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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s a little frosty in the office and Thomas asks Steffy if this is the way it is going to be now. She is not sure; depends on if he has apologized to his dad. He says not yet but he’s been working on the new line and that is why he is letting her present it to Ridge and not him. She says his problem with their dad has nothing to do with the collection so meet up with him today, apologize and get past it. He says his own dad has made more than his share of mistakes. And he did not pink slip Thomas or disown him, so he will get over this. Caroline tells Ridge all she wants is him and to have a family. He says that is just what they will do then….everything he promised her but Thomas can not know about this baby. Eric tells Ivy that surely she did not think he would march in and tell Steffy to give her job back. He wants to broker a truce and have them both in the room at the same time. Ivy says Eric said he would plead her case and she can not ask for more than that. Thomas excuses himself when Eric walks in and tells Steffy they need to talk. He still does not understand why Ivy is no longer working at FC. On the Sky Lounge Quinn sits down with Liam. He motions there are other seats besides these. She says she did not want others as he might think she was stalking him and go whine to his girlfriend. She is confident of her designs but she misses Ivy’s creative input. Wyatt walks out and hears his name and comes over. He tells them that Ivy is with Eric as they speak getting her job back. Quinn says she knows she pushed Ivy off the bridge and she hated her for a long while. But now Ivy trusts her and they work well together. Now Ivy is on the other side and looking for a second chance. Liam reminds them that Eric is practically retired so do not look for too much help there. Wyatt says Eric still has a lot of influence around here. Liam doesn’t think Ivy has much a chance once Eric knows what Ivy did for Steffy to fire her. Eric, Ivy and Steffy all have their say but Steffy says Ivy does not have to apologize to her, the answer is still no. She can not work with Ivy. Eric says but Ivy thinks she can. Steffy says no because Ivy was blackmailing her. In her defense, Ivy says she was just trying to get justice for Aly. Steffy tells her version how that night Aly tried to run her down with her car, then attacked her with the tire iron and they fought over it. Then Aly picked up a rock and was going to hit her over the head with it. She fell at this point and Steffy said she freaked out and swung at her with the tire iron. It happened so quickly but she never meant to hurt her. And Ivy recorded all of this on her cell phone. And she threatened to go to the police if Steffy did not do as she said. Eric asks about the video and Ivy says she deleted it. She knows she took this too far, but Steffy wasn’t the only one traumatized. Aly was her best friend. The real tragedy is Aly’s death not this rift and she is now trying to fix it. All Steffy needs to do is give her another chance. Eric hears enough and says this is ending. What happened was inappropriate and disturbing but they need to stop now and get past this. He knows it is hard to build trust, it will take time but he wants them to let this go right now. Aly was family and this is what she would want. He orders Steffy to give Ivy her job back.

Thomas tries to apologize to Ridge but Ridge says that a couple of I’m sorry’s is not going to do the trick. Thomas tells Ridge that he lost control. This has been building up for a while and he could not hold back. Ridge says he knows; Thomas wanted his shot and he got it. He finally got his attention. Thomas says things were said and old wounds opened up. But that is no excuse and he was disrespectful and he is sorry for that. Caroline says perhaps he should come back later. Thomas says no, he does not want to drag this out. He reacted in anger and his emotions took over and he is ashamed of that. He overstepped and now he wants to apologize. Ridge says they have had their father and son problems but he does not even know him anymore. And he is needed elsewhere – Paris. Thomas is shocked that this is coming out of the blue and they have never talked about it. Ridge says he and Caroline can finish the collection so Thomas needs to go home and pack and leave for Paris today. Steffy tells Ivy that Eric has spoken and she will do as he says as long as Ivy respects her authority. Eric tells her that he is proud of her. Sincerely Ivy says she will not take this for granted. She will respect Steffy's position. She knows she has to prove herself so she will do whatever Steffy wants her to. She is willing to do anything to make FC as successful as it can be. Steffy says she is glad to hear that. She thinks she knows exactly what Ivy can do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla gave Caroline the drug and she didnít think it would work because she didnít respond to it.  Kayla didnít know that Caroline did have flashes of memories come back to her.  Victor stayed with Caroline while Kayla, Maggie, and Hope walked out of the room.  JJ tried to bait Clyde and get him to confess to his dirty dealings, but he didnít do it.  JJ had his phone on so Roman was able to hear the conversation JJ had with Clyde.  Steve found footage of Bo being held captive and saw Bo being put in a body bag.  Steve thought Bo was dead.  The mystery men were about to inject a drug into Bo.  One of them were worried that Bo would die.  The one who was about to give him the drug didnít care if he died.

Maggie convinced Kayla that she did the right thing by giving Caroline the drug.  JJ told Clyde that he wanted to sell drugs on the streets. The cops headed towards the docks to arrest Clyde. JJ tried to convince Clyde to get more dealers on the college campus. JJ kept telling Clyde that he made a mistake working with Kyle. Caroline had more memories and she had visions of Bo in danger. Caroline had a bad reaction to her visions. One of Boís captors gave Bo the shot and thought Bo was having a cardiac arrest. Caroline called out Boís name after she sensed he was in trouble. Steve arrived at the hospital to talk to Victor. Caroline woke up. Steve told Victor about tracking down Bo. Steve told Victor that Bo was killed. Caroline was able to talk to Kayla, Maggie, and Hope. Clyde was threatening JJ when the police came. Clyde knew JJ set him up. Victor didnít want to believe it, but Steve said it was true. Victor didnít want Hope to know that Bo was dead. Bo fought off his captors and escaped.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jake needs to know what was up with Hayden's mysterious phone call to Elizabeth which Elizabeth is clearly evading answering truthfully to him about. He wonders what Elizabeth is hiding. She tells him she does not appreciate or trust Hayden after they both know that Hayden got paid to scam Jake into believing she was his wife. Yet Jake knows there is something else going on that she is not telling him. He first goes to ask Hayden, at Wyndermere. She tells him something he never heard from Elizabeth regarding that she wanted to find out what it was that Elizabeth (and Nikolas) knew and she supposedly also knew, before she got shot and lost her memory,regarding who Jake really is and how it relates to Sam....Both Nikolas and Laura silently listen very worried that Hayden could regain her memory, turn many peoples' lives upside down with the revelation that Jake is Jason, and she could very well find out more than that. Jake somehow knows that he needs to contact Sam in order to unravel this mystery although he is completely unaware of how or why. Jake informs Hayden, as well as Nikolas and Laura, that he intends to marry Elizabeth. At that point, Laura admonishes Jake to maybe not do that given that he knows nothing about his past. For all he knows, she reminds him, he could have a wife and child somewhere and it will only cause more pain for too many people if he marries Elizabeth and later that is discovered.

When Sonny finds out he could be paralyzed for life, he wants to call off his wedding with Carly but changes those plans when he runs into Ava in the hospital and learns that she intends to take Avery from him, unless he can present a good case to the court that he is the better parent. While talking to her grandma Anna and future mom Sam, Emma seems to somehow know that something or somebody could prevent her daddy from marrying Sam just like he was prevented from marrying Sabrina not long ago. Only, she somehow knows that this time it could be her daddy, and not the bride, who gets hurt from "somebody" discovering something and coming to the wedding to prevent it.

Y&R Recap Written by

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