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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. March tells Nicole that she is not trying to talk her out of this surrogacy but she wants her to be aware of all the pitfalls. She will be giving her body a whole year with this baby. The doctor says no pressure but there is a little one in that her fertile period is almost due so they will have to start very shortly. And there is a young man to consider. Nicole laments that she knows the risks and is willing to accept them. The doctor says she does not want to embarrass Nicole but she does realize she should not have sexual relations with another man during this period. Rick and Maya are expecting their baby, not by someone else. Nicole says of course she would not do that. Zende tells Julius that he can stop harassing him. He talked to Nicole and she is determined to have a baby for Maya. Julius says he must try again and stop her. Maya does not need Nicole. There are other methods. Julius tells Zende to tell Nicole it is him or the baby. Maya tells Rick that she has already bought their baby's first Halloween costume…this time next year.

The Halloween party is underway and Quinn shocks Pam by being all in pink. She is anxious to see Wyatt as she has his photos throughout the years for this event. Quinn tells Deacon that she is itchy in all this pink. She needs to get home and into some leather. He is all for that. Before the party Nicole tells Zende that she passed all the tests and the procedures will start any day now. He says he respects that…..a lot…..sacrificing her body. She is that type of woman to go through a lot for the people she loves. Ivy tells Thomas that he always manages to be there on the spot right when she needs him. He manages to pull her quickly out of the way as an overhead boom/light breaks and falls right where she was standing. Zende kisses Nicole several times and says he loves her…pushes her to the couch and says he wants her now so do not do this, do not put their life on hold. She says no she could not do this. It is already in motion.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chase and Ciara (now a teenager) had a surprise for Hope. Julie planned for Hopeís wedding. Caroline had another vision about Bo. Bo and Steve dealt with turbulence while trying to get home. Aiden told Andre and Stefano that he couldnít go through with killing Hope. He thought he could get Chad off with an insanity plea. Aiden believed he would make more money if he won a profile case like that. Aiden would be able to pay the DiMeras back in no time. Stefano didnít want Aiden to say that Chad was crazy. Stefano didnít believe that his son was crazy. Marlena saw Chad at the police station. Chad told Marlena that he didnít kill anyone. Marlena explained to Chad why he killed the victims. Andre wanted Aiden to stick with their original plan for him to kill Hope. Aiden wanted the DiMeras to guarantee that their business would be over once he killed her. Shawn D arrived at Hopeís house. He apologized to Hope for the way he acted when he arrived in town. Shawn D ended up giving Hope a necklace from Belle to bring her luck.

Bo was hoping that he and Steve would get home soon despite the problems they were having on the plane. The lights suddenly went out on the plane and Bo and Steve became nervous. Aiden was upset when he arrived at the station and saw Marlena with Chad. Aiden wanted to know why Justin allowed Marlena to speak to Chad. Marlena let Aiden know that she was only trying to help him. Marlena let Aiden and Rafe know that after talking to Chad, she believed he was innocent. Julie and Caroline went to Hopeís house with her wedding dress. Caroline let Hope know that she had visions of Bo. Aiden talked to Chad about his case. Andre wanted to go to the bicentennial. Caroline was worried about Bo and tried to warn Hope about it, but she because frustrated with her. Caroline was so upset by Hopeís reaction that she left the house to go to the Martin house. Julie went after Caroline. Bo and Steve continued to have problems with the plane. Aiden looked into Hopeís window while she was taking selfies. Caroline had more visions of Steve and Bo on a plane. The plane had major turbulence and was about to crash.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Most of Port Charles are in costume attending the fundraiser for Dillon's movie at The Haunted Star. Kiki is ready to go but Ava comes by the apartment to pay her a visit and urge her daughter, one more time, to reconsider her decision not to help her get custody of baby Avery. Kiki, once again tells her mother she washes her hands of her, believes the baby is better off without her and that she, herself, is better off with Franco and Nina as her parents than with Ava. Meanwhile, Morgan seems to be moving on and over Kiki while he happily interacts with Darby. While attending the party, Paul is hearing Anna's voice mail message on Sloane's phone, which he has been keeping in his possession after he murdered Sloane. He goes to meet her on the docks knowing he will find her there. He gets to the point by telling her he knows she murdered Carlos and he's covering for her by cremating the body and by "preventing" Sloane from getting Anna charged with murder. She knows Paul is up to no good and doing illegal business with the murder investigation, being aware that another individual besides Carlos has been murdered and unaccounted for (although she does not catch on that it's Sloane). Yet she knows it's not in her best interest to expose Paul after finding out he's enabled her to get away with murder. Dillon finds out, for the first time, that his conversation with Valerie, where she admitted she slept with Dante has been "accidentally" recorded. He finds Andy, the camera guy and tells him he better hand over the flash-drive because he has no business keeping it, as it could ruin people's lives. Yet does Dillon really want to destroy the perfect evidence he needs for Lulu to find out her husband cheated on her and lied, and so that Dillon might be able to have Lulu? Spinelli is almost ready to unravel the mystery of who Jake really is when he has to return home for an emergency with his daughter. He goes to find Carly and she's ready to bring Sam what Spinelli needs in order to get the information about who Jake really is before he's already married Elizabeth. Right then, the computer program reveals something that might drastically change everybody's life. At the Haunted Star, Dillon has all the guests watch what he "intends" to be his screenplay movie. Yet (intended or unintended), they are all shocked to see and hear Dillon's and Valerie's conversation where she is about to reveal that she slept with Dante.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Genoa City celebrates Halloween at a benefit for the Delia Project at the top of Newman Tower. Cane struggles to prove to his family that he didn't kidnap Hilary. Dr. Neville tells Neil and Gwen that he left a sedated Hilary in a private room at the hospital, and he must leave town before things get worse. Dr. Neville tells Neil and Gwen that he doesn't know how the medicine he gave Hilary will affect her when she awakens. He hopes the medicine doesn't cause permanent damage to Hilary. Neil tells Gwen they have to find a way to clear Cane's name, because he doesn't want to ruin Lily's marriage. Gwen's sister finds Hilary at the hospital and gets Stitch to treat her. They also call the police to report Hilary has been found. Devon still thinks Cane kidnapped Hilary and paid someone to bring her to the hospital. Hilary awakens and doesn't remember what happened to her, but she thinks that Neil is her husband. The Paragon computer virus causes a short circuit in the basement of Newman Tower which causes a fire.

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