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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende tells Nicole this is not about Maya or even her dad. It's about the two of them. She wants him to be totally honest with her. If she carries her sister’s baby will it be over for them? He admits he could never do that. Maya tells her dad that Nicole and Zende are on the same page. Julius is not so sure since he talked to Zende himself. Rick walks in and sees the situation but tells Julius they have an appointment with the fertility doctor. Quinn is giddy happy that Wyatt admits he is falling in love. She’s come a long way from pushing Ivy in the Seine and she likes her. Thomas tells Ivy that a woman who doesn’t know she is beautiful is refreshing. It’s too bad, she would have sold a lot of merchandise if she had modeled the lingerie. He shows her a photo and reminds her they are not blood related. Pam and Charlie drag out all the decorations for the Halloween office party. Wyatt laments to his mother that Ivy is a keeper and she is totally devoted to him. Thomas comes on to Ivy more and she reminds him there is the question of Wyatt, that guy she is devoted to. He claims he does not see a ring. The doctor discusses the results of Nicole’s tests. She declares Nicole to be in a clean bill of health so a perfect candidate. This is a very big undertaking and she wants to be sure all three are on the same page… for the next step.

Julius catches Zende helping Pam and Charlie do the decorations. Julius says Nicole is being bamboozled into carrying that kid. Maya tells Nicole again that it is not too late to back out if she has any reservations at all. The doctor tells her they have been tracking her cycle and it is getting close to her ideal time to be fertile. Thomas questions Ivy more if she is seeing Wyatt, like sneaking off not just at the office. First Liam and now his brother. Wyatt walks in and asks if something is going on. Zende tells Julius that he and Nicole will be fine. Julius reminds him that in six months Nicole will be walking around with a bowling ball in her stomach so this is a bad decision for everybody except for Maya. Put a stop to this. Do not let Maya take this from the two of them. Nicole tells the doctor Zende was shocked at first but very supportive now. The doctor tells her that pregnancy does not correspond with stress and it will affect both of them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad woke up from the coma. Abby went to Chadís room and saw how he woke up. Marlena was upset that John was going on an assignment. Aiden thought about killing Hope again. Hope, Rafe, and Justin arrived at the hospital. Daniel told them about his condition. Justin wanted Chad arrested. Chad couldnít remember anything, but Justin didnít believe it. Daniel told Justin that amnesia was to be expected after what happened. Rafe read Chad his rights. Ben thought about how he attacked his victims. John let Marlena know that he wanted to find his parents. Marlena was upset when she found out that she wouldnít be able to reach him until he could get a signal. They continued to argue over it until Eric showed up. Chad didnít understand why Rafe thought he would kill Will. Chad wanted Abby to believe that he was innocent. Eric told Marlena and John about Samiís letter from EJ. He also told them about the text he received from Sami about looking for EJ. Justin didnít want Chad to get Abby involved in his business. Justin let Chad know that heís getting looked up. Abby told Hope that Chad was innocent. Abby was upset because everyone thought Chad was guilty.

Daniel told Justin that Chadís scan proved there was nothing wrong with him. Justin wanted Chad in a prison hospital. Chad told Abby that he didnít kill anyone. Aiden got a call and went to the station. Chad was brought to the station. Rafe warned Aiden not to hurt Hope. Marlena wanted to be there for Eric. Justin assured Aiden that nothing would save him. Justin wanted to know if Rafe believed that he had amnesia. Aiden let Chad know that he was the only suspect in the necktie murders. Chad told Aiden that he didnít kill anyone. Abby went home and she made up with Ben until they talked about Chad. Ben realized while they were talking that she was still obsessed with Chad. Ben and Abby continued to argue over Chad until he walked out of the apartment. Chad was getting booked and told Rafe that his arrest was a mistake.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ava is alone at her art gallery and on her phone, leaving a messages to Kiki begging her to reconsider and testify for her mom to get custody of baby Avery. Yet she goes no response. Right then, Tracy enters and tells Ava she can give her some business by purchasing an expensive piece of art Tracy has been looking for. Ava sounds encouraged until Tracy makes it very clear to Ava that she is not “in support” her winning custody of her baby. Although Tracy does not like Sonny, she'd vote for him over a murderer who faked her own death, falsified herself as someone who does not exist and slept with her daughter's boyfriend. Right then, Paul enters and Tracy leaves. They see she's gotten a text reply from Kiki stating that there's no way she is going to help her mother and has washed her hands of Ava. Ava breaks down crying, making herself vulnerable, pulling on Paul's “heart-strings” (maybe more accurately giving him more ammo against Sonny), and they end up kissing and are clearly going to have sex.

Sonny knows there is something on Dante's mind and asks him what is up. When Dante hears his dad praise his oldest son for being an exemplary husband, father and role model to his baby sister, Sonny can see his son becoming increasingly uneasy and asks him to reveal what is on his mind. Dante then admits to his father that he made a “serious mistake” from falsely suspecting his wife of sleeping with Dillon Quartermaine. He finally spits it out to his dad that he slept with Valerie and Lulu does not know to this day. Assessing that, Sonny tells his son that everybody messes up from time to time and Dante needn't torture himself. Yet Dante tells his father Dillon Quartermaine knows his secret and his holding it over Dante's head. Hearing that, Sonny tells his son he needs to come clean and to Lulu before she finds out from someone else. He encourages his son to know that she's a Spencer just like Carly and Dante can make his marriage work. Yet he also indicates that he intends to “do battle” for his son with Dillon if Dante cannot or will not do that for himself. Paul has a similar conversation with his son and is ready to motivate him to “do battle” with Sonny's son who is married to the woman whom Dillon wants. With Jake and the boys, Elizabeth continues to hear Jake inform everyone that he knows big Jake is his real father although neither Jake nor Cameron understand what he is saying or know what he knows. After many unsuccessful attempts, Spinelli is ready to uncover who Jake really is. Right then, outside the door, Jake is ready to return and hears his phone ring. He notices a text message from an unknown source that says: “We are coming for you”

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki and Phyllis prepare the top of Newman tower for a benefit for children in Delia's name. They realize that when they get together, they get a lot done. The lights flicker at Newman tower when an unnamed person messes with the wires. Kevin and an electrician check it out but find nothing wrong. Later, the strange person watches Nikki and Phyllis. Victor gets a phone call telling him that Adam has woken up. At Adam's request, Chelsea climbs into bed with him. They discuss the future and Chelsea promises to stick by him no matter what. Jack and Victor arrive and Jack tells Adam that Victor has been fighting for Adam. Cane finds Hilary in the park, but when he turns his back to her, she runs away. Neil, Gwen, and the doctor look for Hilary. Paul tells Devon and Lily that Hilary has been found and they all go to the park. Cane explains what happened but Devon doesn't believe him. He thinks Cane made the whole thing up. Hilary goes to the hospital for help but runs into Dr. Neville who injects her with a sedative to make her sleep, so she won't make a scene and be recognized.

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