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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that if he has any reservations he needs to say so now. All three of them need to be on the same page. At the end there will be no going back. But Nicole has not agreed to anything yet so they do not need to set themselves up for disappointment. Zende kisses Nicole and says he wants to be honest with her. She says she is not good at guessing so please speak his mind. He has an opinion and this will affect him as well. This will be a decision that can change all of their lives, it is a huge sacrifice. She says Maya has changed her life so she does not know how she can even say no. Zende reminds her that he is adopted so there are other options. But she has to do what she feels is right. They have a great future between them and he just hopes that she will make them the priority. Ridge tries to answer Steffy’s accusations of why he sent Thomas to Paris. She is President yet he did not give her a heads-up and she is not buying this excuse from him. He is holding something back. What they are telling him makes no sense. Thomas’s apology was not enough so he is now banished to another continent. Ridge tells her she is too protective of her brother. She reminds him that Thomas is more than staff, he is family. Ridge ends by saying the subject is closed; Thomas is staying in Paris. Caroline tells her to accept Ridge’s decision.

Ridge tells Caroline that Steffy can be relentless. Just then Thomas calls and he lets his dad know that he made it to Paris safely. He wants to apologize again but Ridge says he can not talk and hangs up. He tells Caroline this is their baby and their secret and no one, especially Thomas, can know. She assures him that she wants a baby with him and she will do all she can do to keep it that way. Nicole tells Maya that she needs to talk to her alone. She knows she is waiting on an answer and this is the biggest decision she has ever made. She does not want to let Maya down but Zende is part of this too. They feel the same about each other so this will be a ride together. Maya says she does not want her to sacrifice her life for them. Nicole says Maya inspires her and she knows they will be great parents and yet that is the one thing Maya can not do. Maya says there is no pressure intended, she just had to ask. Nicole says everything she has she owes to Maya. The bigger sacrifice would be missing out on this opportunity that no one else could give her…so she would be honored to be her surrogate. Nothing is more important than doing this for her, even if it involves Zende. She wants to do this. Not just as an egg donor but to carry the baby. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami read a letter that was from EJ. In the letter, EJ made it seem like Stefano was responsible for what happened to him. EJ left a key to a safety deposit box for Sami if she wanted to use the ammo to protect herself. Rafe question Stefano about where Chad was during the murders. Stefano realized that Rafe thought Chad was innocent. Paul went to Sonny to offer his condolences for Will. Sonny explained how he felt when he found out about Will. Sami was about to leave the townhouse when Marlena stopped her. Rafe let Stefano know that he needed solid proof that Chad was innocent. Ben continued to let Abby think that Chad was responsible for what happened at the apartment. Abby wasnít sure what to believe because she didnít think Chad was capable of doing that. Rafe showed up at the apartment to question Ben. Ben was ready for Rafeís questions. Marlena wanted to find out where Sami was going when Sonny showed up. Sonny hugged Sami and expressed how sorry he was that Will was dead. Sonny blamed leaving town as the reason why Will was dead. Marlena and Sami let him know that they didnít blame him. Sami wanted Sonny to talk to Marlena and that was how she was able to leave the townhouse.

Eric met Sami at the park. She told Eric about EJís letter. Eric thought the letter was a fake. Sami wanted to believe that it could be real. Ben began to explain what happened at the apartment. Abby ran into Stefano at the hospital. Stefano wanted her to stay away from Chad. Abby told Stefano that she thought Chad was innocent and told him about everything she did to help him. Stefano didnít want to hear anymore of what she had to say and left. Sonny arrived at the hospital at that time and talked to Abby. Sonny saw Chad room and thought it was weird that he would kill Will when they were friends. Abby didnít want to believe that either. Rafe thought it was weird that Chad would come after Ben for being with Abby when they were together for a year. Rafe didnít think that Chad would still be so hung up on Abby being with Ben. Ben had to keep coming up with excuses to explain why Chad would come after him. Eric tried to convince Sami that she should focus on Will and not the letter. Sami still wondered if EJ was trying to reach out to her. Rafe continued to have trouble with Benís story. Rafe let Ben know that Chad could explain what happened if he woke up. After Rafe left, Ben started to panic. He ended up breaking a picture of him and Abby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The investigation of the murder of Carlos Rivera is underway. Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford and DA Paul Hornsby lead the investigation and question witnesses and possible suspects. They first call Anna and it appears that Paul has secretly tampered with evidence to make it look like Carlos was shot right about after Sonny got shot, in order to cast suspicion upon Julian and/or Ava for putting him up to shoot Sonny, and giving Sonny's team motive to shoot Carlos in retaliation. Anna right away knows Paul has a reason for doing this as he "implies" although he does not come out and say, that he knows she killed Carlos after he killed Duke. This also casts suspicion on Sonny's "team". So, they call Michael. He knows nothing about any of it but knows that with Carlos dead, it's very convenient for both Julian and Ava to get away with murdering his father. He tells them he won't discuss it further and immediately contacts Morgan to inform him what is going on. Meanwhile, Sabrina is pregnant with Michael's child and discusses it with Tracy who wants to encourage her to leave all the negativity and uncertainty in her past behind her. Yet she is still haunted thinking of Carlos while shocked and devastated and cannot help wondering who murdered him.

Jake, Sam and Spinelli are all determined to stop at nothing to find out who Jake rally is. Spinelli finds out that Nikolas was attempting to compare Jake's DNA to that if "someone else" right on the day when Helena brainwashed Jake to attempt blow up The Haunted Star and kill many people. Yet they still can't figure out whose DNA Nikolas wanted to match Jake's to. Jake then concludes he can't let his friends risk consequences for him so he needs to go and confront Nikolas himself. Meanwhile, both Nikolas and Elizabeth are very afraid of Hayden getting her memory back and revealing to all who Jake really is, which could ruin both of their lives. Yet it appears that Hayden remembers nothing from before her memory loss and has no ill intention with anyone. Or does she?

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil and Gwen are wary of Dr. Neville's medical treatment for Hilary but decide he is Hilary's last hope so they agree to let him treat Hilary.  Neil tells Gwen to keep a close eye on the doctor because he still doesn't seem trust worthy.  Noah is upset when Sharon's doctor shows him a no visitors order that Sharon signed.  Noah tells Dylan the news and he manages to talk to Sharon on the phone and Sharon tells him that she and her doctor have decided no visitors would be best until she adjusts to her new medication.  Luca tells Marisa he has found their daughter and Marisa must agree to live with him for a month and after a month he will tell her the location of their child.  Marisa tells Noah about her daughter and her deal with Luca and Noah says he isn't sure he can live with this arrangement.  Noah agrees to use his Newman connections to find her little girl Marisa is thrilled, but she must live with Luca until Noah can find her daughter. Marisa tells Noah that he can break up with her if he wants but she must find her little girl.  Luca calls Victor to tell him he closed the deal. 

Dylan and Devon tell Lily and Cane that they think that the kidnapper has somebody helping him and Lily wonders why Cane is acting like he doesn't want Hilary to be found.   Cane's fingerprints are found on the second ransom note that the kidnapper brought to the hotel.  Lily is cleaning up her and Cane's room and finds his bag full of the marked ransom money.  Lily takes the bag of money to Dylan and tells him she found the money in her house inside Cane's bag. 

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