Tuesday 10/13/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/13/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole says she owes Maya so much so she should do anything she says. But Zende says she does not owe her life to her so she can say no to having Maya’s baby. Wyatt tells Ivy that she has been so good parading around in her underwear he will now wait on her hand and foot. Steffy is just trying to get under her skin so just tell Steffy that she enjoys this and has no problem. Bill about busts a gut in laughing when he hears Ivy can have her job back but she has to leave her clothes at the door. Liam says Ivy did not discuss it with him but she will be good at any job they give her. Maya tells Rick that Nicole is making dinner for Zende tonight and now she does not think it is right for her to forgo any future she might have with Zende by asking her to have their baby. Liam chastises his dad for making fun and giggling at Ivy for not wanting to take off her clothes. Katie and Bill thank them for the takeout and leave fairly soon. Ivy tries to convince Wyatt that she can convince Steffy that she will truly love this job. She likes looking at herself in this lingerie. It is such a turn-on. Rick tells Maya that they will have a family; she will be a mother, he can guarantee that. And they won’t have to wait out this first love of Nicole’s.

Liam tells Steffy that he is not unhappy but he does have misgivings about Ivy. He thinks this is a mistake by Steffy. She asks him not to bring his work home. But she does wonder what the terrible idea is that she had. He spouts modesty, sexuality, etc. for people that do not feel as she does. Nicole tells Zende that he cooked so she will clean up. She does not want him to tell anyone else what Maya asked her. She’s an international star now but this is one thing she can not do. Zende is still leaning toward no. Maybe there is something else she will want to do with her body in the next year. Maya interrupts so Zende leaves. Nicole reveals how Zende thinks and laments that she is beginning to feel that way too. Wyatt tells Ivy that he wishes it were not true but sometimes he thinks she is thinking about Liam. She says yes sometimes she remembers how stupid she was but then she remembers what she has now and how happy she is, so Liam it out of her thoughts. Steffy wonders why Liam is making this a big deal. He tells her that Steffy is better at the lingerie so just call Ivy and tell her. Steffy says who else at FC can fill the bill. Steffy says Ivy said she would do anything and this is anything….and if Steffy is enjoying it then it is poetic justice. Maya tells Nicole that she and Rick did not think it over before asking her. Nicole is beautiful and important to her and Nicole has made her who she is when she was not strong enough. Nicole tells her do not take anything back. She is not saying no just yet. She says yes it is a lot to consider and she can not say yes just now but she also can not say no. She is just grateful that she can do something for Maya, she loves her so much.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Sami wanted the police to catch Chad. Ben and Chad had a fight when Chad figured out Ben was the killer. Rafe comforted Sami over Will. Sami and Lucas wanted to see Bill’s body. Marlena and Rafe talked about how they didn’t think Chad was the killer. Ben thought about Chad talked to Abby about their affair and beat him badly. Abby arrived at the apartment just as Ben finished banging Chad’s head against the bed. Rafe and Marlena continued to talk about why Chad couldn’t be the killer. Rafe didn’t want Marlena to help with the case anymore because of Will, but she wanted to keep helping out with the case. Sami and Lucas saw Will’s body and talked about how great of a kid he was. Abby finally got inside the apartment and Ben told her that Chad attacked him. She called the police to tell them about Chad.

Lucas and Sami were in the park and he wanted to know why she wasn’t crying. Hope had an invoice that said the DiMeras bought neckties. Hope got a call about Chad being at Abby’s apartment. Abby wanted to check on Chad, but Ben stopped her. He said that Chad was dangerous. Aiden went to see Andre. Andre asked Aiden if he wanted to erase his debt. Hope and Rafe questioned Ben about what happened. Andre wanted Aiden to get all of the evidence that the police had against Chad. Aiden thought he wouldn’t be free from the DiMeras if he did that. Aiden had 24 hours before he had to decide. Abby couldn’t believe that Chad could “beat up” Ben. Ben thought about choking Will. Aiden thought about Andre’s order. He also looked at Hope’s life insurance policy.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny knows he has to get out of his hospital bed ASAP to marry Carly, prevent Ava from taking his daughter from him and take action against the person who had him shot. However, the doctors have strict orders to not let him leave. He has a plan which he asks his sons' help with and assembles them in the chapel so that the wedding can be performed immediately.

Kiki has been charged with assault by Neil, the bartender, after she cut him with glass the night before. The bar wants to press charges even if the PCPD wants to let it go. Franco protests and wants to be a father figure for Kiki in her time of personal crisis. She does not seem to care or want to listen to him. However, Nina finds a way to get the bar to drop the charges against Kiki, by paying them off, so that Franco will no longer have to worry about the situation. Sabrina has taken the pregnancy test and it's positive. Yet she admits to Felix that she has not told Michael and is hesitating to even think of going through with it given the first time she got pregnant and planned to have a baby. Olivia tells Julian and tells Alexis that the baby she is taking with her to work she has adopted from a pregnant teenage girl at her church. Yet Alexis finds that story hard to believe and suspects the baby in question might very well, in fact, be Leonardo whom she had with Julian and told him died.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

At Delia's tree-planting ceremony, Adam gives a speech about how sorry he is. Chloe shows herself, clapping sarcastically. She says that justice is finally going to be served and pulls a gun on Adam. Chelsea steps in and talks Chloe down. Kevin takes Chloe away. Chelsea tells Adam that what she did, she did for Chloe's sake, not Adam's. Chloe tells Kevin that she has something to live for but she doesn't say what. Later, Billy hears her ask someone on the phone if she can take care of "her" for longer. Neil fears that the fake kidnapper will come to the boathouse. He tells Gwen he doesn't want her there anymore and she begrudgingly leaves. Cane and Lily receive another letter from the kidnapper giving a phone number where he can be reached. He tells Devon where to go. Devon and Dylan head to the boathouse. Neil prepares to leave and sees the boathouse door's doorknob turning.

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