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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole comes back with Rick and Maya and they discuss her going through with this surrogacy and seeing Dr. March and glad it did not freak Nicole out too much. She jokes Maya does not get to monitor her food intake until the baby is in place. Rick and Maya both tell her that if she changes her mind even at the last minute they will understand. Otherwise they will get through this as a family. Zende tells Carter that Nicole texted him so he is expecting to hear her answer. Nicole is surprised Zende got over to the house so soon. Maya and Rick leave to give Nicole and Zende some private time. He tells her she does not have to say a thing. He can tell just by looking at her. Caroline tells Ridge that she is still wrapping her head around everything. He says good but they are in it together. She still can not believe that he diffused Brooke about the pregnancy. Right on cue, Brooke walks in and says she understands congratulations are in order and they hug. Brooke says she was shocked considering the vasectomy. Ridge says all of that is not for public consumption.

Brooke gets around to Thomas and Ridge says his designs have not proved to be working out just yet. Caroline says that is one big reason he was sent to Paris. Brooke does not understand that. Thomas ought to be here to work that outÖ..unless he just has problems in general with Thomas. Nicole says she just met one of the doctors and there are a lot of steps before any of this happens but she is leaning in that direction. Zende says this will put them on hold and he wants it now. She says she is crazy about him and wants to give it her all but this is something she wants to do for her sister to make them closer but it has to be now. It matters how Zende feels. She is hoping that he cares for her like she does for him and will give her this time. Rick tells Maya that if Nicole ever needs anything until the end of time all she has to do is come to them. Zende laments to Nicole that it is her body, this is her sister so it has to be her decision. She says carrying her sisterís baby is the most important thing she can give her sister. She realizes that without Maya there would never be a Zende in her life. He does not want this to stop. But it will once she gets pregnant. Ridge tells Caroline that Brooke will be inquisitive, but they will remain in the moment and be stronger than ever. Zende kisses Nicole and says this will not be the end of them. Maya returns and asks if she has given them time. Nicole says she thinks they are on the same page now. Zende tells them that this is who Nicole is, loving and supportive. There is a knock at the door and all are surprised to see Julian and Vivienne. He laughs and says he wanted to see his girls. He says he has done some soul searching. He said things on Maya’s wedding day and this rift has been heavy on his mind. They need to heal and he is ready to accept her as a woman.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne was upset with Justin when he told her that he talked to someone about her condition. She let Justin know that heís not part of her life anymore. Sonny let Gabi know that heís leaving Salem. Abby visited Chad in the hospital. Rafe was confused about the investigation. Rafe let Lani know that Benís explanation for what happened with Chad was too straightforward. Lucas went to visit Willís gravestone. Lucas apologized for the things he did wrong. Lucas promised to take care of Willís family. Rafe and Lani talked about the case. Lani wanted to know if Rafe thought Chad was innocent. Abby couldnít believe that Chad was guilty and wanted him to wake up and tell her it wasnít true. Adrienne didnít want Justin to control her life since they were divorced. Sonny walked up on Justin and Adrienne while they were talking. Lani asked Rafe out to eat. Rafe thought they should be careful about that because they work together. Rafe suggested that they go out with some of his friends so she could get to know people.

Justin and Adrienne told Sonny why they were arguing and Sonny agreed with Justin. They both thought she should get a second opinion about her test results. Rafe and Eduardo ran into each other at the town square. Eduardo wanted to see Gabi, but Rafe wouldnít let him do it. Gabi overheard them talking and wanted to know what happened. Justin wanted Adrienne to deal with her situation with her family and not buy herself. Adrienne reminded Justin that they arenít family anymore. Gabi wanted to know why Rafe yelled at Eduardo. Rafe told Gabi that Paige was their sister and that Eduardo was their father. Gabi wanted to know why Rafe didnít say something to her sooner. Adrienne saw Lucas and wanted to take Lucas somewhere to make him feel better. Abby wanted to believe that Chad was innocent. Gabi went to Eduardoís room, but walked away. Adrienne took Lucas to the park, but he didnít feel better. Abby told Chad that she believed he was innocent.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the Metro Court, Julian goes to find Olivia while she has their mutual baby and tells her he's onto her and knows his son is right in front of him and she's lied to him telling him baby Leo died. She is not about to let him hold or have anything to do with their baby, which makes him angrier and demanding she lets him have his baby, making her more unwilling to remotely consider any such thing. Alexis finds them there and urges Julian to let her petition the courts to let him have legal rights to his child. Knowing that if he does that, he's at the mercy of the courts and not wanting to trust or have faith in that, he does not want to go that route or listen to Alexis. So he attempts to have a calmer conversation with Olivia reminding her that she had him falsely believing his son died. She apologizes and realizes that was cruel to him yet she tells him she has to put the baby's safety first and cannot take her chances on finding out what kind of a father he might be. Yet it appears they come to an agreement to share custody of baby Leo without any court battles.

After Sam and Jake have broken into Nikolas' home and his computer and have "almost" gotten to the truth about who Jake really is with the help of Spinelli, Nikolas manages to "temporarily" prevent them from finding out that Jake is Jason. He goes to warn Elizabeth at the hospital and she is very worried that he can't promise their secret will not be found out. He tells her if she's not willing to admit the truth to Jake, her only option might be to simply persuade her "fiancť" to call off the search. Back at the house, Jake is infuriated that Spinelli cannot promise to come up with the answer. He no longer wants to hear any excuses and concludes that he now has no choice except to give up. Yet he is clearly not ok with accepting that. He returns to Elizabeth who urges him to know that maybe his life can be ok even if he never finds out who he really is and they can have a good future together. Yet she's not about to ever reveal nor want him to find out what she knows. Sam and Spinelli are still determined to come up with answers no matter what. First, at the hospital, Patrick walks in on Elizabeth and Nikolas' "secret" conversation which they don't want to reveal to him (Patrick's fiancť is supposed to be married to Elizabeth's fiancť). Then he returns home to walk in on Sam's and Spinelli's private interaction taking place right in his living room (taking illegal action to obtain medical records about who Jake really is...when they have not yet obtained a clue). Knowing what they are about to do and not preventing it could put Patrick at risk of losing his medical license. Lulu reveals to her mom that Dante's mom has lied having everyone except herself and Dante believing the baby she had with Julian died. Laura is now aware that there's more than one secret (Jake is Jason) revealed to her. She realizes that Olivia had to keep both of her sons a secret from their respective fathers and that she and Julian are going to have a serious conflict involving what is in the best interest of their mutual infant son. Sonny is not going to listen to anyone telling him he has to stay in the hospital and follow doctor's orders. He is determined to get out of the hospital if he has to stand up and walk out of the wheelchair although he is clearly incapable of doing that and falls when he attempts to. Neither Carly, Michael or Morgan are willing to help him get out of the hospital. Patrick tells him if he keeps refusing to listen to what the doctor's say, he will get worse and whatever chance he has of walking will be over. Sonny protests that he can't live his life with the "possibility" of being paralyzed for life although Carly urges him not to give up or believe their lives cannot be complete together. At the end, he realizes that he has a problem facing the possibility of losing control, having no power and having to ask others for help. He asks his wife and two sons to please help him and not let him do anything he might regret as he now knows his behavior was irrational and he needs to use better judgment.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the conference room at the police station, Michael counsels Adam to take a plea deal. In the park. Chelsea tells Connor about Adam. Billy joins Chelsea and asks her how she could defend Adam after what he did to Delia. At the Coffeehouse, Noah asks Kevin for help in finding Marisaís daughter. Marisa wakes up and finds Luca in the bed beside her. He has a red rose in his hand and gives her of a diamond necklace which at first she refuses to accept but then changes her mind. In the Athletic Club dining room, Victor sits alone at a table when Ashley joins him to discuss what happened in court and to ask him what he's doing to stop the Paragon virus. Victor warns her that it will affect many before it is finally stopped. Jack walks into the police station and asks to visit Adam. Michael comes out from talking to Adam and asks Christine if he can talk to her for a few minutes. Adam tells Jack that once Billy testifies, it will be all over for him. Chelsea offers her sympathy to Billy for what he is going through, but she still defends Adam. Billy starts to argue with her about defending Adam after all he has done. Chelsea turns around to leave and finds Connor gone. Billy and Chelsea look for him. Noah lets Mariah and Kevin know that Marisa went back to her husband in order to find her daughter. Luca invites Marisa to breakfast in the dining room. Noah asks him for help again, and Kevin agrees, but he has something to do first. Billy finds Connor by the duck pond and gives him back to Chelsea. Chelsea accepts all the blame since she is totally responsible for Connor.

Jack tells Adam that he is glad that he came clean about all this. Jack urges Adam to fight and not give up. Luca joins Victor in the dining room and they discuss finding Marisa’s daughter. Victor sees Marisa standing in the foyer watching them. Victor warns Luca to be careful of Noah. Michael tries to get Christine to see reason in accepting a plea deal for Adam, but she refuses. Michael joins Jack and Adam to tell them the bad news. At the Athletic Club bar, Luca and Marisa reminisce about the past. Noah watches them. Everyone gathers in the courtroom for Billy’s testimony. Billy testifies about the night that Delia was killed but he surprises everyone by telling them that they need to forgive Adam. Michael makes his closing remarks as does Christine. Noah and Marisa talk then make love. The verdict is reached in Adam’s trial.

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