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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya and Rick discuss Nicole being a surrogate with her. Obviously there are other avenues but this way the baby would be part Forrester and Avant. Maya laments they both want this so now itís just a matter of how. Zende has something special planned for Nicole tonight but takes a few hints from Charlie and Pam. When they hear that he is going to make a special dinner all by himself and not at a restaurant they offer their culinary services.  Katie and Bill have dinner at Liamís. Steffy says she did not have time to cook so they are having takeout of steak and tofu. Bill has brought red and white wine so all can choose. He reminds them that Liam is so busy with two executive positions and Katie chimes in too bad that Wyatt doesnít. Liam realizes she thinks Wyatt is being short changed. Meanwhile Wyatt kisses Ivy who he is trying to convince will be more comfortable and be able to rock this modeling the lingerie for Steffy. Ivy wants to go change since the pizza will soon be here. Wyatt says it is his dream so he wants her to keep the lingerie on. She says if she does, then he has to drop his pants too so he laughs and does.

Maya and Nicole are still discussing the details and Nicole admits that she is getting closer and closer to Zende. He might just be the one. Maya is not sure Nicole would even want to consider having a baby right now then. Zende walks in and wonders what is going on. Bill is shocked but thinks the idea brilliant that Ivy will be the new lingerie model. He wants to be there for a front row seat at the coming out showing. Katie thinks she was coerced into it and does not sound like Ivyís thing. The pizza guy gets a huge thrill when Ivy opens the door and gives him $20 and he gets to keep the change. Looking at her he does not even need a tip.  Maya hopes she has not ruined the night for Nicole with Zende, bad timing. Nicole picks at her food but finally answers Zende that all she has is because of Maya. And now Maya needs one little favor from her. He agrees that whatever it is then she would do it. Then she drops the surrogate bomb on him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny listened to Willís message while Rafe and the police arrived to find Willís body. Gabi broke down while Rafe asked what happened to Will. Kayla was upset that Steve asked Caroline about her dreams about Bo. Steve told Kayla that the dreams could be true. Kayla thought Steve was using Caroline to get out of Salem. Steve assured Kayla that he wasnít doing that. Hope arrived at Willís apartment and Rafe let her know what happened to Will. Rafe told Hope that Will wasnít killed in the apartment. Rafe believed that he was killed somewhere else because the evidence suggested that he wasnít killed there. Hope was upset and thought that Chad killed Will. Rafe wasnít sure that it was Chad. Caroline advised Kayla not to treat Steve the way she does. Steve went to John to let him know that he didnít believe that Bo was dead. Steve thought that Boís death was a ruse to keep him from searching for Bo. Ben had a nightmare that he was arrested for the murders he committed. Hope apologized for yelling at Rafe. Hope called Lucas to tell him about Will.

Chad saw the news about Willís death online. Lucas arrived at Willís place and Hope told him about Will. Lucas was in denial about what happened. He went inside the apartment and started to break down. Victor visited Caroline at the hospital. Maggie walked in and saw Victor and Caroline together. Maggie walked out of the room when Caroline kissed Victorís hand. Everyone found out that Will was killed. Ben tried to convince Abby that Chad killed Will. It suddenly occurred to Chad that Ben was the killer. Lucas arrived at the police station. Lucas and Marlena broke down. Hope arrived at the hospital and told Victor, Maggie, and Kayla about Will. They were all in shock over the news. Victor called Sonny and told him to come home. Caroline told Steve that he had to get to Bo before it was too late. Victor told Sonny that Will was murdered. Sonny didnít believe it. He was coming home to see Will. Sami arrived at the police station. Chad arrived at Benís place and told him that he knew he was the killer.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dillon firmly believes he heard correctly that Valerie is pregnant by Dante. Knowing how this will affect Lulu, he goes to find her at The Haunted Star, adamant that she will "see things his way" and want to leave Dante for him as soon as she finds out what he's found out. However, Valerie has "assured" Dante she is not pregnant. So Lulu does not find that out from either of them. She affirms her love for her husband and informs him that Dillon has this "deluded idea" that she was meant for him yet she set him straight that his feelings for her are unrequited. Valerie leaves work after it's clear to Jordan that there are issues in the work place when it appears that Valerie is not over Dante. She goes to find Dillon and wants to hang out and drink with him. He "reminds" her she cannot drink if she's pregnant. She assures him, however, she is not. They enjoy being together and talking knowing they have one thing in common regarding unrequited feelings for married people.

Kiki is not ok with Franco and Nina wanting to move into Silas' old apartment and cohabitate with her. She goes to a bar to drink and runs into Morgan and Ava both there. She smashes glass and becomes violent and the bartender calls the police to have her removed. She tells her mother and ex boyfriend she'd rather go to jail than go back to what she has to go back to. Sam and Jake are still determined to uncover Nikolas' big secret and find out who Jake really is before he marries Elizabeth.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Everyone who loved Delia is upset when Adam makes bail and is put in the custody of Victor who wants him to stop the Paragon virus in exchange for his freedom until his trial. Adam heads straight to Chelsea's place to say goodbye to her and Connor before they leave town. Anita tells him everyone is at the park at a ceremony honoring Delia on the anniversary of her death. A woman in a blond wig watches Adam and Anita's conversation from the closet. Delia's family and friends plant a Gingko tree at the park in her memory, so that it can grow strong and be a place of peace for everyone who sits in its shade. Billy is not happy when Adam shows up at the park and finds out that Victor paid his bail. The woman in the wig appears -- it's Chloe who has returned to honor and remember Delia on the anniversary of her daughter's death. 

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