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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge looks over his shoulder and sees Thomas and says he should know better than to interrupt a private moment like this between husband and wife. Thomas explains he was just down the hall for a physical and heard the name Forrester and peeked in. Wow that is his little brother or sister right there on the sonogram. Steffy confides in Liam that Thomas likes Ivy, her accent must be a real turn on. Liam says she is also involved with a Spencer and Thomas can not be happy about that. And Wyatt can not be happy if he is trying to steal her away from him. Liam says funny she barely gave him the time of day when he came back to town and now all of a sudden it is Forrester against Spencer. Wyatt kisses Ivy and says Tommy boy can hit on her all he wants but this girl is taken. He reminds her that she still has a toothbrush at his place. Instead of leaving Thomas comes on in so the doctor leaves them alone. Ridge tells Thomas this does not concern him so he can go on to his appointment. Thomas says it does concern him since that is a Forrester. He can only imagine how he will feel when he sees his baby the first time. He is really happy for them…relax they have that beautiful baby right there.

Steffy tells Liam that apparently Thomas did not get the memo. In his mind Ivy is single so Wyatt does not matter. He’s just being flirty and likes being the ladies' man. Liam says it is not right that he does not understand that Wyatt and Ivy are an exclusive item. Ridge laments to Caroline that she was quiet on the way home so talk to him. She says she was not prepared for Thomas to show up at the hospital at this happy and most exciting moment. Thomas keeps popping up and she is not sure it will get easier. Ridge tells her that he knows it was a shock seeing Thomas there with their baby as that is what it is now. They need to keep their emotions in check. He needs her to do that. She sighs okay. Thomas catches Wyatt kissing Ivy and barges on in anyway. He says he thought this was a place of business and he needs to see Ivy alone about their designs. Wyatt says fine but he’s going nowhere. He knows what Thomas is trying to do in getting Ivy alone. Liam tells Steffy that he loves her and he wants to show her that he is as romantic as Ridge. She will get the foot massages of all foot massages tonight after he fixes her a favorite meal and showers her with flowers. Thomas tells Wyatt that this is not the 50’s and he can’t act all cave man on Ivy. Caroline says she knows this baby will be better off with them as parents, still it was strange seeing Thomas stand there and say he would be excited if this was his child.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo arrived at the house and saw Aiden choking Hope. Bo stormed over to Aiden and grabbed him. Once he got Aiden off of Hope, Bo began to perform CPR on her.  Aiden wouldnít allow Bo to save Hope so he went after him and they began to fight. Sami told John and Marlena that she found the passwords to Stefanoís belongings. She was convinced that EJ was alive and she wanted to go after Stefano. Chad was in his cell and thought about finding Marlena. Chad was determined to remember what happened to him. Ben told Abby that he hated what he did to his victims. Ben hated what he did to Will in particular because he was his friend. Abby wanted to know why Ben killed Will. Ben said that Will knew what he did and thatís why he had to kill him. Ben didnít want to lose Abby to Chad. Ben told Abby that innocent people have to die sometimes. Bo and Aiden fought over Hopeís gun and Aiden was shot. Bo went back to Hope and held her.  He begged Hope to come back to him. Steve told Kayla about the person that gave him the note. Steve thought he was safe from the person and thatís why he wanted to come back to Salem. Kayla was concerned about who was coming after him. Sami tried to show John and Marlena about the footage she took of EJ. Sami thought that the person in the footage was EJ. John didnít think it was EJ and that she didnít have much information. Sami was willing to believe that she did see EJ. Abby wanted to know if anyone else knew that Ben is the killer. Ben let her know that she and Clyde were the only ones who knew the truth and it would stay that way. 

Hope finally woke up and wanted to know why Aiden attacked her. The police arrived and Rafe wanted to know what happened to Hope. Kayla was upset that someone wanted to go after Steve. She reminded Steve that he left her and that he brought danger to their family. Steve promised that he would protect her and the family. Kayla wondered if the person thatís after him had anything to do with what happened to Joey. Marlena warned Sami not to go after Stefano. Sami assured Marlena that nothing would happen to her. Sami wanted to go to Roman and get his help. Sami was sure that she would get EJ back. Andre found out that the police were called to Hopeís house. Rafe wanted a statement from Hope. Bo told Rafe everything that happened. Hope yelled at Aidenís body then yelled at Bo for not being there for her. After she yelled at Bo, she fainted. Kayla warned Steve that nothing better happened to her son because of him. Steve reminded Kayla that he brought Bo back to Salem. Steve regretted being back in Salem. Kayla told Steve to stay away from her and their son. The EMTs arrived to take Hope to the hospital. Rafe wondered where Bo came from after all this time. Bo explained what happened to him. Rafe told Bo about the necktie killer. Rafe realized that Bo never saw Aiden before. Rafe was surprised that Aiden turned out to be the killer. Rafe didnít think it made any sense. Andre told Stefano that Bo and Hope were taken to the hospital and that Aiden is dead. Andre was upset that Aiden was dead. Sami met with Father Louis and he told her about the Bible that he had for her. Father Louis thought that EJ was sending her messages from the grave. Sami wanted to leave the Bible with Father Louis so she could take care of something. Chad told the officer that the necktie killer was going to strike again. The cop didnít believe Chad and walked away from him. Ben told Abby that he did everything for her and the baby. Ben started kissing Abby and she spotted the poker. Ben wanted to uncuff her so they could make love. Abby tried to reach for the poker while letting Ben think that she wanted to make love to him. Andre assured Stefano that he had everything under control. Bo and Hope arrived at the hospital. Bo told Steve that Aiden almost killed her. Bo wanted to stay by Hopeís side at the hospital. Hope screamed when she thought Bo was Aiden. Andre had two guys grab Sami while she was walking around. The cop told Chad that Aiden was the necktie killer. Abby moved the poker closer to her while she was kissing Ben. Ben wanted Abby to tell him that she loved him. She said it, but Ben didnít believe her. He called her a lying b*tch. Rafe didnít understand how he could have been wrong about Aiden. Kayla saw Bo at the hospital. She was shocked to find out that Hope was brought in the hospital. 

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The bombshell finally gets dropped while everyone gathers at the church for Elizabeth's and Jake's wedding. Jake and Carly return and she informs everyone that there is indisputable DNA evidence that the man known as Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. Hearing that, Sam does not want to believe it and argues there must be some mistake. When both she and Jake realize the evidence does not lie, she asks him if he remembers being her husband and Danny's father. Jake tells her although he's gotten to know her and Danny and has heard all about Jason, he does not feel that in himself nor perceive that he is Jason even though the evidence is staring them all in the face. Elizabeth obviously wants him to "remain" feeling that way and to convince him that his past is a moot point if he does not even remember. He's Jake Doe, the man she loves who loves her, she tells him. Yet, knowing his past life has been stolen from him, that it was not by accident that he's been kept in the dark about it, and that "somebody" knows and has kept it from him, he confronts Nikolas who denies it. Yet nobody suspects Elizabeth of knowing the secret nor lying. Sonny and Ava both go to court, and it looks like he's obviously going to win custody of Avery when the judge informs them that since this is family court, the families of both parents of the infant have key testimonies. Both Michael and Morgan praise Sonny as a father on the witness stand. Kiki shows up unexpectedly. Both Ava and her lawyer hope and assume she's had a change of heart and will testify on behalf of her mom. Yet she tells the court that Ava Jerome is a murderer, a liar, an unfit mother, and she cannot be allowed to raise another child. Sonny is very grateful to her and she assures him she's on his side and believes Avery should be with him. Yet Ava is determined to somehow break Sonny, seeing that he may not be entirely able to cope with being in a wheelchair.

Paul talks to Anna who tells him, since they both know that she killed Carlos and she continues to have nightmares, visions and guilt, maybe she should just turn herself in. Paul tells her he does not want her to do that. He reminds her that Emma needs her and she can't throw her life away for ridding the world of the remorseless criminal who murdered the man she loves. Yet she does not buy his concern for her or for Emma and tells him he simply doesn't want her to implicate him since she knows he covered up the murder and clearly had "someone else" murdered, although she has absolutely no clue that it was Sloane. He concludes that he'd like her to come and work for him using her skills and experience as the police commissioner and WSB agent, to be an informant for the DA's office. She is not entirely certain if she can trust him, however.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary remembers kissing Devon the night before her wedding to Neil, but she tells gun that was a mistake and she loves Neil. Gwen slips and almost tells Devon what he did to Hilary, but she covers and tells him that Neil worked hard to help him find Hilary. Dylan has questions for Dr. Anderson and confronts her about Sharon and Patty. Dr. Anderson tells Dylan that Patty was obsessed with Sharon and thought she was her enemy. Dr. Anderson shows Dylan a sonogram of the baby and lets him see Sharon sleeping in her room. After Dylan leaves Fairview, Dr. Anderson allows Sharon to video chat with Dylan and tell him that they are having a baby boy. Dylan notices that Sharon is distracted and wonders if she is okay, so Sharon assures him that she and his son are fine.  Sage lashes out at Nick and everyone around her, because her grief over the loss of baby Christian is so deep that she refuses to have a memorial service for the baby. Stitch tells Ashley he loves her, but she insists that he marry Abby, because they can make each other happy.

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