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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Ridge and Caroline that he knows this is not the way they wanted everyone to find out about it. He, Charlie and Pam congratulate them. Pam jokes there might just be a little Ridge Forrester in Caroline’s tummy. Ridge steps up and says yes they are pregnant and they just wanted a little more time before telling everyone. Pam tells Charlie that Caroline did not look too happy that she was pregnant. She knows he thinks she should have kept her mouth shut. Brooke walks up and asks if there is a problem. Ann Landers to the rescue. Charlie tries to spirit Pam away but she blurts out to Brooke that Ridge and Caroline are having a baby. Ridge questions Caroline of how everyone knew. She says they saw her run to the bathroom and assumed as much by getting a pregnancy test. She hopes Ridge is not mad at her. She says the morning sickness is okay and she will get through this. He tells her this will be the greatest year of her life. Steffy thanks Liam but says he should have supported his President. Then he drops the bombshell that his cousin and her father are having a baby. Caroline is pregnant. Ridge tells Caroline that it is not going to make him feel good if she suffers. She wonders about Brooke. If Pam knows then soon Brooke will know. And she knows already that Ridge can not have children so what will he say to her. Ridge says that will be his problem. She just needs to focus on the baby. Steffy and Thomas do not know.

Steffy tells Ivy that she does not want to fight. They need to really trust each other. Ivy agrees she should have never used the video against Steffy and Steffy agrees she should not have offered the job as a payback. Ivy says she would never blackmail Steffy. She felt guilty and that is not something she would actually do. Neither one of them did their own intentions. That is not who they are. Knowing that makes it a lot easier now to forgive and forget. Brooke laughs and says Charlie and Pam must have misheard some gossip as she does not believe Ridge admitted that they are having a baby. Pam says she heard it straight from the horse's mouth. Steffy says she is okay with this but she is kind of annoyed that Ridge did not tell her first. Liam says Ridge was annoyed too that they outed them. Steffy wonders how Thomas will feel when he finds out. Ridge suggests that Caroline go home and not stress, just meditate or whatever pregnant women do. Brooke walks in and says she just heard some incredible news about Caroline being pregnant. He says great news. They tried to keep it private for a while but it slipped out. She questions it and he said he had the reversal done and it worked out so all is fine now. Caroline is pregnant and very happy. It is exactly what they wanted. He apologizes for her not being on the top of that list. She is not that far along so that is why they kept it private for now. Brooke goes along for a while then asks who’s baby is it…… it certainly can not be Ridge’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden thought about Andre telling him to kill Hope for her life insurance policy. Aiden looked at Hopeís policy. Ben wanted to move into the house because he didnít want to stay in the apartment anymore. Abby agreed and left to meet Theresa. After Abby left, the police showed up. Hope walked in on Aiden looking at the computer. Ben arrived at the station and found out that Clyde was being extradited to Florida. Aiden lied to Hope and let her think he was looking for places to go for their honeymoon. Hope was a little upset that he made plans without her. Ben wanted to know if Clyde killed someone for him. Clyde didnít answer him, but he did want to know why Chad went to his apartment. Ben lied and said he was worried about Abby and the baby. Clyde didnít believe him and wanted to know the truth. Ben confessed to Clyde that he killed everyone.

Hope wanted Aiden to ask Rafe to be his best man. After Hope left, Andre showed up at Aidenís office. Clyde wanted to know everything about the murders. Ben explained how he killed the others and set Chad up for it. Ben wanted Clyde to help him. Aiden let Andre know that he wasnít going to be a hitman for the DiMeras. Andre just wanted him to do what he said. Hope asked Rafe to be Aidenís best man. Rafe wanted Aiden to ask him before he would agree to do it. Ben asked Clyde not to turn him in to the police. Clyde promised not to say anything. He would take the secret to his grave. Rafe saw Andre in Aidenís office. Andre didnít want to say anything else in front of Rafe. Rafe offered to help out with the wedding. This was the opportunity that Aiden had to ask Rafe to be his best man. Clyde was about to tell Ben about what happened when the police arrived to get him. Aiden added his name to her insurance.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis reveals to Brad Cooper that she is running DNA testing without the "person in question" knowing or consenting. He promises to help her and keep the secret. She is almost positive and needs proof to give to Julian, that the baby whom Olivia has told them she's adopted named Mateo is really Leonardo, the baby she had with Julian and told everybody died. Realizing that Brad could be her step-son-in-law if she marries Julian and he marries Lucas, she tells him she can represent him in his divorce to Rosalie, assuming the only reason he married a woman was to "appease" his parents. He shares with her, however, that it's not as simple as that. If he divorces Rosalie, he could be indicted for a felony. Alexis however does not want to give up on helping Brad. She is concerned about what appears to be a "secret" Julian is keeping from her, still having questions about whether he's really out of the mob like he says. Julian reveals to Alexis that his secret phone calls he has not shared the details with her, are about the "surprise" he has for her. He leads her to a new house he's had built for them to live and they celebrate.

Dante tells his mom she cannot keep lying forever about the baby and she needs to realize that sooner or later, Julian and all others will know that his son is alive. She can see that her grown son is also keeping a secret and has something "not right" in his marriage with Lulu. Dante replies to her that he has a problem with Dillon Quartermaine kissing Lulu and wanting her to break up with Dante. However, he does not bring himself to reveal to his mom that when he mistakenly accused Lulu of sleeping with Dillon, he slept with her cousin. Olivia can tell that there is still something her son is not telling her. At The Haunted Star, Dillon is not yet revealing to Lulu or to Maxie that he knows Dante slept with Valerie. They both wonder where he gets this "attitude" and belief that Dante "does not deserve" Lulu and why he thinks he's going to "make her realize" that. Anna continues to be "haunted" by the ghost of Carlos Rivera and the secret that she killed him. She goes to talk to Dr. Kevin Collins about her "nightmares" and inquires whether doctor/patient privilege requires him to keep a secret for her. He hasn't a clue what she is talking about and doesn't have a conclusive answer, unaware that she committed murder. Yet he knows she has to reveal a secret to him that she is withholding. Meanwhile, Sonny finds it very odd that Carlos has been killed shortly after he got shot when he knows that none of his men have done it and Max and Milo assure him they can all but prove Morgan did not kill Carlos. Given that, he is clueless and needs to unravel the mystery of who killed Carlos. He tells Carly and tells Patrick he has to get out of his hospital bed however Patrick gives him strict orders to not consider doing any such thing. Patrick firmly tells Sonny if he leaves and goes home now, he will be worse than he is already, not better, and he has a long road to recovery. Sonny won't listen to that, however, and arranges to have Max and Milo help him get out of the hospital without being seen or found out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki and Victor go downstairs and see Billy and Victoria at the bar. Nikki asks Victor about him getting Adam out of jail on bail. At the police station, Lily gets Cane out on bail. Devon tells Neil about Cane possibly being behind the ransom note. Cane thanks Lily for getting him out but then feels that she is siding with the police and thinks he is guilty. At the Athletic Club bar, Billy and Victoria discuss Adam and Billy’s hatred of him. Billy admits that he is angry over what's been happening. Victoria asks Billy to accept it and move on. Paul and Christine join them. At a table in the Athletic Club dining room, Victor and Nikki discuss how computer virus is affecting his business. Adam and Chelsea have just made love. He tries to urge her to leave town with him. Chelsea tells him that this is good-bye. Lily asks Cane who would have stolen his gym bag and planted the ransom money in it. Cane asks Lily if she thinks that he is guilty of doing this.

Paul lets Devon know that Cane is still the prime suspect in having the ransom money. Paul urges Devon to stay away from Cane. Devon and Neil are having a talk when Cane enters the rooftop restaurant and just looks at them for a moment. Victor lets Victoria know that Adam is no murderer, but that circumstances caused him to hit Delia. Adam urges Chelsea not to say good-bye to him but let them have a chance at reconciliation. Billy visits Chelsea to find out what she is going to say on the stand but is upset when he finds Adam there. Billy and Adam begin to argue as usual over him hitting Delia. Chelsea has to put an end to the fighting. Devon asks Cane if he ever really knew where Hilary was. Chelsea urges Adam to stay in town to face the charges against him and she will tell them what a wonderful husband and father he is. Chelsea tells Adam that if he runs away, she will not defend him. In the courtroom, Chelsea asks Victor why he urged Adam to skip town.

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