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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas grills Caroline more if Ridge is really the father of her baby. Brooke gets Ridge to admit that Thomas is back from Paris and what went wrong for it to be such a short stay. Maya tells Rick that she is worried what Julius might be telling Nicole and getting into her head about this surrogacy. Julius tells Nicole that he is afraid she made her choice based on just what Maya wants. Both he and Vivienne are thinking of her. Julius reminds her that Rick is a very rich man and they can have a family in other ways. As her father he forbids this. Vivienne says having a baby is wonderful but it is no picnic. Nicole needs to think of her life and dreams with Zende.

Caroline tells Thomas to stop. She thought they were going to forget about that one night together. She tells him she got her period and that is all Thomas needs to know. It would have been a disaster so he is glad it is Ridge’s. Now they can all move on with their lives. Julius thinks Maya is pressuring Nicole. They all know how she acts when she does not get her way. Rick and Maya tell all they will not put pressure on Nicole to do this for them. Nicole reaffirms again that she took her time and made this decision and she wants to give them this gift. Caroline explains to Ridge that Thomas thinks he dodged a bullet and that the baby is Ridge’s. Brooke seeks out Thomas and says she is glad he is back from Paris. Now he just needs to show a little more maturity so Ridge won’t be mad at him. Caroline tells Ridge that he can’t go on being mad at Thomas or it will send up red flags and the truth will come out. Nicole tells Rick and Maya that she will not change her mind. She knows they will make good parents. Maya tells Nicole she is glad Julius did not change her mind. She trusts her sister. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Aidenís bachelorette and bachelor parties began. Bo and Steve were trying to get out of the cell despite smelling the gas. John and Roman talked about Sami leaving town. Aiden challenged Rafe to darts. Everyone was having a good time at the bachelorette party once the stripper arrived. Roman put Aiden on notice that he better take care of Hope. Aiden thought about killing Hope. Tom (the stripper) went to change his clothes. When Tom came back downstairs, he had some of Hopeís jewelry. The women tackled him to keep him from leaving with the jewelry. Aiden got drunk and started talking about the DiMeras. Aiden went out for air and thought about killing Rafe again. Rafe found in him in the park.

Kayla, Jennifer, and Abby talked about Steve. Kayla didnít understand how Steve could want to be back with his family and leave again. Jennifer and Abby tried to get Kayla to see that the Johnson men are like that. Caroline talked to Hope about her dreams. Caroline told Hope that Steve went to look for Bo. Caroline wondered what Hope would do if Bo came back. Bo and Steve made it to the jet and noticed the pilot was hurt. Aiden felt that Hope didnít deserve to be hurt. Rafe wanted to know what he meant. Aiden thought Rafe was only concerned because he wanted to make him look bad in front of Hope. Aiden felt that Hope didnít deserve to be hurt. Rafe wanted to know what Aiden meant. Aiden covered up by saying he didnít want Hope hurt by the past. Hope told Caroline that she was just having dreams and that Bo wasnít coming back. Caroline walked away and Kayla talked to Hope. The pilot explained to Bo and Steve what happened to him. Kayla told Hope that she wasnít sure if Carolineís visions were real or not because she became alive when she had them. Hope told Kayla that she didnít want to talk about Bo anymore and that she was marrying Aiden. Bo and Steve wanted to fly the plane and get home even though they didnít have a radio. They were going to risk their lives to get home to their loved ones. Aiden showed up at Hopeís house. Aiden told Hope that he couldnít go through with it.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian gets to spend some time alone with baby Leo at his new house with Alexis, while she shows him how to change diapers and care for a baby; something he has absolutely no experience with. He invites Sam and Lucas to come to the new house and visit their baby brother. Meanwhile, Olivia wants to make peace with Julian but also believes she needs spiritual guidance. She finds Dante and Lulu at the hospital and protests to them that she knows they have perfect morals and are exemplary role models for a child. Dante is clearly not uncomfortable to hear his mom tell him that, realizing that he's keeping a secret from everyone that he slept with his wife's cousin. Nikolas and Hayden are at The Floating Rib when they run into Sam. He reminds Sam he could have her and Jake arrested for breaking into his house and hacking his computer but she reminds him Jake could do the same to him for illegally testing Jake's DNA. She does, however, inform her cousin that Jake has decided, against her recommendation, to call it off. She informs Nikolas that Jake is going to marry Elizabeth and have a future with her regardless of what Nikolas may know or think he knows. Meanwhile, Nikolas is growing closer to Hayden. She still suspects nothing about him nor reveals that she remembers anything that she remembered before she got shot and lost her memory. Sabrina declines Michael's marriage proposal, telling him they need to get to know each other better and should not get married just because she's pregnant. Yet, there may be another reason. She does not want to reveal to anyone exactly when she is due or when the baby was conceived Paul Hornsby goes to talk to Anna after finding out she went to the morgue without proper authorization and asks her what she was looking for. She admits to him she's suspicious of the autopsy report and now that Carlos Rivera has been cremated, it gives her more cause for suspicion and she admits to him she does not believe the body in question even was Carlos Rivera. He finds out that she suspects that somebody falsified the murder investigation to cover up something they don't want anyone to find out. Still, nobody has a clue that Sloane has been murdered much less that Paul murdered him. Yet he indicates that he more than likely knows that she murdered Carlos, and therefore it may not be in her best interest to double-cross him knowing what he knows.. Maxie brings the big check Nina wrote to the Haunted Star but tells Dillon she will tear it up unless he tells her this "secret" he's told everyone he knows about Dante. He "distracts" her and does not reveal it yet he clearly has Lulu on the brain. She and Dante come by and Dante confronts Dillon. They have their private conversation about the big secret, which both Maxie and Lulu are still unaware of. In their heated argument, Dillon concludes he's done keeping Dante's secret and he announces to Lulu there is something he needs to tell her.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

While Adam is in surgery, Abby takes Chelsea to the hospital chapel. Ashley gives the ring back to Ben and asks him if he's sure about marrying Abby. Victor and Jack argue about Adam until Nikki asks Victor to take a walk with her. Kevin helps Paul find out who was driving the car that hit Adam. Kevin finds a surveillance video that showed Chloe driving the car. Kevin tells Paul that he doesn't know where Chloe is. Mariah goes to The Underground and hears a noise. Chloe asks Mariah to call Kevin because he is the only one who can help her. Mariah calls Kevin, but Chloe says she tipped her off and hits her over the head with a bottle and leaves. Kevin and Paul show up to find Mariah on the floor. When she comes to, she tells them that Chloe is not ok. Chloe goes to Esther for help, but Esther refuses. Chelsea walks in and accuses Chloe of trying to kill Adam. Chloe says she should have tried harder. Adam makes it out of surgery. At his bedside, Victor urges Adam to fight. Christian stops breathing and the doctor tells Nick and Sage that it doesn't look good for Christian. In the hospital chapel, Ben proposes to Abby.

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