Friday 11/6/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Liam that Tommy boy can whine all he wants to but the Spencers are in the building so he better get used to it. He is a spoiled little rich boy and he thinks he can take away anyone he wants to, just a mini-Ridge and he is not going to get away with it. Steffy watches Ivy and Thomas banter back and forth and finally has all she can take and asks to have time alone with her brother. She questions his taste in women, Ivy! She says he has made some really bad decisions regarding women and she does not want to see him make another….all this oozing charm with Ivy, it has to stop….just look what Ivy did to Steffy. Thomas defends Ivy that she was confused and lashed back. Ivy tells Liam and Wyatt that they are exaggerating about Thomas when talking about the Spencers. Wyatt tells her that Thomas is hitting on her and he does not like it. Thomas asks why Steffy thinks he is making bad choices. She tells him that Ivy is his cousin and besides she should be off limits because she is with Wyatt.

Thomas laments that he does not take Wyatt seriously since there is no ring. Steffy tells him Bill owns 12 ½% so as long as he does there will be Spencers here. Yet all Thomas wants to talk about is how bad the Spencers are. He says Ivy is hot but he is not actively pursuing her. It is just innocent fun and flirting and there is no harm in that and he needs her to relax and chill. As they kiss Steffy tells Liam that she likes this working thing and never wants to go back to when they had to sneak away to meet. Liam says he thinks Thomas was out of line. She agrees that he is interested in someone he ought not to be. Ivy can’t believe that Wyatt thinks Thomas is hitting on her just because he saved her from the boom light. He thinks Thomas got another guy to crème his car so he would have to leave Ivy alone with him at the Halloween party. She says she does not have to have a light fall on her head to know it is Wyatt that she wants. Ridge and Caroline meet the intern who is going to do the ultrasound. Meanwhile Thomas is in the hospital and looking up the floor for the doctor’s office. Caroline is crushed with joy when she sees the baby pix and hears the heartbeat. Thomas walks by the door just as the doctor walks in so he sees Caroline and Ridge and the ultrasound baby on the monitor. Thomas stands there a little too long and Caroline frowns as she spots him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope had a dream about Bo coming back to her. Aiden prepared to kill Hope. Bo and Steve arrived at the Martin house and Caroline told Bo that Hope was married. Bo became enraged when he found out that Hope was married. Theresa wanted Brady to realize that their kiss meant something. Brady liked it, but he didn't want Theresa to get the wrong idea. While they were talking, Victor let Theresa know that the kiss didn't mean anything to Brady. Brady tried to defend Theresa to Victor. Victor reminded Theresa what she did to John. Brady didn't want to keep hearing what Victor had to say. Steve let Kayla know that Caroline was with Bo. Kayla was surprised that Steve found Bo. Aiden put on different clothes to get ready to kill Hope. Hope noticed that Aiden was taking long to come back in the room so she went after him. John and Marlena were together when she noticed that someone was watching them. They kept walking to see if they would notice who was following them. Victor continued to yell at Theresa, but Brady and Maggie defended her. Maggie was lecturing Victor about Theresa when he got the call that Bo was back in Salem. Victor realized that Caroline was right and he and Maggie rushed out of the mansion. Bo couldn't get the bike started again. Hope went to look for Aiden. Aiden had second thoughts about killing Hope and went outside.

Aiden changed his mind and went back in the house. Kayla couldn't believe that Bo was back and that she didn't believe her mother. Kayla told Steve that Joey was admitted in the hospital. Joey let Steve know that he didn't do drugs. Kayla wanted to wait for the test results to find out if he was telling the truth. Bo walked to the house. Hope was waiting for Aiden and he snuck up on her and choked her. John found the guy who was following him and Marlena. John knew who he was. Theresa thanked Brady for defending her to Victor. Kayla let Joey know that he had drugs in his system. Victor and Maggie found Caroline at the Martin house. Victor apologized for not believing Caroline. Bo passed out while looking for Hope. Hope stabbed Aiden with a pair of scissors and took off his mask. She was shocked to find out that Aiden was the one attacking her. Hope ran downstairs to get her gun. Aiden came up behind her and attacked her again. An agent turned out to be the one who was following John and Marlena. He warned John that there would be consequences because he didn't take the assignment. John wasn't worried about it. Brady was upset with Theresa when she said that she was in love with him. Steve believed Joey wasn't on drugs. Kayla thought it happened because Steve came back. A nurse gave Steve a note. He didn't know who would give it to him. Bo woke up and found an invitation to Hope's wedding. Hope fought with Aiden until he got the upper hand and he choked her. John and Marlena were at home when Sami arrived. Sami told them that she had news about EJ. Steve read the note and found out that someone was after him. Bo arrived home as Aiden finished choking Hope.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is gathered together at the chapel ready for Elizabeth and Jake's wedding. Yet neither Jake nor Carly arrive and the wedding cannot start without them. While Elizabeth is alone in her private room, she first gets a "suspicious and puzzling" visit from Hayden, not knowing if Hayden truly does not remember what she did or what she knew before she lost her memory... And, maybe for all they know, Hayden is turning into a nice person? Or is she scamming again that she's lost her memory, while knowing Jake's secret, how it could ruin Elizabeth's wedding (as well as her life)... and she's ready to reveal to everyone and cause Elizabeth's world to be shattered? After she leaves, Nikolas comes to talk privately to Elizabeth. They have a compatible and loving conversation where she tells him how she regrets that marrying Jake is doing to well as her fear of getting found out. As the only person besides herself who knows what she's doing, Nikolas consoles her and tells her she need not feel bad nor should anyone judge her. He knows she's loves and is loved by "the new Jason" and he's there for her, will always be her friend and they are cool. She assures him even if others don't welcome him to her wedding, she does and she promises to be there for him. Sonny needs not only his sons but Carly to be with him at his custody hearing so he can take Avery home and away from Ava. Yet she's nowhere to be found. Alone with Jake, Carly shows him the scientific evidence that he is Jason but he either does not believe or does not want to face what it means to be another person whom he's heard about, knowing how that could turn his everybody's lives upside down. Ava manages to talk to Paul Hornsby and he "tells her" he promises to be on her side in the custody battle against Sonny. Is he for her or against her and trying to con her? We can only find out. Anna goes to see Dr. Kevin. However, he strangely tells her he can no longer have sessions with her and has her talk to another psychiatrist. This guy tells Anna he knows she's lying about something. Assuming (or hoping) this guy knows nothing about her or her "deep dark secret", she leaves and tells Kevin she is not compatible with the new shrink. Yet alone, the two of them reveal they might be in a conspiracy to catch Anna in a lie. While waiting for the wedding at the chapel, everybody, except Elizabeth, is ready to call it off and go home. Right then, Jake appears at the door with Carly behind him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea and Victor are happily reunited with Adam after he carries Stitch out of the burning building. Nick comforts Sage after she tells him that she cannot go in to see Christian. Nick reminds Sage how hard Christian fought to stay alive. Sharon comes out of her room at the mental hospital and sees Dr. Anderson who tells her that Patty escaped. At the hospital, Dylan lets the others know that he did everything he could to get everyone out of the burning building. Joe comforts Lily over Cane still being caught in the building. Ashley and Abby try to revive Stitch before he is moved to the hospital. The nurse arrives to take the baby, but Sage begs her not to. Sharon lets Dr. Anderson know that Patty went to see Dylan to tell him something. Sharon asks to talk to Dylan or some other member of her family, but the doctor refuses. Dr. Anderson wants to give Sharon more meds but she refuses. Cane arrives at the hospital and Lily is thrilled to see him but the only thing he wants to do is to see the children. Christine confronts Adam and tells him that he is going to face additional charges. Dr. Shelby lets Ashley and Abby know that Stitch is in critical condition. The officer handcuffs Adam and is ready to take him away, but Paul urges her to stop this madness and let Adam remain here in order to get treatment. Christine reluctantly agrees. Sharon takes her meds as directed by Dr. Anderson. Nick lets the family know that Christian died. Everyone mourns his passing.

Billy and Victoria discuss what it is like to lose a child. Billy urges Victoria to go and be with Nikki to help comfort her over the death of the child. Nick sits beside a sleeping Sage and talks to her. Lily urges Cane to be checked out by a doctor, but he refuses. Lily asks Cane to come home with her, but he refuses by telling her that she doesn’t trust him. Joe watches them. Chelsea tries to talk Christine into letting Adam stay a little while longer, but Christine is cold as ice concerning the subject. Chelsea accuses her of having no humanity. Jack feels guilty that they left Patty behind in the burning building. Dr. Anderson and Paul have a confrontation over Patty, with Dr. Anderson accusing her of setting fire to the building. Paul warns her that she needs to get a lawyer because this is not over. Ashley assures Abby that Stitch will not die after what they went through in the burning building. Abby asks her what she and Stitch discussed. Ashley tells Abby that they discussed how Abby changed his life. Jack tells Dylan that Patty told him she wanted to warn Dylan not to trust her. Dr. Anderson watches as Sharon sleeps and tells her that soon her child will be born.

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