Thursday 10/15/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/15/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla went to see Adrienne and they briefly talked about Will as well as Adrienneís test results. Kayla wondered what Adrienne would do since she has the same gene as her mother. Adrienne didnít say anything because thatís when Sonny walked in the room. Adrienne forgot about her problem and focused on Sonny. Sami snuck into Chadís room and smothered him with a pillow. Marlena showed up in time to stop Sami from killing Chad. Paul showed up at the townhouse to see John. Paul offered his condolences about Will. Paul felt bad about being with Will. He thought that Will and Sonny would still be together if he werenít with Will. John reminded Paul that Sonny wouldnít be alive if it werenít for him being in Salem. Sami walked out of Chadís room and saw Stefano. Sami threatened to kill Chad and Stefano. Justin and Adrienne tried to comfort Sonny. Kayla told Daniel about the drug that was used to help Caroline. Kayla wasnít going to put the drug in Carolineís paperwork.

Sami and Marlena talked in the park. Sami didnít want Marlena to treat her like a patient. Marlena didnít want to do that. She wanted to help Sami. John talked to Paul about his past and how important it was for him to find out about his childhood. Paul wanted to help John because his past affected him as well. Paul told John how he was lucky to meet him. Sonny told his parents about his grief. Marlena explained to Sami that she was in denial about Will at first. Sami was upset and said that Chad was like Stefano. John continued to talk to Paul about his past. Sonny went to his apartment and found Gabi. Stefano visited Chad. Stefano wanted Chad to wake up. Sonny started crying when he realized that Will died where he was standing. Gabi went to get Arianna. Paul showed up at the apartment. Adrienne told Justin that her mother has breast cancer and that she has the gene. Adrienne told Justin that she had a decision to make. Stefano begged Chad to wake up. Sami got a letter from EJ.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hayden has a doctor's appointment to assess her recovery after getting shot and losing her memory. Knowing that, Nikolas is very cautious about letting her meet privately with Patrick and not letting him know what might be happening (i.e., if she might be regaining her memory as well as the means to reveal all the secrets she previously knew about him). Elizabeth also wants to know what might be expected given Hayden's current prognosis. Patrick runs test and informs Hayden there is no medical reason why she would not have fully regained all of her memory of everything before the shooting. Elizabeth attentively listens to that and is worried what that might mean and knows she needs to prevent Hayden from revealing to Jake and Sam that Elizabeth knows he's really Jason and is keeping that secret and marrying Sam's husband. Elizabeth confronts Hayden and demands to know if she is faking her memory loss. Meanwhile, Jake and Sam are still determined to find out who he was before his injury and his subsequent amnesia. She calls Spinelli and it appears he might not only be able successfully hack into Nikolas' computer to find out what they need. Sam's and Jason's friend, the Jackal, might be consciously or unconsciously aware of who Jake really is (Jason). Dante goes to confront Dillon having found out that he kissed Lulu and disregarded her telling him she does not return his feelings for her and is committed to her husband. In response to that, Dillon informs Dante he has no reason to judge when Dante slept with his wife's cousin and kept it a secret. Learning that he knows, Dante realizes he is at the mercy of whether Dillon wants to keep the secret from Lulu or not. Maxie and Nathan discuss the morality and justification of keeping secrets vs. revealing the truth to everyone.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon tells Dr. Anderson that Patty has an issue with the meds Sharon was given. Dr. Anderson tells Patty not to interfere with the other patients. Dylan visits Sharon and sees that she's "off", very tired, forgetting names, and slurring her words. Dr. Anderson tells him Sharon just needs to get used to her new meds. Noah visits Christian at the hospital then Marisa. He takes her back to the hotel where he wants to stay with her but she makes him leave. Luca arrives uninvited. He wants her to come back to him so he can protect her. Dr. Neville arrives at the boathouse but recognizes Hilary from television. He wants nothing to do with the situation at first but Neil and Gwen talk him into treating Hilary. Dr. Neville tells them that if he does this, they can't second guess him on anything and they must do everything he tells them to do. Dylan visits Christian and tells Nick about Sharon and the meds. Nick tells him that Dr. Anderson visited Christian so that she could tell Sharon that he's ok. Dylan finds it strange for a busy doctor to do something so personal. Patty writes a note for Paul telling him that Sharon is in trouble and asks an orderly to deliver it. Instead of taking it to Paul, he delivers it to Dr. Anderson, who throws it away.

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