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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy glows as she starts the shoot with Ivy in her lingerie. But Liam has enough after a few minutes and stops the proceedings. He says he must put a stop to the shoot and a stop to this injustice to Ivy when clearly she does not want to do this. Steffy steps in and is put out that Liam would take Ivy’s side. She claims she is not forcing Ivy to do this. She said she was a team player and would do anything. Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is the one aiming for sainthood but he agrees with him on this. Steffy asks Ivy if they are really doing this playing nice or just doing it to keep the Spencer men happy. Liam overhears Charlie tell Pam that Caroline bolted and ran to the bathroom holding her stomach. Liam wonders if some virus is spreading around….not that anyone knows of.

Pam whispers that women know these sort of things….Caroline could be pregnant and she pulls out a home pregnancy test. When Caroline comes in, Liam asks how she is feeling. She’s looking a little pale. She said she is fine. Just feeling a little yucky and she splashed some water on her face and she’s fine. Pam spills the beans that while she was gone, Charlie ran to the pharmacy and got something. Pam shows her the pregnancy test. Caroline is aghast. Katie visits Ridge and tells him nothing will ever happen to come between him and Caroline. Ridge says he always tries to keep his promises. Katie wonders if that is why Thomas went to Paris to keep from being around him and Caroline. Ridge tells her that it won’t be long before they will be announcing that Caroline is pregnant. Charlie cajoles Caroline that doesn’t she want to know if it is morning sickness….or could it be if she is still on birth control. Liam also joins in and asks her if she wants to end the suspense. Caroline says a test is just a giant waste of time. Ridge walks in just as Liam asks if Caroline is pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla didnít want Steve to upset Caroline by talking to her about Bo. Steve thought that she could help him find out what happened to Bo. Everyone gathered for Willís funeral. Andre let Stefano know that he planned on going to the funeral. Marlena, Kate and Lucas spoke at the funeral first. Abby wanted Ben to speak about Will. Ben thought about killing Will, and told her that he couldnít do it. Steve went to Carolineís room and she wanted to know if he was going to look for Bo. Caroline wanted to help Steve by giving him more info about her visions. Steve was happy with the information that Caroline gave him.  Ben didnít feel like it was his place to speak at the funeral. Sami spoke at the funeral. Sonny spoke at Willís funeral too. Kayla checked on Caroline and told her about what happened to Will. Everyone had one last look at Will and put flowers on his casket.

Kayla told Hope that she was worried about Caroline since she was having visions about Bo. Steve told Joe that he was going to find Bo. Sami let Sonny know that she didnít blame him for what happened with Will. Sami held Arianna and broke down. Andre showed up at the pub to offer his condolences. Steve explained to Joe why he believed Carolineís visions were real. Caroline told Kayla and Hope that Bo had to be brought back home. Andre let everyone at the funeral know that he was pardoned and that the statute of limitations was up on his crimes. Roman was so upset that he punched him. Joe thought Steve should say goodbye to Kayla before he leaves town. Everyone was upset when Andre wanted to apologize for what he did. Andre dropped the bomb that he was Stefanoís biological son. Andre offered his condolences again before he left the pub. Steve told Kayla goodbye and kissed her. Sami was determined to go to Switzerland. Marlena wanted to know why she was going, but she wouldnít say. Sonny went to Willís gravesite and cried.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ned comes back to town after traveling on tour singing with his daughter Brook Lynn. Alexis meets up with him and reflects she can see he's being "pulled two different ways" having one family with Brook Lynn...and another with Olivia and baby Leo, even though she's been told that Olivia adopted a baby named Matteo and Leo has died. This raises a question about whether Alexis suspects or already knows that baby Leo is alive and well and Ned is sworn to secrecy having to falsify Olivia adopted Matteo. Olivia is ready to propose to Ned and be one big happy family with him and her baby. Yet he tells her he cannot go through with continuing to lie for her. He tells her in order to consider her offer, he would need for her to come clean and reveal the truth to Julian that his child is alive. Yet she cannot do that knowing she has to keep him safe by keeping the secret just like she did with Dante, where she did not reveal Sonny was his father until Dante was an adult. Olivia cries and is heartbroken to have to choose between a future with Ned and keeping her baby safe. Julian is ready to move in with Alexis and Molly makes it clear to her mom and to Julian that he is not welcome and she believes her mother needs to wake up and see him for who he really is. Sabrina reveals to Michael that she is pregnant and she found out a few weeks ago and hesitated to tell him. There is tension yet he tells her he loves her and wants to celebrate and shout from a rooftop that she is having his baby. Yet she is "incomplete" with the loss of Carlos. Jake somehow "knows" that Nikolas knows who he really is and is lying saying otherwise and keeping a secret. Sam agrees. Yet Nikolas rationalizes that he did, in fact, examine Jake's DNA right after he almost blew up The Haunted Star, out of concern for what kind of a man could so this and so he wanted to find out who Jake really was. Yet he tells Jake he never found out the answer to that. Sam and Spinelli both reflect how they can see Jake as very much like Jason and they seem to know that Jason is "ever-near" although they don't know exactly how, why or living in whom. Kiki is still refusing to speak to Morgan when he meets a girl named Darby who is a friend of Molly and TJ.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Marisa moves in with Luca while Noah goes to Victor for help find her daughter, but Victor refuses to help unless Marisa leaves town when Victor 's detectives find her daughter. Noah walks out of Victor's office hurt that his grandfather won't help him and goes to the Athletic club to have some drinks. Noah tells Marisa he can't help her find her daughter, so she should go upstairs and put a smile on Luca's face. Victor calls Luca to tell him that he has to get Marisa out of town, so that Noah can forget about her and won't be mad at him for not helping with the search for her daughter. 

Dylan decides to take the bag with the ransom money to the police. Cane gets arrested and charged with extortion but insists he is innocent and someone set him up to look guilty. Lauren is also upset with Cane, because he authorized a bad business deal that could cost Fenmore millions. Cane reminds Lauren that he is only working part time for the company, and he took a pay cut, so he could help Devon look for Hilary. Lily wonders why Cane didn't tell her any of this but also thinks that he is being set up to look guilty. Victor tells Adam that he can help him leave town before the trial, so that he can be free to be with Chelsea and Connor.  Adam says that he doesn't need his help. If he wanted to leave town before the trial, he could do it himself. Chelsea tells Adam that despite all the terrible things he has done and even though she hates herself for it, she still loves him. Chelsea also tells Adam that she is afraid to live without him when he goes to jail, and then they make love. 

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