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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole thanks Zende for his support. Maya too says it means a lot for him to show up. Rick says this might take some time and they appreciate he has made a sacrifice as well. The doctor says let’s get going. Julius tells Eric that he and Vivienne have been looking forward to having grandkids but not like this. He has prayed about it and it seems so wrong. Vivienne is afraid Nicole will be making a mistake that will cost her the rest of her life. Vivienne believes Rick and Maya will make perfect parents but some other way. Eric reminds him that Nicole is an adult and Julius can not stop this if her mind is made up. Vivienne knows that Nicole is the emotional one in the family and states that it will devastate her to hand over a child she has carried for nine months. This will be her first born. Brooke says she knows Maya is not pushing this on Nicole. But they do want to start a family and get on with their lives. Julius says Zende is on board right now but he can feel it in his bones, he will be running in five or six months. Vivienne laments that her daughter is kind and she is doing this to make up for what Maya went through growing up.

The Avants are aghast when Brooke tells them talking to Maya now is too late. The procedure was scheduled today. Julius jumps to the phone and calls Nicole who tells him she is busy and can not talk and hangs up. Eric offers to take the Avants to the office but Julius says this is something he needs to attend to himself. Brooke wonders if they need to call and give Rick a heads up. Eric thinks that would not be a good idea. Nicole asks Zende to stay with her until the procedure begins. The Avants show up. Nicole asks them to leave but Julius says he is not going to let this happen. Maya says today is supposed to be positive and she has given Nicole plenty of chances to get out of this if she wishes to. Julius pleads again that there has to be another way. This will not have a happy ever ending story. Maya says it never is for him as he is too controlling and he can not do that anymore. He argues that he knows what he is talking about and this will definitely be big trouble. The doctor comes in and he tells her that Nicole is not going through with this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben practically confessed to being the necktie killer. Abby realized that he was the killer. Everyone gathered for the bicentennial and Hope’s wedding. Aiden thought about killing Hope. Bo called Caroline and told her that he’s alive. Caroline told him to hurry home because Hope was getting married. Bo wanted Caroline to stop the wedding any way she could. Ben started to explain why he set Chad up for the murders. Abby didn’t understand why he killed Will and Paige. Abby wanted to call Marlena to help him but Ben didn’t want her to do that. He threw Abby’s phone across the room. Ben wanted to be alone with her. Abby agreed that they should be alone, but she tried to run away from him. Ben stopped her and pushed her against the wall. Abby ended up passing out from the shove. Caroline told Roman that Bo called her and he was coming home. Bo and Steve found a motorcycle, but it didn’t start. Roman didn’t believe that Caroline talked to Bo. She ended up apologizing to everyone for disrupting everything. When everyone walked away, she snuck out of the Martin house. Victor noticed that Theresa was trying to get close to Brady and reminded her that she’s nothing more than the mother of Brady’s baby. Caroline went to Hope’s house and told her about the call from Bo. Hope didn’t seem to want to hear it. Caroline also told her that she’s making a mistake marrying Aiden. 

Victor wanted Theresa to move out of the mansion. Brady overheard Victor tell Theresa that and wondered if he and Tate had to leave too. Victor explained that he wanted Theresa to stay away from him, but Brady already knew what Victor was doing. Julie, Marlena, and Jennifer made speeches at the celebration. Kayla arrived at Hope’s house and saw that Caroline was there. Caroline told Kayla about Bo’s call. Kayla thought she might have to go back to the hospital. Kayla and Caroline ended up leaving and going back to the Martin house. Bo continued to work on the bike until Steve told him about the motorcycle graveyard. Bo and Steve went to the yard to find the parts they needed to fix the bike. Andre called Aiden to make sure he went through with the plan to kill Hope. Abe saw Lani at the celebration and she approached him. Abe recognized her as Tamara Price’s daughter. While Hope was getting ready for the wedding, she thought about Caroline’s warning. Aiden showed up at Hope’s house and saw her in her dress. Caroline found her phone and gave it to Victor. Victor called the number, but Bo didn’t answer it. Hope told Aiden about Caroline’s warning. She was determined to married Aiden anyway. Abe wanted to know why Lani didn’t tell him that she’s Tamara daughter. Ben sent a text from Abby’s phone to Jennifer and JJ saying that she and Ben needed to get away. Caroline realized she was wrong and should move on. Hope and Aiden’s wedding began. Ben took Abby to the cabin and handcuffed her to a chair. Bo finally got the bike started. Caroline screamed that the wedding had to be stopped.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the video has revealed to everyone that Dante has cheated on Lulu with Valerie and covered it up, she is distraught, infuriated and tells her husband she will never trust him again. He protests he intended to come clean to her although, unfortunately the truth came out before he had a chance to do so. Valerie knows that Dillon engineered this whole event and it was no "unintended mix-up" of the video where she revealed to him that she slept with Dante being played instead of the video of his screen-play. She knows he wanted to end Dante and Lulu's marriage and did not care if he publicly humiliated and blind-sided Lulu, the woman he says he loves. Maxie is equally devastated to find out her best friend's "perfect" marriage is not what she thought. She is not happy to find out that Nathan knew Dante's secret yet did not trust her enough to tell her. She goes out to find Lulu and the two of them leave together without their men. Kiki is drinking and tells Morgan she cannot trust him. He tells her he's tried and failed to reach out to her, apologize and be her friend and he cannot do any more. She gets in her car before he can prevent her from leaving and she drives drunk in the dark. Meanwhile, Carly has gotten the startling revelation that it appears that Jake is really Jason. She gathers a DNA sample and finds a doctor she knows to have him run a DNA test to prove whether her theory is correct that Jake is really Jason Morgan. It does not take long for the doctor to confirm that it's been proven that they are a match and the very same person. At that point, she knows she has to find Jake before he marries Elizabeth. She knows how many lives this is going to profoundly affect when he is unaware he's married to Sam and she's going to marry Patrick. While Sam and Patrick are still completely unaware that Jake is Jason, they find that both of their respective kids might have "premonitions" beyond what adults know, and it's not just due to Halloween costumes or candy. Right at the same point, Jake has a déjà vu as he finds himself on the same bridge he knows he's been on before with Elizabeth. Carly rushes in her car in the dark to find Jake, completely distracted and lost in thought with what she's just discovered. Kiki is also on the road drinking, listening to loud music and distracted. Their two cars accidentally collide.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Stitch convinces party attendees that the fire is real and not a Halloween trick. Everyone tries their cell phones but no one has reception. Victor and Jack agree that it must be the Paragon Project. Mariah continues to tell her spooky story while Kevin and Nick try to understand the image of the devil on the computer. Sage arrives and tells Nick that she smells smoke in the hallway. When they realize the building is on fire, they tell the kids to line up so they can use the stairs to get to safety. Jack and Ben leave the top of the tower to find the children. Phyllis and Ashley follow them. In the break room, they decide to split up. The ceiling caves in on Ben and Ashley but they make it to the kitchen before being hit with an explosion. Ben's leg is hurt but Ashley won't leave without him. The building shifts, so Jack and Phyllis are unable to leave the break room because the door is jammed. At the top of the tower, a helicopter arrives and Dylan leads a rescue mission, taking women first. Adam hears Paul talking about the fire and convinces Michael to let him leave to rescue his family. He wears a firefighter's outfit to blend in. He finds Connor, then goes to find Chelsea. "The Devil" finds him first and knocks him over the head. Cane is still locked in a room. He regains consciousness long enough to call for help once, then falls unconscious again. Victor and Billy leave the top of the tower and find Adam in the stairwell.

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