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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick questions Ridge's decision about sending Thomas to Paris. Ridge says it is now just he and Caroline on the design team. He made the right decision and does not want to discuss it further. Although he was asked not to divulge it, Zende tells Carter that he feels closer and closer to Nicole yet he does not know what will happen in future. He confides  that Maya has asked Nicole to be their surrogate. Carter does not think that is a good idea. He needs to be realistic about this. Brooke drops off some prints and speaks to Nicole. She tells Brooke that Maya has asked her to be a surrogate. That way the baby can be both a Forrester and an Avant. Brooke says yes but she would be carrying Rickís baby and that would be a lot to ask and then give it up.  Nicole says she knows but it would be the ultimate gift she could give her sister. Yet she does not want to lose Zende. Brooke says Zende is very kind with a big heart so he might surprise Nicole in how he feels. Caroline tells Ridge that she is worried about him. He mutters that he is fine, just tired of Rick's stupid questions about Thomas. He does not even want to hear his name spoken around here. She understands and says she is not disagreeing with him but says he is his son. He says again Thomas took advantage of her and  he can not even think of forgiving him. He says no, he was never there for his childrenÖin and out of marriages, chasing various women. Now he has found Caroline and he is committed to her and this kid. This is his last shot and they are going to raise this kid as their own. Caroline wants that more than anything but can they keep this secret forever. Ridge says they can and will. It is his baby, not  Thomasís. That is how he sees it.

Maya informs Rick that she called a Dr. March, a fertility specialist, and she is going to make an exception and make a house call. When she arrives, Maya tells her they are looking into options and surrogacy is one of them. She is sure Dr. March knows some of her medical history and that she will be unable to get pregnant or carry a child but they would like it to have Rickís genes. She also realizes this would be a big request and huge commitment especially since the one they have asked is her younger sister. Her main concern is that Nicole does not feel pressured into doing something that could be uncomfortable or even dangerous. She has joined forums and message boards but she wants Dr. Marchís professional opinion before they go forth on this. Brooke interrupts Caroline and Ridge when she brings some prints in. She brings up Thomas being in Paris and again Ridge cuts the conversation short and does not want to talk about it. He tells Caroline later that Brooke heard nothing they were talking about. No one will know until after the first trimester and then they will move her due date by a couple of weeks. No one knows about the vasectomy but Brooke. Caroline is stunned to hear that he told her and even went so far as to say he would have it reversed, but the doctor told him about his low sperm count. Caroline is beside herself. Brooke will figure this out. This cannot be Ridgeís baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa met with Anne to talk about how she can get more say at Titan.  Lucas met Kate and they talked about losing Will.  Marlena, Brady, and Eric tried to get Sami to break down over losing Will.  Sami refused to cry over what happened.  Marlena thought she should tell the kids about Will.  Sami wanted to keep them safe from Stefano.  Theresa saw Nicole and Kate and wanted to be at the next meeting.  Kate brushed Theresa off and kept talking about Nicole.  Eric told Marlena about Chad being in the hospital and that he was in a coma.  Marlena told Eric that she wasnít sure Chad was the killer.

Sami went to Willís apartment and saw Willís things.  Sami saw a picture of Will and Arianna.  She also saw an article about Chad being the necktie killer and how he was caught.  Marlena continued to talk to Eric about Chad being innocent.  Brady went to the hospital to find out about Chad. Sami cleaned up Willís apartment and thought about him. She finally started crying over his death. Daniel talked to Brady about wanting to marry Nicole. Kate and Nicole talked about the business. Nicole didnít want to tell Eric that he wasnít going to be a photographer for Basic Black. Sami continued to break down while she saw pictures of Will. Sami looked at Chadís picture again. Nicole met with Eric to tell him the news about not hiring him at Basic Black. He started talking about Will so she didnít tell him about the job. Sami went to Chadís hospital room and was about to smother him with a pillow.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny arranges to have a formal wedding to Carly in the hospital chapel and all of their extended family attend and support them. They are happy until Dante gets a call from the police station that it appears Maxie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine discovered a dead body floating in the harbor which was identified as Carlos Rivera. Ava and Paul know that this recent development will cancel out any suspicion that Carlos shot Sonny since people now know it's impossible if he's dead. They agree to work together for their common cause to bring Sonny down. Anna knows she will have to cover her own tracks given her secret. As far as she knows, only Sloane is aware that she killed Carlos and neither she nor anyone else knows that Paul has murdered Sloane. Anna goes to find Ava and tells her she knows Ava is lying to say she "knows" that Carlos shot Sonny. It couldn't have happened. So, she concludes, she knows that Ava and/or Julian and/or someone else are covering for someone somewhere. There is also suspicion going around that Valerie is pregnant. However, she's "assured" Dante as well as Dillon, then Nathan and now Maxie that she is not pregnant. Lulu still has no suspicion that her husband is keeping any secrets from her about his previous involvement with Valerie nor hears anything about the suspicion that she could be pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Devon and Dylan find that they were given a false location of Hilary's whereabouts while Gwen goes to Neil. Neil tells her to leave as someone will be there shortly and no one can know Gwen was involved. Gwen convinces Neil that no one knows anything about Neil's involvement. Neil and Gwen agree that Hilary isn't getting better and she needs a doctor. Later, Gwen finds out from her sister that a doctor was fired from Memorial recently for misconduct. Gwen tells Neil she knows of a doctor that can help Hilary. Cane is unhappy that Lily is so wrapped up in Devon's problem and they don't get to spend time together. Lily insists Devon needs her. Devon and Dylan decide to go to Paul with information. They decide to watch for the serial numbers on the bills that Devon gave the kidnapper. Cane disagrees with Dylan and Devon's decision to bring in the police. Michael asks Chelsea to testify for Adam and she says no. Upon Adam's request, Michael issues a subpoena. Chloe visits Chelsea. She says she can't believe Chelsea allowed Adam back into her life. Adam arrives. Chloe leaves, damning both of them. Adam presents Chelsea with the subpoena. Chelsea says Adam is just like Victor. Adam claims he needs Chelsea at the hearing because he needs her to see what he's willing to do to pay for his crimes and when it's all over, they can have their second chance. He needs her there because he has to know there is hope. Without hope for a second chance with her, she may as well have let Chloe shoot him. Without hope, he's already dead.

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