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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

There’s a meeting at FC and they all notice that Caroline is now showing her pregnancy. That segues way to Nicole, Maya and Rick not being there as they are trying to get pregnant. Quinn quips that sounds so heartwarming. Ridge tries to calm them down and says it will be okay as long as Spencer does not get on top of it and makes a scandal out of it. Steffy laments that Ivy is not going to do the modeling but they still have the lingerie line and ready to go. Ridge wants an update on the jewelry line. Thomas jumps in when Liam wants to consider another idea. Thomas seems to be saying that Liam is a Forrester but he is still a Spencer and thinking of selling magazines too. The group understands Thomas was going after both Liam and Wyatt. Steffy says it seems to be us against them. Thomas says he made mistakes in the past but he has moved past that. Bill tells Katie that he is going to have to keep an eye on Ridge. There is no way he believes he wanted another kid. It’s his job as a father to look out for his children.

Wyatt tells Quinn and Liam that he is not jealous but Thomas seems to always be there around Ivy lately. He is a Forrester and so entitled and there is no boundary that he won’t cross. He won’t let that happen. Thomas also remembers the moment he rescued Ivy from the overhead boom light. But he tells an inquiring Steffy that he has learned his lesson and he is not going to get involved with anyone that his dad does not approve of. Steffy says she is not blind. She begins to see the light with a new girl in his life when Ivy walks in and wants to thank Thomas again for saving her. Caroline and Ridge are anxious to see the doctor for a visit. He takes her home to relax her first and lays his head in her lap and talks to the baby bump. He tells a sweet story of long long ago far far away a princess found a broken old knight and fixed him. He will always stay with her. Things might not have started out with this pregnancy like they hoped but he will see her through all of this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Aiden were married. Bo and Steve fought in the cell over Hope getting married. Abe talked to Lani about Tamara and he realized that she’s his daughter. The cop saw Bo and Steve fighting and they ended up jumping him. Bo and Steve knocked the cop out and got out of the cell. Lani and Abe were happy that they are related. Abe wanted to wait to tell Theo about her being his daughter. Joey and Theo were in the park and two guys came up to them and offered Joey a drink. After the guys left, Theo wondered why Joey didn’t drink with them. Joey let Theo know that his mother would be upset if something other than soda was on his breath. Joey ended up passing out while he was talking to Theo. Theo called out for help. Aiden and Hope went to the house to prepare for their wedding night. 

Doug, Julie, Ciara, and Chase went to the town square to get ice cream. When Doug and Julie walked off, Ciara offered to steal a jacket for Chase. Chase was shocked that Ciara would steal since she’s rich. Lani showed up and saw Joey on the ground. Theo let Lani know that he didn’t do anything wrong. Kayla brought Dr. Salinas to see Caroline. Caroline admitted that she was faking to stop the wedding. Dr. Salinas wanted to run more tests on Caroline. Hope and Aiden began to make love. Ciara let Chase know that she’s happy that he and Aiden were family. She offered to steal the jacket again, but Doug and Julie heard her. Joey arrived at the hospital and Lani told Kayla what happened to him. Caroline snuck out of the hospital. Julie told Ciara about when she got caught stealing. Julie wanted to know why Ciara started stealing. Ciara wanted to take the jacket because it reminded her of Bo. Ciara told Julie how much she missed her father. Hope and Aiden made love and he thought about killing her. Caroline was upset that she was too late for the wedding. Bo and Steve showed up at the Martin house. Julie thought about Tom and Alice after talking to Ciara. Caroline told Bo that Hope got married Aiden prepared to kill Hope.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elizabeth's and Jake's wedding is underway. Laura visits her son, helps him get ready and reminds Nikolas that she really disapproves of his and Elizabeth's choice to keep the secret from Jake about whom he really is. She goes to see Elizabeth and urges her to come clean, reminding her that Jake has not given up on finding out who he really is and it might be better for her, in the long run, if she reveals to him what she knows before the wedding. She tells her former daughter-in-law that she wants her to be happy and wishes she would have faith in knowing that marrying someone based on a lie is not the right thing to do. Sam and Patrick get ready to attend together as well as plan for their own wedding. Hayden gets a very cautious Nikolas to take her to the wedding. Elizabeth is very suspicious of Hayden and wants her to leave although Hayden continues to appear friendly and does not reveal that she's gotten her memory back nor knows what Elizabeth does not want her to know. Sonny has Ric represent him in the custody hearing and they are both confident they can win the custody case and take Avery from Ava. Sonny has Carly to be a mother to his infant daughter as well as family who support him and Ric gets the governor (who remembers Sonny and granted him a pardon for the murder of AJ after Sonny saved the governor's daughter's life) to go to bat for them.

Yet everybody wonders where Carly is. She is supposed to be Jake's guest of honor at Jake's wedding. Sonny and Ric need to talk to her. She remains stranded on the deserted road with her car stalled when she manages to call Jake only to lose the connection. Jake has Sam help him find out where Carly and her phone may be. He knows it's urgent that he finds her after receiving her urgent message to call her so she can tell him "something" before his wedding. Although he has to get to his own wedding, he somehow knows he has to be late in order to find Carly. He finds her passed out alone on the road. She sees him and calls him Jason, telling him that she's "found him too". Hearing that without knowing why she'd say that, Jake is confused.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Ashley wakes up and she and Abby try to revive Stitch. They try to move him but aren't strong enough. Ashley tells Abby to find help. When Abby is gone, Ashley confesses to Stitch that she wanted to hear him say that he loves her. Paul doesn't want to believe that Patty is dead. Dylan wants to go back to save the rest of the people in the building. Paul says he can go back one more time. Adam confronts Ian but Ian is only interested in celebrating his victory over Victor and Newman Enterprises before he disappears. Adam wrestles with Ian and they struggle until wreckage falls on Ian, knocking him unconscious. Adam leaves him there. Abby finds Adam and brings him back to Stitch and Ashley. In the lobby, Victor and Chelsea are relieved to see Adam, Stitch, Abby, and Ashley. At Memorial, Dylan announces that no one was in the ballroom when he looked and the fire is out of control. Sage struggles to accept that Christian has died. She and Nick demand to see him, but Sage is unable to go inside the room. At the top of the tower, Someone approaches Ian and he asks for help. It's Patty and she suggests they help each other.

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