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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Julius that his move to LA is a very big decision. Julius tells Maya that she is asking her sister for a lot, too much. She needs to find someone else to be the surrogate. As a parent, Eric understands his concerns. Vivienne says Nicole is beholden to her sister and Julius can be harsh, but she does not believe he is wrong in this. Nicole could lose a lot in a year’s time including Zende. That is a lot to ask. Nicole tells Zende that she does not want to lose him but she gave her word to Maya and she can not go back on that either. This does not have to matter to the two of them. She hopes he will not walk out on her. But if it gets too hard, just tell her at any time. He says he is not going anywhere.

Julius claims that Zende is quite a catch and once words gets out that Nicole is pregnant the girls will be coming out of the woodwork. Vivienne says Nicole will love that baby before birth and there will be physical and emotional stress. This might be the only baby Nicole can have and Maya is asking too much of her. Brooke says she understands. Nicole is young but she is capable of making her own decisions. Eric says there is no way of predicting how taking a year out of Nicole’s life will affect her, but he agrees with Brooke. Maya laments to Julius that he has valid concerns but they have given them all consideration and they would be crazy to turn Nicole down. Nicole tells Zende that the procedure is today so she could get pregnant today. Zende tells her she is a little crazy but then it must mean that he is a little crazy too. Julius tells Vivienne that Nicole is out here now living in the fast lane and his daughters do not agree with him, but he still thinks he can get Zende to stop this foolishness. Nicole shows up late at the doctor's office but says all is fine and she is ready. Again both Maya and Rick say she can back out even now if she has any doubts. Zende surprises them. He says there is no stopping this, so he is ready. Nicole says, “Let’s make a baby.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Caroline had another vision about Bo and Steve in a plane crash. Carolineís vision came true because they were in a crash. Caroline was worried and called out for Bo. Julie and Victor heard her crying out for Bo. Bo, Steve, and the pilot managed to survive the crash. Hope got ready for her wedding while Aiden was outside of her house. Abby looked through Benís phone and saw the pics of Chad. Ben saw Abby with his phone and they argued about it. Abby told Ben that it looked like he was stalking Chad. Hope arrived at the Martin house for the wedding while Aiden broke in her house. Jennifer wasnít happy that JJ wanted to be a cop. JJ was determined to be a cop regardless of how she felt about it. Ben admitted that he followed Chad around. Abby assured Ben that she was finished with Chad. Abby looked through his phone again and realized that they were taken the day of the murders. Julie told Hope that Caroline was upset about Bo. Hope wanted Caroline to accept her marriage. Steve let Bo know that they were in Kansas. Bo realized that they were close to home and wanted to go.

Aiden finally arrived at the Martin house. Abby thought Chad could be cleared because he took the pics of Chad. Jennifer called Abby and she let her know that Ben was acting weird. Ben overheard Abby talking to her mother about him. Andre and Stefano showed up at the Martin house. The guests werenít happy about them being there. Bo and Steve found a guy and asked to use his phone. Steve had to bribe the guy to use it. Aiden took Hopeís phone and it was muted. Bo tried to call Hope, but her phone was muted. Bo wanted to call back, but the guy didnít want to help him at first. Abby talked to Jennifer about how Ben needed Chad to be guilty. Ben confronted Abby about what she said to Jennifer. Abby didnít know he was listening. Ben snapped at her. Abby let him know that they had to get to the wedding, but Ben wouldnít let her leave.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jake and Elizabeth's wedding preparation is underway. He's asked Carly to be his main person. She is ready to encourage Jake's wedding to Elizabeth, initially having no suspicion. However, Spinelli has left town to get to his daughter and has left his laptop in the possession of Sam. He finds Carly before finding Sam and Carly promises to deliver his computer to Sam. While distracted we see the face-image of Jake turning into Jason...and then from Jason into Jake. She finally sees the "transformation" from Jason to Jake and then back and fourth. She calls but does not reach Spinelli. Realizing the profound and devastating affect this will have on the lives of 4 people, she knows she has to make a private call to a doctor she knows. She needs a private DNA test and needs the results ASAP. As soon as Jake, Elizabeth, Sam and Patrick all return to the hospital, she has Jake drink some bottled water and waits until he leaves it behind so she can take it to the DNA lab. Meanwhile, Nikolas is harboring the secret about Jake's true identity (along with Elizabeth). Yet Hayden shows no signs of remembering what she know before losing her memory from the shooting. She wants to develop a relationship of trust with Nikolas and move to the next level. They run into Jake and Sam whom she happily and warmly greets although they are not happy to see her and clearly Nikolas is not comfortable to see them, much less be seen with Hayden, by then. Yet Hayden suspects nothing.

Sonny and Olivia talk about their mutual son and she can detect that there is a "secret" that Sonny knows about Dante which he's not revealing. Meanwhile, at The Haunted Star, Dillon announces to all the guests that he wants to show them his new movie. Yet, it appears he "mistakenly" gets it mixed up with something that has been "accidentally" recorded. Everybody gets to see the conversation between Dillon and Valerie where she reveals to him that she slept with Dante on one very specific night in question. Valerie can clearly tell that it may not have been an "accident" on Dillon's part, as she knows all too well his own personal interest in getting Lulu to end her marriage with Dante. At first Lulu wants to believe that Valerie is lying and making it up because she wants Dante and cannot accept that he is unavailable and would never cheat on his wife. Yet Dante admits to his wife that it's true. They slept together the night Dante falsely suspected Lulu of sneaking off to Canada with Dillon and lying to him about it. Maxie can tell that Nathan knew Dante's secret all along and kept it from everyone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

As the Halloween Benefit continues at the top of Newman Tower, the elevators stop working, and Kevin notices that Paragon is back.  Stitch is on his way to join Abby at the party when he notices the fire in the electrical room. He gets caught in it but manages to get out and go upstairs and warn everyone that they must get out now.  Luca sees Noah and Marisa making love but pretends he doesn't know that they are lying to him and are still a couple.  Hilary doesn't remember that she is married to Devon not Neil, and she seems to hate Devon for some reason while she insists she loves Neil.  Christine tries to transfer Adam to prison but is unable to because Stitch refuses to sign his release papers from the hospital.  Christine handcuffs Adam to his hospital bed so he won't try to escape.  Someone in a devil costume roams the party and knocks out Cane who is climbing the stairs going to tell people that there is a problem with the elevators which is caused by the Paragon computer virus. 

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