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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In their motel room, Julius screams at the mirror. He tossed and turned all night and got no sleep. What Nicole is going to do is unnatural. Vivienne says Nicole is an adult and he can not dictate to her. Julius says there is one person out there who might side with him; he is going to see Zende. At the office Zende and Nicole kiss and she says she knows this is going to be hard on him putting their relationship on hold for a year. She hopes that is not asking too much. He jokes that he is not going anywhere. She needs to go meet Maya so they kiss goodbye. Quinn actually knocks on Wyatt’s door first and is surprised that Ivy is not there as she thought they practically lived together. He tells her and Deacon they have gotten very close but not living together. He asks Deacon what he has done with his mostly lovable but crazy mother…..falling in love did this? Deacon says leave her alone for a few minutes and she turns into Carol Brady. Quinn says yes she is in love and she can tell it is happening to Wyatt too. He politely warns her that his love life is his love life, she has no say in it. He likes Ivy a lot. He has not felt about anybody like this since Hope. Ivy has no divided loyalties. She is totally into him.

Ivy and Thomas have a mild flirtation at the office. Ridge had given them the whole don’t cross the line speech and she knows now that one of them will be spending the night alone and it isn’t her. Vivienne goes to the Forrester mansion and apologizes to Maya for what Julius said yesterday. She is happy to hear Nicole is coming over so she can say the same to her. Julius tells Zende that he knows this decision has to upset him too and they can’t let Nicole do this. Zende could make her stop this. Thomas tells Ivy that his latest addition to the bedroom line needs a model and wonders if she is interested. She thinks he is being funny. He isn’t. He’s heard all about how Steffy tried to manipulate her for being in front of the camera, no thank you. Thomas says this would not be in front of a camera but he admires how she stays true to herself, a real lady. She smiles but wonders where all these compliments are coming from. Vivienne apologizes to Nicole but says Julius is right in one thing. There is Zende to consider and Nicole may not want to make that sacrifice. Zende admits to Julius that he is not totally wrong but it makes no difference as Nicole has made up her mind. He admires her even more for it. Julius realizes that Zende is not saying much, he has too much class. But he is doing no one a favor by not telling them the entire truth of how he feels. It is either Maya’s child or Zende. He goes back to the Forrester’s but misses Nicole. He tells Maya that he wants her to back off. Nicole has found Zende now and does not need this pressure from Maya. Nicole meets up with Zende at the office and he tells her he just saw Julius who thinks her decision is a deal breaker. She asks is it…..will they be over?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden told Hope that he wasnít good enough for her and that she deserved a better man. Bo didnít understand how Hope could think he fell out of love with her. Abby and Ben argued over what to do with the reward money and over the fact that she thought Chad was innocent. Eve went to visit Chad and Justin stopped her from killing him. Bo was determined to find out who set him up. Hope tried to make Aiden feel better about not feeling good enough for her. Aiden told her that she should want out of the relationship. Ben and Abby continued to argue over the fact that she thought Chad was innocent. Hope let Aiden know that she loved him and that they were getting married. Aiden regretted the mess he was in because of his debt. Aiden let Hope know that he wasnít thinking straight and didnít want her to call off the wedding.

Bo wanted to know more about Aiden. Steve told Bo how Hope and Ciara got close to Aiden and Chase. Hope wanted to get married to Aiden because she loved him. Aiden apologized for what he was saying. Steve tried to fix the phone on the jet. Bo called Hope and there was a shot of her phone ringing. Hope wouldnít answer the phone so Bo tried again. Justin and Eve went to the park to talk. Ben finally caved and wasnít going to take the money. Ben said they would wait for one of her relatives to kick the buck so they could get the money. Abby was shocked by his comments and didnít know what to think of him. Hope finally answered the phone and Bo called out to her. Hope couldnít hear Bo and hung up. Justin told Eve that Chadís insane. Eve was afraid Chad would get off on insanity. Justin assured her that he wouldnít get off. They ended up kissing. Abby was about to leave when Ben grabbed her. She snatched away and left. Bo was determined to get home to Hope. Chad thought about Abby and opened his eyes.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While planning the Halloween party at The Haunted Star, Maxie knows that Dillon insists there is a "secret" about Dante that nobody knows except for him which might drastically change things and possibly end Dante's a Lulu's happy marriage. Nathan realizes that he knows what that secret is but does not believe it's his secret to tell Maxie and wants her to drop it. She does not do that however. Valerie tells Dillon that even though he wants to expose Dante and get Lulu to end their marriage so that Dillon can have Lulu, she reminds him that revealing that secret will harm her as well as Dante. At that point, Dillon agrees to keep his mouth shut for her. They agree to answer Maxie's question that the "secret" is that the two of them are getting back together and realizing Valerie has no future with Dante nor Dillon with Lulu. Yet Maxie does not buy that explanation. Lulu is presently angry and ready to end her friendship with Dillon given his "cockiness" that he can take her from Dante when she presently has no desire to do so. Jake and Elizabeth are ready to get married but he still has reservations about having a future with her. Both Sonny and Ava are ready for their custody battle for baby Avery. Ric represents Sonny but warns him that he has some major strikes against him in custody court. Scott Baldwin is ready to represent Ava but warns her of the same thing. He also believe that she is at his desperate mercy since he "saved her" from getting charged with murder. Little does he know, little does she reveal to him that although he has no clue what happened to the flash-drive recording of her murder confession, she knows that Paul Hornsby has it in his possession and is now "pulling her strings" with it. Kiki is still in a very negative life condition and not about to forgive much less help her mom in the custody hearing. When nobody suspects or realizes, Spinelli sits alone in The Floating Rib on his computer and reveals he is ready to make a breakthrough and unravel the mystery of whom Jake Doe really is.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Abby accepts Ben's proposal. Ashley congratulates them but wonders if Abby really thought it through. Later, she tells Billy and Victoria. Victoria comments on Ashley's lack of excitement and accuses her of being jealous because she has feelings for Ben. Ashley denies it and doesn't want to talk about it because it makes her uncomfortable. Billy and Ashley decide to give Newman back all that they acquired due to the Paragon Project. Billy finds that Jabot is now being targeted and their divisions are being bought out from under them. Neil and Gwen witness Hilary moving her fingers so they call the doctor, who tells them that Hilary is responding to his treatment better than he'd hoped and she will be waking up soon. Neil gets anxious and Gwen urges him to take a walk with her. While they are gone, the doctor falls asleep and Hilary wakes up. Cane informs Lily that he is moving out and they argue. Joe steps in and defends Cane, who says he doesn't need Joe's help. They throw punches and Cane ends up on the floor. Neil takes him to the hospital and gives him a lecture. Neil promises that Lily will forgive Cane soon but Cane says he may not be able to forgive Lily. At GCAC, Joe tells Lily that he doesn't regret the night they shared. All the trouble it caused, it was worth it. Kevin asks Paul to go easy on Chloe, she's a grieving mother. Esther sends Kevin a text that Chloe is at Crimson Lights. Chloe and Chelsea continue to argue. Chloe seems lucid until Kevin arrives then she starts talking about needing to get home to Delia. Paul takes her away. The doctor wakes up to find that Hilary is gone.

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