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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius tells Nicole that she needs to stay out of this discussion. Maya says no, it has already been decided. He tells Nicole that she is too young to be offering this and Rick now wants both of his daughters. He won’t stand for it. Thomas says less than a week and boy have things changed. Bill says he was hoping that Ridge was going to leave Caroline but now it won’t be so easy. Katie asks how long Thomas is going to be back as she had heard he had moved to Paris. He says he is not sure, so much has changed. Carter and Zende continue to work out and discuss the surrogacy situation. Carter says he is not sure it is tougher to support him or talk him out of it. A couple of nice looking girls walk by and Zende thinks Carter is hinting at wanting to hook him up although he is committed to Nicole. Vivienne reminds Nicole this could be very hard having to give up a child after carrying it for nine months. Nicole says it is all about love. Her dad says no man, not even Zende, will want her when she is all stretched out with pregnancy.

Thomas asks his dad what did sending him back to Paris accomplish. He realizes he can not stand the sight of him and now he thinks he knows why. Caroline says do not pussyfoot around, if he has something on his mind just say it. Thomas says he knows Ridge can not stand Bill and he did the same thing by swinging at Ridge so he put an ocean between them but it will never happen again. Bill skulks around and says there is something not right about this baby situation….first they were not going to have a baby and now they are. Rick tells Julius there is nothing wrong with a newly married young couple wanting a family. Julius says yes, but there are things that are possible and things that are not. Maya has already done to her body what she wanted but she has no right to do the same to Nicole. Caroline tells Ridge that he has to let this thing with Thomas go or he is going to figure it out. Rick tells Maya that it is a good thing they withdrew from the conversation so now it will be up to Nicole and her parents. Julius laments to Vivienne these Forrester's think they can do anything they want to do. He says this is not a favor like doing the dishes when it is not your turn. This will be something they will deal with every day. This is all too much after accepting what used to be his son. Vivienne says right or wrong it is not so clear. They need to tally it up in another way. She hopes that young man of hers will wait for her. Thomas catches Caroline alone and asks how long has she known that she is pregnant. He hears her say that she is happy but she does not look it. He wants to know how far along. She wonders if he is asking who the father of this baby is. He says yes, he thinks he has that right.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn Douglas came home. Hope introduced him to Aiden. Shawn Douglas didnít approve of her marrying Aiden. Bo and Steve were locked together. Bo told Steve about the drug he got for Caroline. Andre went to see Chad and wanted him to die. Shawn Douglas thought that Hope was moving on too soon. Doug, Julie, and Hope tried to talk Shawn D into understanding that Bo deserted the family, but he didnít want to hear it. Hope was so upset that she stormed out of the pub. Aiden wanted to go after her, but Shawn D stopped him. Doug and Julie let Aiden know that Shawn D would change his attitude toward him. Shawn D caught up to Hope and he tried to convince her that something was wrong. Hope was determined to marry Aiden. She just didnít want Shawn D to hate her. Shawn said he would never hate her. Steve told Bo that Hopeís getting married. Bo couldnít believe it. Bo wanted all of the details. Bo didnít want to go back to Salem if he lost Hope forever. Steve convinced Bo that he had a chance to stop her from getting married, but he had to get out of that cell first.

Shawn D apologized to Hope for the way he spoke to her. Hope continued to tell him what her life was like without Bo and how Aiden made her life better. Shawn D finally gave his approval of the wedding. Steve let Bo know that Hope struggled before she moved on with her life. Shawn D apologized to Aiden for the way he spoke to him. Abe walked up on Lani while she was looking at the laptop. She walked off and he looked at her computer. Abe saw how Lani was looking up info on him. Aiden had a man-to-man talk with Shawn D. Aiden let Shawn D know that he wanted to know his family too. Abe tried to get info from Lani, but she didnít take the bait. Aiden let the pub to meet with Andre and Stefano. He told them that he agreed to kill Hope on their wedding night. Andre wanted to know what changed his mind. Aiden let him know that he was protecting Chase. Aiden told them how he planned on killing Hope and blaming it on the necktie killer. Steve managed to hit a gas line while trying to break free. Aiden was walking and someone grabbed him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Spinelli gets arrested and Sam follows him to the police station ready to protect him and make sure he does not speak without his lawyer. Jordan asks her why she has clearly put Mr. Spinelli up to hacking hospital main frame. Diane arrives on the seen after Sam has called her and asks the same, finding out that Sam is engaged to Patrick while she is taking drastic action in order to help Jake Doe, a man she barely knows, find out his true identity.She concludes to Sam it's clear that Sam may not be over Jason and not ready to move on with Patrick, whether Sam realizes it or not. Diane manages to get the cops to let Spinelli go but is worried that he, and Sam will stop at nothing in order to find out who Jake really is and it gives her grave concern and reason to discourage it, especially when she hasn't a clue as to what is actually at stake here. Jake privately meets with Sam on the docks and tells her that, given that he hasn't a clue who he really is, that he has to prepare to leave Elizabeth when he considers the possibility that she and the boys could be in danger if and when he finds that out. Sam assures him she "knows" he will not find out anything negative about himself nor anything that could hinder his future with Elizabeth. All the while neither of them have a clue that he is her "presumed" dead husband, Jason Morgan.

Michael informs his parents that Sabrina is going to have his baby. They are "ok" with that and welcome her into the family. Sonny talks privately to Michael, telling him he thinks it's the "right thing to do" for his son to marry Sabrina. He knows not to have that conversation in the presence of Carly realizing she will object. As soon as she finds out what Sonny discussed with Michael, Carly firmly urges him to see Michael would be making a big mistake marrying Sabrina and she "won't let Michael do it" even though he's an adult and does not need her permissions. She protests to Sonny that although they like Sabrina and have no reason not to, Michael is not in love with her nor she-him and it would be a big mistake. Elizabeth walks in on little Jake revealing to big Jake that he knows Jake is his real father although he's been told by everyone that Jake is his stepfather whereas the "late" Jason Morgan was his real father. She clearly needs to prevent the two of them from having any more "private" conversations. She tells the boy he should not be listening in on mommy's private conversation with grandma as she urges him to believe he "did not know what he was hearing". Yet he is very certain he knows he heard that Jake Doe = Jason Morgan = his real father and that Mommy is lying to him and to Jake and to many others. Lulu is very determined to do whatever is needed in order to have another baby with Dante. While they go to the fertility doctor, however, he reveals that he does not think this is a good idea at this time although he does not reveal to her the reason why.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby tells Ashley that she thought Stitch was going to propose to her before he had to go to the hospital. Ashley tries to persuade Abby to take things slowly with Stitch. Ashley isn't happy when she finds a ring inside the champagne glass that Abby was going to drink before Stitch got called to the hospital. Victor thinks Billy is the person that hit Adam with his car, but only Adam saw Kevin hit him. Adam has no broken bones but a lot of internal bleeding. Even after an operation to stop the bleeding, there is no guarantee that Adam will survive. Nick and Sage are hopeful that Christian will soon be home because he has gained weight. Later they fear for their son's life when Christian stops breathing and doctors rush in to try and save him.

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