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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Vivienne says she told Julius that he should have called first but he insisted on doing it in person. He says he admits it took time for him to come around but he means it this time and he will prove it. He and Vivienne desperately want to be in Maya's life so he will accept all of her. Caroline tells Ridge that everybody knows about her pregnancy thanks to Pam so she’d like to tell Bill and Katie before they hear it elsewhere. Pam says Charlie has a gun, so there is nothing Bill can do to him. Bill was hoping for a divorce from this clown so is aghast when Caroline tells him that she is pregnant. He says he will always be a doubting Thomas. First the marriage and now this! He needs a strong drink. Ridge says Bill will be all right by time of high school graduation. And Thomas and Steffy are okay with this. Bill laments that he knows she has always wanted a baby and she will be an exceptional mom but Ridge is too old to be having a baby. Katie tells him they all need to be positive because this is happening. Bill says he would stay away from the entire Forrester family but if he had to drink a poison he would much rather it be Thomas. Zende and Carter work out and Carter asks how it went with Nicole and the surrogacy news.

Nicole says what everybody else is thinking. Julius changed his mind and is eating humble pie because the Forrester’s are rich. Maya says he said that exact thing last time that he would try to accept her. Then he ran off on her wedding day. So how can she believe him now. He says one little change. This time he does mean it and he is backing it up with getting an apartment and they are moving to Los Angeles. He is tired of the snow shoveling so he is looking forward to playing golf every day….perhaps even with Eric. Rick says he hopes this works out but Nicole says he should have at least told them and not just sprung it on them. He tells Nicole he is excited about all of this. He even likes the young man who is her boyfriend. Maya tells both of them that he is not the only one with news. She has news of her own. She and Rick are going to start a family and they want it to be a Forrester/Avant baby, not adoption. Pam brings in a plate of half pink and half blue “Caroline is Pregnant” lemon bars. Katie plays it down but Pam can’t keep her mouth shut and asks Caroline just how far along is she. Thomas walks in and Caroline questions why he is here. Again Pam can not shut her trap and she tells him that he is going to have a little baby brother or sister as Caroline is pregnant. Julius does not understand how this can be both a Forrester and Avant baby. Maya says simple, Rick will be the biological father. Julius jumps to conclusion that Nicole and Rick got together and that is sick. Maya says no, it will be Rick’s sperm and Nicole’s egg. Again Julius goes off the radar that will never happen, he will not allow it. Both Maya and Nicole say they have given this a lot of thought and yes it is going to happen. He is standing in a Forrester house now and has no say so in what Maya or Nicole does.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ let Jennifer, Abby, and Roman know that he wanted to be a cop. Rafe and Ben talked about Chad at the town square. Rafe was suspicious of the way Ben was acting while he was talking about Chad. Rafe didnít say anything to Ben about his behavior though because thatís when Eduardo showed up. Eduardo introduced himself to Ben.  The guy who hit Steve wanted him to tell him about Bo. Bo thought he saw Hope. In his vision, he told Hope that he loved her and wanted to be with her. Hope said that she couldnít wait for him anymore. Doug and Julie were concerned about what happened with Aidenís first wife. Hope didnít like the fact that Doug asked Aiden about Meredith, but Aiden didnít mind talking about her. Aiden explained what happened during his marriage to Meredith. Doug and Julie were okay with his explanation. Andre showed up at the pub and saw Aiden with Hope, Doug, and Julie. Aiden panicked, but no one else seemed to notice. Jennifer and Abby were upset with JJís decision. JJ told them that Roman was okay with him being a cop. Roman also gave his blessing to his decision. Eduardo wanted to offer Ben the reward money for Chad getting caught. Andre sent champagne to Aiden and Hopeís table.

Ben was excited to get the money from Eduardo. Eduardo was thankful that he beat up Chad. Eduardo told Ben that he would get the money after taxes and once Chad is charged. Steve told the guy that he would talk. Hope was upset that Andre gave them champagne so Aiden went to talk to him. Aiden and Andre talked about whether he would go through with killing Hope. After JJ left the precinct, Roman tried to convince Jennifer that JJís doing the right thing by joining the police force.  Abby found JJ at the park and tried to talk him out of being a cop. JJ let Abby know that he could have caught Chad if he were a cop. JJ wondered if Abby would have tried to help Chad if he were the one who arrested him. Abby had no response for that so she walked away. After Ben walked away, Eduardo wanted to know if Rafe told Gabi about him yet. Steve told the guy that the drug Dr. Salinas took didnít work and that he was surprised that Victor didnít kill him. Bo continued to have visions of Hope until Lucia appeared. Bo wanted to leave, but Lucia tried to stop him. Hope went to Andre and Aiden to find out why they were talking. Aiden lied and said that Andre wanted legal advise about Chad. Before Andre left, he implied that he and Aiden knew each other. Hope wondered what Andre meant by that, but Aiden wouldnít tell her. The guy used the Taser on Steve because he didnít believe his story. Rafe and Eduardo argued over Gabi again. Gabi saw them talking. Doug made a toast to Hope and Aiden when Shawn Douglas showed up. Bo was put in the room with Steve.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elizabeth is ready to marry Jake and wants Patrick to stand up at her wedding. Jake tells Carly he wants her to do the same. Meanwhile, Sonny is still in his hospital room urging Michael not to put himself in danger. Michael assures his father everything will be ok and that there will be a "new addition" to their family. Meanwhile, Sabrina is having reservations about having a baby and does not reveal whether the baby is actually Michael's or Carlos'. She goes to find out that DA Hornsby has had her former fiancť cremated without making any effort to contact his family or find out anything about the cause of death. Jordan discovers the same thing and knows the new DA is clearly hindering her investigation and may have a good reason not to have anyone find out the truth of how Carlos got killed or who killed him. Meanwhile, Anna knows she needs to cover her tracks so she goes to the morgue to find out the status of Carlos. Nobody suspects her while she persuades an attendant to let her see the remains and autopsy report. Yet she notices that Carlos' body and murder investigation was either falsified or got switched with that of someone else. Nobody except Paul knows that Sloane is dead and Paul murdered him. Spinelli is determined to not give up in finding out who Jake really is. However, while he's with Sam working on the computer, Obrecht at the IT staff find out there has been a breech of security where "someone" has hacked into the hospital network. Jordan and the cops instantly identify Spinelli and they go to Sam and Patrick's home to arrest him. Little Jake is still a "mystery" to Elizabeth, to Jake and to Laura. When he's alone with Jake, we find out that he has overheard his mom and grandma's private conversation about knowing that his new stepfather Jake is really his deceased father Jason Morgan.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The police search Cane's locker at the Athletic Club and find a hoodie that looks like the one the kidnapper used to pick up the ransom money. Cane decides to move out of the house since he thinks Lily doesn't believe he is innocent. Adam is found guilty of felony hit and run. Victor, Jack, and Chelsea testify asking the judge for a lighter sentence. Kevin and Esther ask the judge to give Adam the maximum sentence for taking Delia away from them. Billy leaves before the penalty phase of the trial, because he just can't stand to be in court anymore. Billy and Victoria head to the park where she helps him finally forgive himself for Delia's death. The judge sentences Adam to ten years in the state penitentiary. Adam is run over by a car as he is walking out of the courthouse to be taken to jail.

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