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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke listens to Ridge go on and on about Caroline really being pregnant. She questions him about the vasectomy and him being sterile and clearly she is not really buying what he is saying and wonders who’s the father of this baby. He laughs and makes light of himself as Ridge Forrester, the super stud. She says she only wants him to be happy and if this is it, she will congratulate him. They hug. Steffy puts her feet in Liam’s lap as if she wants a foot rub. He hopes she is not upset that he went over her head. She says of course not. She only outranks him at work. He was doing his job; here they are equals. Pam and Charlie fawn over Caroline trying to encourage her to sit down and get comfortable. Pam does tell her that she couldn’t help herself; she told Brooke the big news. Caroline frowns.

Ivy hopes Wyatt is not jealous of Liam and him taking Ivy’s side against Steffy. He claims he is not but he is feeling guilty for how she felt parading around in her underwear. She feels he owes her and challenges him to taking off him pants and just wearing his underwear. She suggests the show room. Wyatt takes off his shirt and dances sexily around and then takes off his jeans really slowly while Ivy slips a dollar in his underwear. Pam and Charlie storm in both laughing and Charlie even takes several pictures. Wyatt puts his pants back on while Pam is encouraging him to twirl around more. She starts to hand out lemon bars but Wyatt tells them to leave and he slams the door. Charlie says now he knows what women mean that they are just a piece of meat. Wyatt gets it; underwear is pretty scary. But he thought Ivy did good and that is one of the reasons he loves her. He said it – he loves her. She kisses him. Ridge walks into the loft while Caroline is looking on her phone at the wedding photos and thinking how Ridge has talked her into accepting this baby and not letting Thomas know. She asks about Brooke and Ridge says she finally came around to believing him, so all is okay. Caroline does not need to stress out at all. No one will ever know the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve arrived at the doctor’s office that Caroline saw in her vision. Bo met a woman named Lucia and he asked her for help. He wanted her to radio some type of communication. She let Bo know that there was no communication. Aiden got a shack when he saw Andre with Chase (who is now a teenager). Caroline wanted to go home, but Victor wanted her to get another treatment. Kayla and Roman seemed against it at first. Aiden threatened to kill Andre if he went near Chase again. Andre let him know that he just met Chase. Aiden told Andre that he updated Hope’s policy. John showed up and saw Aiden and Andre talking. Aiden lied about the conversation they were having and walked off. Kayla agreed to give Caroline the drug. She wanted to administer it herself. Bo continued to ask Lucia for help. Aiden arrived at Hope’s house and set it up to look like the necktie killer was in her house.

Kayla and Hope questioned Dr. Salinas. They wanted to know if it’s possible for Caroline to have visions. John put Andre on notice about coming after his family. Andre assured John that he wasn’t jealous of him anymore. Aiden imagined being married to Hope and killing her. Lucia was able to get a map for Bo. Bo was able to find out where he was taken. Steve called John to let him know that he found the place where Bo was taken. Kayla and Hope talked about Caroline’s visions of Bo as well as Steve. Caroline talked to Victor about helping Steve find Bo. Victor assured Caroline that Steve would find Bo. Aiden continued to imagine killing Hope. Hope let Kayla know that she’s ready to move on with her life. Steve went back to look for Bo and was hit on the back of his head.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis wastes no time presenting Julian with the DNA test results she secretly obtained that prove that he is the biological father of the baby Olivia claims she adopted and named Matteo. Finding out that Olivia not only lied to him about the baby but had him falsely believing his son died without so much as a chance to meet or say good-bye to him, when all along he's alive and well, Julian is infuriated and ready to take action against her, so he can have legal rights to his son. Alexis urges him not to take drastic "illegal" action to set himself up to give Olivia good legal justification to prevent him from having legal rights to his child while she goes to petition for a judge to hear Julian's case. While at the station, Dante and Lulu overhear her and Dante urges her to know his mom had reason to do what she did in order to keep baby Leo safe, like she did with him, and not like Alexis did with her own daughter. She tells him she understands but intends to protect Julian's legal rights. Lulu assesses the situation and is still completely "in the dark" about her husband's secret as she tells him she's so grateful they have no lies between them and she wants to have another baby. Dante is obviously not comfortable hearing that. Meanwhile, Julian is not about to wait or do what Alexis has asked him and goes to confront a completely uncooperative and unapologetic Olivia. Noticing out infuriated and ruthless he appears, Olivia tells him he is not fit to go anywhere near "her" child. Nina is ready to not only financially support Franco with her trust fund. She wants to "buy" Kiki who is completely unfriendly to her. Maxie and Nathan are able to persuade her to financially bail out Dillon's film so Maxie has her acting opportunity. Sonny is not about to listen to Patrick's advice that he not leave the hospital and gets physical therapy. The thought of being paralyzed for life is not ok and not something he even wants to consider.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the courtroom, everyone asks Victor why he wanted Adam to leave town before the trial. Adam walks into the courtroom. At the Coffeehouse, Lily and Dylan discuss the charges against Cane and whether or not he is guilty. Adam’s trial begins with Christine making her opening remarks which implicate Adam in the hit and run death of Delia. Michael also makes his opening statement which defends Adam and his actions. Christine calls Chelsea to the stand. Cane, at first, thinks that Colin may have set him up for this, but then he insists he wasn’t the one who set him up for having the ransom money in his duffel bag. Lily defends Cane to Dylan but then reconsiders and knows the evidence points to Cane. Dr. Anderson gives Sharon her meds. Patty manages to get away from the orderly and confronts Dr. Anderson about locking her up to keep her away from Sharon. Sharon looks at herself in the mirror and imagines being pregnant. Christine questions Chelsea about her connection to Adam and what happened the night that he hit Delia. Michael has his turn at questioning Chelsea and makes it look as though Adam was in turmoil after the events of the day which made him be preoccupied and caused him to hit Delia.

Michael asks Chelsea if she still loves Adam. Chelsea looks at Adam but doesn’t say anything. She testifies that Adam is a good person and father to Connor. She admits she still loves him. Colin cannot believe that Lily doubts Cane’s innocence. Colin suggests that Cane talk to Lily. Dr. Anderson visits Dylan to let him know why Sharon will not see him. Patty sneaks in to see Sharon which results in her pushing Patty away and her hitting the wall and landing on the floor. Sharon puts her hands over her mouth. Colin sees Lily walk into the Athletic Club and tells Cane to talk to her. Lily and Cane talk. Cane apologizes for his earlier outburst. Lily announces she has something to say to him. Adam testifies in his own behalf despite Michael’s warning. Adam admits to hitting Delia with his car then apologizes to Chelsea and Billy for what he did.

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