Friday 10/9/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende and Nicole share kisses at work and he teases her about the other interns he has kissed. Maya springs the news on Rick that she is ready to start a family and she’d like a baby. Rick thinks that is fine and says he has already been looking into adoption since it worked out so well with Zende. She agrees but asks how he would feel abut surrogacy as then it would be part of both of them. Ivy assures Steffy that she will do whatever she wants. Steffy hands her a little almost nothing and tells her to get ready to walk the runway, she will model the bedroom lingerie line. Ivy shows it to Wyatt and says it was Steffy’s idea, classic and she walked straight into it. She is scared of staring at everyone in her underwear. Wyatt says this is exactly the reaction Steffy wants out of her, pulling her strings. She should not let her do that. She is gorgeous and Ivy does not have to be self conscious. Whatever she wears will fly off the shelves. He dares her to put the outfit on or he will. Liam is shocked that Steffy assumed Ivy would want to do this or die trying. He knows what she is doing – making Ivy’s life a living hell just because she can. She’s having too much fun.

Rick thinks Maya’s plan can happen. She says she has been reading too and it might be unique but not impossible. Nicole would be the answer if she would do it. Wyatt waits anxiously for Ivy and she walks out and does not disappoint. She looks WOW. Not only can she do this, she will be the sexiest model they have ever seen on the runway. That is his unbiased opinion. Hot dayum! Nicole comes home and Maya and Rick say she is right on cue and they would like to talk to her. She is surprised they want to start a family and they have been looking into it. She is behind them 100% and says they deserve happiness. But she is stunned when Maya asks if she will be their surrogate and give them a baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was upset that Aiden didnít tell her the truth about Clyde.  Aiden told her that he threatened to get her and the kids if he didnít do what Clyde wanted. Ben saw Will with the tie. Adrienne had her test results and Lucas made her feel better about it. Rafe and Justin talked about whether Chad was the killer. Ben and Will talked about Clydeís arrest. Ben gripped the necktie and became upset while they were talking. Justin wanted to start over with Rafe. Ben told Will that JJ was the reason why Clyde was in jail. Ben also let Will know that his life was screwed up. Will wanted to leave, but Ben didnít want him to go. Ben threw his phone across the room so Will tried to leave. Ben stopped Will by closing the door.

Justin showed up just as Adrienne was about to read her test results. Aiden tried to explain hwy he didnít tell Hope everything about Clyde. Hope caved and forgave him. Ben thought that Will knew what was going on with him. Will wanted to go out and talk, but Ben didnít. Ben threw Will up against the refrigerator and went after him with the tie. Ben strangled Will. Lucas called Will and ran into Abby. Ben put Willís body in a bag. Justin and Adrienne talked. Adrienne wanted to make sure he didnít want to be free. Justin admitted he did at times so Adrienne thought they were done. Ben put Willís body in his apartment. Ben put the tie around Willís neck. Ben messed up the apartment to make it look like a break in. Aiden hired a guy to look for Chad. Gabi went to Willís place and saw Will on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Dante has discovered what appears to be a pregnancy test kit in Valerie's possession, he asks her about it, needing to know if it's Dillon's or his. In response to his question, she knows she did not purchase the kit in the first place and does not know where it came from. Plus she has to hide from everyone the secret that she is, in fact pregnant. So she angrily tells him she never saw the pregnancy test kit that he is asking her about. Knowing she has to continue to keep what really is her pregnancy with Dante a secret, she lies to him telling him she is not pregnant so he has nothing to "worry" about. Unknown to both of them, Dillon is able to overhear and eavesdrop upon part of their conversation. From what he's able to hear, he concludes this must mean that Valerie is pregnant from her one encounter with Dante. So he feels an urgent need to "be there" for Lulu assuming she will soon be devastated by the bombshell of finding out not only did her husband deceive her about sleeping with her cousin. He's gotten Valerie pregnant. He goes to attempt to tell Lulu that but only blurts out his opinion to her that he thinks she deserves better than Dante and he passionately kisses her. Olivia returns to the Metro Court and brings her baby. Right then, she accidentally runs into Julian who can see the infant in her arms. He expresses curiosity as to where he came from and he reflects to her that their baby, Leonardo, whom she's lead him to believe died, would be the same age as this baby boy. She tells him a false story about the baby's origin and he leaves it alone, for now, yet it seems he knows there's something she's not telling him.

Jake knows that Elizabeth is keeping secrets from him although he cannot figure out exactly what it may be. He realizes that Laura may be correct that he needs to find out who he really is before he can marry Elizabeth. So, he somehow believes the person to help him unravel that mystery is Sam. They both know that it's likely that both Nikolas and Hayden know or have known the answer to that question so they go to Wyndemere to attempt to uncover some answers of what Nikolas and/or Hayden might be hiding.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Victor go to see baby Christian and tell him to fight. Abby is surprised to learn that Adam delivered him and saved his life with infant CPR. Chelsea decides to leave town once Abby tells her that Victor gave her Chelsea 2.0 back. Abby and Jack persuade Chelsea to go talk to Adam and get some closure with him before she leaves town. Chelsea talks to Adam and tells him that she is leaving town and taking his advice about pretending that he is dead. Adam tells Victor that he will take his deal and stop the Paragon virus in exchange for him using his power to get him out on bail, so that he can say good-bye to Connor before he leaves town.

Patty meets Dylan at Fairview and tells him that Sharon's doctor is giving her very high doses of medication. She also tells her not to take the medication, but Sharon just thinks Patty is paranoid and tells her that she has never felt better. Sharon's doctor hangs around the hospital and hides outside Sage's room watching her and Nick. Dylan makes the money drop for the kidnapper but can't see the kidnapper because the person hits him on the head and takes the money. Devon is upset with Dylan and says if anything happens to Hilary, it is his fault.

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