ridge and sees that frozen look on her face. She laments that she shouldn’t say anything and it does not matter any more but…..when Ridge was in Paris he had a mastectomy. He had it reversed as he did not want to disappoint Caroline. He had the procedure and it took and Caroline is now pregnant. So it turned out the way it was supposed to be. Zende tells Nicole that all he knows is he wants her right now and they can’t. Rick tells Maya that Zende is a good guy. He made a commitment and he will honor it. Maya catches Nicole kissing Zende in a darkened photo room and steps back. Liam walks in as Caroline is looking at her ultrasound picture and questions her. He is very happy now that he knows how it took her and Ridge a ways to get here. He found out her secret today. She says perhaps he should just come out and say what he is referring to. He mentions the vasectomy and that at some point she was not sure Ridge could be the father. Caroline is stunned.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope had nightmares about Aiden. Bo rushed by Hopeís side. Ben told Abby about how she had an affair with Chad. Ben decided that he wasnít losing her to Chad and had to do what it took not to lose her. Andre demanded that Justin drop the charges against Chad. Justin wasnít so sure that Aiden was the killer. He wasnít sure if it were a copycat killer. JJ and Gabi saw each other at the town square. Gabi told JJ that Aiden was the one who attacked Hope. JJ realized that Aiden was the necktie killer. Gabi noticed Eduardo sitting down and wasnít sure if she should tell him about it. JJ convinced Gabi that she should talk to her father. JJ wished he had a chance to talk to his father again. JJ was able to get Gabi to go talk to her father about Aiden being the killer. Chad went to the DiMera mansion. Stefano was happy that Chad was released from jail. Chad thought about Andre telling him that the necktie was going to strike again. Chad told Stefano that Andre wanted him to stay in the coma. Andre insisted that Chad focus on his life. Chad wanted to make sure that Andre and Stefano didnít do anything to get Hope killed and then he walked out of the mansion. Abby apologized for being with Chad. Ben didnít believe that she was over Chad. Abby reminded him that he was the only one she wanted. Ben wasnít so sure about that. He wanted to make sure Chad was behind bars so that he would be away from Chad. He had to go back to the apartment, but Abby didnít want to be left alone.

Jennifer found out about Hope and was upset about it. Jennifer was about to leave the pub when Chad showed up. Jennifer told Chad that she didnít know where Abby went. Jennifer talked to Chad about how she texted her about going away with Ben, but didnít say where they were going. Bo was dizzy when he went back to the house. As he made his way to the couch, he thought about his fight with Aiden. Rafe went to the hospital to see Hope. Rafe wanted to know what happened with Aiden. Kate ran into Eduardo at the pub and they talked about how Aiden attacked Hope and what he did to their families. Eduardo was happy that they could have closure now that Aiden was dead. Bo went back to the hospital and saw Rafe and Hope together. Rafe wanted to leave Bo and Hope alone and walked out. Bo wanted to help Hope, but she wasnít sure if he could. Bo and Hope ended up hugging each other. Abby struggled to get out of the cabin. While she struggled, she had a cramp in her stomach. Chad showed up at Benís apartment. Abby continued to have stomach cramps.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

It looks like Sonny will win custody of Avery when the family court judge hears both of his sons praising him for being a great father as well as Kiki testifying that her mom should not be allowed to raise another child and that she backs Sonny. However, Carly does not arrive until the court is in recess. While Sonny and Ava are alone in the courtroom waiting for the hearing to reconvene, she taunts, telling him he's a weak, helpless loser stuck in a wheelchair and will be of no value to his family. Hearing that, he threatens to kill her. All the others witness the conversation and Scott Baldwin manages to record and play it for the judge. At that point, the judge rules that Mr. Corinthos making death threats to the mother of his child in a court of law, during a custody hearing gives her grave concerns about him. She concludes that such behavior on his part makes it clear that he cannot provide a safe and loving home for the baby, and with that, she rules in favor of Ava. Sonny is distraught as are the others and they all wonder why Carly was not only absent but nowhere to be found or contacted. She explains she was involved in a car accident that ran her car off the road where she was stranded and her phone did not work. Yet they still wonder why she was able to get to Jake's wedding but could not get to Sonny's custody hearing. She knows the answer to that may be way too complicated and hesitates to announce to all that Jason Morgan is alive and the same person as Jake Doe. When she is alone with Michael, however, she tells him that it was proven by a DNA test. He still does not know what to say, think or do. The same happens to Sam while with Patrick. She has believed for years that Jason is deceased while she and Danny have moved on and are now starting a family with Patrick and Emma. Both Sam and Patrick are confused as to what to do with their own relationship, now that Jason is alive, much less what they tell their respective kids about their plans to get married, given this revelation. Jake and Elizabeth have a similar dilemma. ALthough he has no clue that she's known for a long time that he's really Jason, just like Nikolas did, and has kept him away from his life so that he'd marry her. Yet he expresses that knowing what he knows about Jason, now that word is out that Jason is alive, he is afraid he'd be putting her and her boys in danger if he marries her. Nikolas returns home with Hayden who reveals that she remembers that he and Elizabeth both knew yet kept the secret that Jake is Jason. yet she does not seem to want to use it against him and continues to act "nice" unlike she was before. Yet when she's alone, we hear her on her phone revealing she has a secret plan which we can only guess.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victoria speaks with Sage about saying goodbye to Christian, but Sage doesn't change her mind about the memorial. She urges Nick to go if it brings him some peace. Adam is granted a few days to heal thanks to Victor, who went to a judge. Victor tells Adam that he and Michael will be working on an appeal. Adam and Chelsea are grateful and Chelsea is happy to see that things have changed between Victor and Adam. Adam doubts that Victor loves him but he admits there is respect. Noah tells Marisa that Luca knows that she and Noah met up at the benefit to make love. Marisa meets Luca at their hotel suite and tries to seduce him but he tells her to stop lying. They had an agreement and she broke it. Apparently she would rather have sex with Noah than find out where her daughter, Ava, is. Billy tells Jack and Phyllis his idea about giving Newman office space until they can rebuild. Phyllis is against it, as is Jack until Billy talks him into it. Billy informs Jack that he has to make this offer to Victor. No one else can convince him it isn't charity. Jack agrees, but when he offers, Victor declines. Victoria thinks he is making a mistake and sides with Billy and Jack. Victor says he can rebuild his company on his own like he has many times before.

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