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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius and Vivienne surprise everyone by showing up for the surrogacy procedure. Dr. March says she can not discuss this with anyone but her patient. But she understands their concern so she will slip out and give them some time with their daughters. Maya says what more is there to say. Don’t they have to let go at some point and let them lead their own lives. Nicole tells her father that she isn’t as hard on him as he is on her. He reminds her that she trusts her mother so just listen to her. Vivienne says she is not calling anyone wrong, but when parenting becomes arranged things can go wrong that you don’t foresee and people can turn on each other at such time. And this young man, a first love is like no other. Maya says she would never stand in the way of that experience for Nicole. Julius says Zende should not have to put his relationship on hold. He tells Zende he has no idea what he is doing. He tells Nicole he is trying to keep this young couple together. She is the most complete perfect thing he has ever achieved and he will never stop fighting for her. Nicole says she wants her parents to be there as she thinks she will need them. But right now she needs them to trust and support her. She can not have this stress on her or the baby.

Finally Julius says okay, he will keep his mouth shut. He can’t afford to have another child that will hate him. Eric and Brooke wonder how the Avants are fairing. Brooke is excited because this means she will be a grandmother again. Eric says great, maybe she can move in….and if not permanently at least on nights when she wants to stay over. He adds that he told himself years ago that if she ever gave up on Ridge that he would make another effort and he is not doing that….but he is not ruling it out either. Dr. March comes back in and asks if the procedure is still on. Rick says again that Nicole can get dressed and forget all of this any time she chooses. She answers that she wants a love like he and Maya have, time tested. She says Rick is a wonderful patient man and she would not be doing this for anyone else. Zende says he has some homework to do but Maya is going to stay. Julius tells Eric that he said what had to be said and now they just wait for this train wreck that will pit these two girls against each other for the rest of their lives. In minutes the procedure is over and Dr. March tells Nicole to stay on the table another fifteen minutes then she can dress and leave. Afterwards Maya hugs Nicole and says never in her wildest imagination did she ever think this day would come and she has both Nicole and Rick to thank for this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Boís bike ran out of gas on his way home. Caroline pretended that she couldnít breathe so she could stop Hopeís wedding. Kayla was determined not to let Caroline stop the wedding. Ben took Abby to the cabin. Ben had to go back to the apartment to get her phone. Abby was determined to save her baby. Hope asked Aiden if he wanted to go through with the wedding. Aiden wanted Hope to make the decision. Roman approached Hope and Aiden and gave his blessing for the wedding. Roman warned Aiden to do right by Hope. Andre went to visit Chad at the police station. Andre let Chad know that the necktie killer would strike again.

Eve overheard part of Justinís conversation and they talked about Chad. Justin admitted that he thought of Eve as more than a friend. They kissed and Adrienne saw them together. Caroline was back in the hospital and Kayla told her that she had to be there because she said she couldnít breathe. Bo thought about reuniting with Hope. Hope announced to the guests that she and Aiden were going to get married after all. Ben thought about Chad and Abby talking about their affair. Ben used Abbyís phone to text Jennifer so she would leave her alone. Jennifer tried to tell Hope that she was suspicious of Abbyís texts because she didnít sign them. Abby saw a fork on the table and tried to reach for it to get the cuffs open. Hope wondered if Jennifer was worried about Abby. Before Jennifer could tell Hope more about Abby, Maggie approached them and took Hope away to get married. Andre let Chad know that he and Stefano were looking out for him. Hope and Aidenís wedding began again. Abby continued to reach for the fork. Chad let Andre know that he heard what he said while he was in a coma. Andre didnít like how he heard him talking, but assured Chad that they were looking out for him. Chad planned on telling the police that Andre told him about the necktie killer striking again. Andre didnít think that was a good idea that Chad told that. Kayla yelled at Caroline for faking being sick and trying to ruin Hopeís wedding. Steve found gas for the motorcycle. Chad told a cop that there would be another murder, but the cop didnít listen to him. Abby got out of the handcuff and ran into Ben. Bo and Steve got arrested for speeding. Hope and Aiden got married. There was a shot of Bo getting upset in his jail cell.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The morning after the devastating revelation, which everybody has seen at The Haunted Star Halloween party, many things have happened. Lulu is ready to leave Dante and not hear anything he wants to tell her. She tells him she cannot stay in their mutual apartment anymore. It's not her home. It's a crime scene. It's the place where her husband slept with her cousin and lied to her and let her live a lie that they have a home and family together. Valerie comes by and first finds Dante, with whom she has a very friendly and encouraging conversation. She is afraid that gossip that will inevitably travel, regarding her "inappropriate behavior" with a PCPD detective. And it could ruin her chances of making it through the police academy. She's afraid that she is responsible for this fate she fears. Hearing that, Dante passionately protests to her that he won't let that happen. She deserves and has earned this opportunity. He won't let her throw it away because of the one mistake. Valerie tells Lulu she's apologized all she can and so has Dante. She tells her cousin she needs to own her own responsibility in this for trusting Dillon over her own husband. She urges Lulu to see that she owes her husband and her son better than this. Lulu does not listen and will not forgive either of them and gets ready to move out. Kiki awakens hung-over and has no memory of what happened the previous night. Morgan has found her and taken her home after she's driven drunk, passed out and run off the road. She has no recollection of hitting Carly and causing an accident. Morgan is unaware of that since he was not there when it happens. Yet Carly awakens alone in her car, injured and stranded. She cannot get her phone to work although Jake receives the message she gave him the previous night about her "urgent need" to talk to him and tell him something very important which he needs to know before his wedding. There is still no revelation of who Jake really is while he and Elizabeth are getting ready for their wedding with all of their mutual, well-wishing friends who cannot see any red flags about this perfect union and family they will have together with her kids.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

The fire rages at Newman Tower as Dylan, Paul, and the fire department try to save everyone. Ben tries to tell Ashley how he feels but she doesn't want him to talk like these are their last moments. She thanks him for making Abby happy. Ben professes his love for Ashley and they kiss. Victor demands Abby get aboard the helicopter. She pretends to, but then pushes Joe on in her place. She goes to find Ben and Ashley. She calls to them through wreckage and they hear her but the ceiling collapses on them. Adam wakes up in the stairwell. Victor and Billy get him up to the top floor so they can take the helicopter. Jack tries to convince Patty to help him and Phyllis to safety. Patty kisses him and Phyllis gets jealous. She throws Patty against the wall and Patty slumps over, presumably dead. Everyone in the hospital is worried about those left behind. Nikki prays at the chapel for Victor's safety. Jack and Phyllis make it out and tell Paul that Patty is dead. At Memorial Hospital, Nick and Sage go to see Christian only to find out he didn't make it. Victor and Billy take the last flight to safety, but Adam stays behind because he sees "Satan" in the ballroom. When Adam asks who he is, "Satan" reveals himself. It's Ian Ward.

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