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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas does not understand why his dad wants to send him back to Paris. He does not belong there. He gets that his dad is angry but he needs to forgive him for that and move on. Wyatt tells Liam that unfortunately he still has the power to hurt Ivy but he is trying to bypass that before it happens. Eric comes out and says all is well, Steffy has agreed to take Ivy back, no animosity. Wyatt thanks him for stepping in. Eric said if either of them had told him the circumstances he could have nipped it in the bud. This is better for the company and the family, more practice for the compassion and forgiveness that could lead them all. Ivy thanks Steffy for taking her back and is willing to be a team player. But she is thrown asunder when Steffy tells her that she will be the new face of Forrester and wants her to be head model for the lingerie line. When Ivy objects, Steffy says she is turning down a very lucrative, rewarding job so either she is accepting this or not….turning her down on her very first assignment. That is not a team player.

Thomas tells his dad that sleeping with the intern wasn’t his smartest move but he has never seen his father like this. Ridge says he is tired of seeing the havoc that Thomas has created in this company. Thomas keeps reminding him of the team they are and they are not finished with that. Ridge says they can not work together anymore. Thomas does not think this is just about an intern so what else is involved. He feels like he is being banished from his dad’s life. Ridge leaves to get the jet ready. Thomas tells Caroline this is crazy; he wants to stay here. He laments to her this is an overreaction and there must be something else. He wants to know if Caroline told Ridge about their night together. Steffy tells Ivy either she is part of the Forrester team or not, she can not have it both ways. Ivy says she does not like parading around in her underwear but when does she start. Caroline tells Thomas that Ridge does not want him here so do as Ridge says and go. He will not change his mind no matter what Thomas says. On his way out he runs into Ridge and says he will go for a while but will come back whenever Ridge says ok. Somber, Caroline greets Ridge and asks if he is all right. She says now he does not have to look Thomas in the face and that is probably for the best. Ridge says he can not forgive his own son….can’t even look at him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman questioned Clyde about the drug ring in Salem. Clyde denied doing anything wrong. Clyde also told Roman that JJ was the one who sold drugs. Roman let Clyde know that he had more dirt on him. Andre talked to Chad about Clyde Andre was going to have someone slip into Clyde’s house to find the evidence that he set Chad up. Ben had the necktie he used to choke Marlena. He threw it in the garbage. Chad wondered if Andre and Stefano had something to do with Clyde’s arrest. Abby decided to see Stefano, but Will showed up at the apartment. Will wanted to talk about her wedding and noticed something was wrong with Abby. JJ wanted to know if Roman could keep Clyde in custody. Ben arrived at the police station to look for his father.

Abby told Will that she helped Chad. Will was shocked that she did that. Will let Abby know that she’s an accessory. Will promised her that she wouldn’t say anything. Abby explained to Will that Chad was being framed. Will didn’t think Abby should get involved. Will also advised her to show some support for Ben and that he would appreciate it. Abby couldn’t leave the apartment but Will said he would stay for her. Ben realized that JJ was the reason Clyde was arrested. Ben and JJ were about to fight, but Roman had to get between them.  Abby went to the DiMera mansion and saw Chad. Abby wanted to know if Chad had something to do with Clyde’s arrest. Clyde expected his lawyer to make sure he didn’t go back to Florida. Chad thought Abby should talk to JJ about what happened to Clyde. Will looked at pictures of Sonny and decided to call him. Will took responsibility for what happened in their relationship. Abby showed up at the station and asked JJ about what happened with Clyde. Will threw paper in the garbage and found the necktie. Ben walked in the apartment and saw Will with the necktie.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dillon admits to Valerie that since it's “out of the bag” for him to know that Dante cheated on Lulu, he has some real issues with that and given that he “wants” Lulu, he believes she has the right to know that her husband has been unfaithful to her. She tells him she does not think that his revealing that to Lulu will benefit anyone. Meanwhile, unknown to both of them, the camera for the film has a recording of her admitting to him that she and Dante slept together. So, unknown to both of them, “somebody” else knows. Dante and Lulu are happily together and planning to have another baby while they both suspect nothing about the “secret” ever coming out. Olivia returns, finds Dante and tells her son she can't keep herself and her baby, Leonardo, in hiding and away from her home and family in Port Charles any longer. Although he argues that his infant brother is, at least safe that way, she tells him that maybe she needs to consider that Julian is telling the truth about being out of the mob and maybe she should stop lying to him about their mutual child being dead, and let him meet his own flesh and blood. When Paul hears Tracy' s concerns about Michael's “well-being” in jeopardy if he goes back to recognizing Sonny as his father and helping him with his business, Paul tells her he knows her concerns are for her own self-interest before that of Michael's. He calls Michael into his office to talk to him about how it would not be in his best interest to lead Sonny's kind of life and would only cost him and those around him. When Sabrina needs to find out if she's pregnant, she finds a home pregnancy test but when she runs into Valerie at Kelly's, she mistakenly takes the item Valerie purchased and Valerie mistakenly takes Sabrina's pregnancy test. Outside, Valerie runs into Nathan he he sees that she forgot what appears to be “her” pregnancy test when she drops stuff she's carrying while getting back to work. Although Nathan has no clue that Valerie, is in fact, pregnant, seeing the kit on the floor and believing it was hers', he puts two and two together. Meanwhile, Sabrina has confirmed that she is more than likely pregnant right when Tracy comes to see her and urges her to convince Michael not to go back into Sonny's business. Michael makes it clear to Tracy that she needs to stop telling him what he's supposed to do regarding his father when he goes to see Sabrina and dismisses Tracy. While Alexis is with Julian, she gets a call from Paul and he, surprisingly informs her that all charge against Julian have been dropped and it's over. He is confident he can find a way to implicate Carlos in Sonny's shooting although he knows that is impossible since Carlos is dead. Dillon is frustrated by wanting but not being able to have Lulu and knowing her husband cheated on her. He also has to deal with Nathan coming by the set to confront him for what looks like a sex scene he is having with Maxie. SO he goes to talk to his father at the DA's office. Paul tells his son he wants to help him with that but Dillon concludes he should not take his father's advice and his only option is to let it go and suffer in silence. Yet he realizes he may not be able to keep doing that forever. Meanwhile, Nathan find Valerie's pregnancy test and knows he needs to “share” with Dante what he suspects. Dante immediately finds Valerie and asks her about that. Knowing that the test kit does not belong to her and not having a clue where it came from, she demands to know where he got it and is very angry with him. Olivia goes to find Julian at his home and brings a baby whom he does not know (Leonardo?) and he demands to know where the baby came from.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick sits by Sage’s bedside when she wakes up and asks about the baby. Kevin is in Victor’s office at Newman when Victor walks in. Kevin threatens to kill Adam, but Victor tells him he will have to stand in line. Abby visits Chelsea to see how she is doing. Chelsea lets her know that she is afraid that she will lose everything. Abby leaves abruptly. Adam is in the interrogation room when Jack comes in to join him. Adam and Jack discuss how Chelsea won’t have anything to do with Adam anymore. Paul and Christine discuss how Adam won’t even make his one phone call. At the Coffeehouse, Michael looks at the article on the internet about Adam when Lauren joins him. Lauren asks him if he is considering taking Adam on as a client. Billy and Victoria spend the day with the children and then make plans to go out of town for awhile and let the police deal with Adam. Kevin reminds Victor of all Adam did to his family but then wants to find a way to stop the virus before it destroys Newman Enterprises. Abby interrupts them and asks Victor to give Chelsea back her fashion business.

Michael arrives at the police department to talk to Adam. Adam lets Jack know he is tired of lying and running away from the lies. Michael joins Jack and Adam and asks to talk to Adam alone. Michael lets Adam know that he will represent him. Billy and Michael are just about to leave when Billy gets a call from the police. Nick talks to the doctor about letting Sage see the baby. Adam gives his statement to Paul and Christine about the night that Billy kidnapped him. Billy and Victoria arrive at the police station. Paul and Christine question Billy about the gun. Billy confesses that he wanted to kill Adam. Sage and Nick see the baby and name him Christian. Jack stops by to check on Chelsea and lend her some moral support. Nick assures Sage their baby will survive. Paul tells Billy not to leave town.

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