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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Ivy that Aly’s death was an accident so how does Steffy fit in on this. Ivy fills him in. She knows Ivy had some trouble in the past and she and Steffy were not getting along. They could have done things very differently. They were family and she tried but Steffy will not hear of it. Her last name is Forrester too but Steffy seems to forget that and won’t budge. Eric asks if she wants him to go over Steffy’s head. Steffy catches Thomas kissing the intern and chastises him for doing something inappropriate and then punching his dad in the face. She does not know why he is acting like this. Thomas says he wants to focus on now and not his entitled dad telling him what to do. Ridge is floored that his beautiful wife is pregnant by his son. He asks two questions – does Thomas know? And tell him about that night again and make him understand. He figures Thomas slept with her, because he knew it would hurt Ridge. Eric says he does not hold the title anymore. Wyatt reminds him that he is the title above all else. Ivy says her dad spoke of him often and showed him pictures of all of Eric’s accomplishments, so moving to L.A. was her ultimate. And she hates to put this all on Eric but he needs to know how much this means to her.

Steffy suggests to Thomas that he go to his dad tomorrow and apologize. So stop hooking up with interns and punching Ridge in the face and he will come around. Ridge laments to Caroline that they are married and having a baby so they can raise it as their own. She gladly agrees but then wonders about Thomas. Ridge says he never has to know. Eric tells Ivy that she is his niece and a Forrester so while he does not understand it all he will talk with Steffy. Steffy tells Thomas that she thought their dad was through raising a family but now he is married to a girl half his age so this is what happens. Caroline says they can not do that, keep Thomas from knowing about it. Ridge says he married her and told her he would take care of her and that means a kid, even Thomas’s. She is his wife and that is their child. She needed a shoulder to cry on yet Thomas came over and gave her more than that…using women as usual like interns and models. Thomas is not able to be faithful and must never know of this. It is not either of their dreams but he will do it for her…..for them. Thomas will not be part of this life. It is their child now. All she has to do is say yes. She nods yes, Thomas will never know. She cradles herself in his arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ let Roman know that he was determined to find Paige’s killer. JJ let Roman know that Clyde was the one who killed Paige. JJ told Roman about what he found in Kyle’s apartment. JJ also told Roman about the way Clyde treated him when he found out he was working for the cops. Roman wanted to know how Clyde knew about it. JJ let Roman know that Eve had his house bugged. Roman couldn’t believe that she did that. Clyde met with Ben and offered to pay for half his wedding. Ben reminded Clyde that Jennifer wanted to pay for the wedding. Chad went to Abby with his theory that Clyde was the killer. Abby wasn’t convinced that Clyde was the killer because he donated money to charities. Chad reminded Abby that Stefano did the same thing. Chad let Abby know that Stefano told him that Clyde was selling drugs in Salem. Abby was convinced that Stefano set Chad up. Chad told her that Stefano could have told the police about him when Justin found out where he was hiding. Abby realized that he could have been arrested because of her. Abby didn’t want Chad to take any more chances. Chad didn’t have a choice. He wanted to prove that Clyde set him up. JJ wanted Roman to pursue Clyde.  JJ wanted to help, but Roman didn’t want his help. JJ wanted to help him anyway.

Chad went back to the DiMera mansion and let Andre and Stefano know that he set Clyde up. Clyde took the bait and answered Chad’s text about wanting money in order to keep quiet. JJ called Clyde and wanted to meet him at the docks. JJ let Clyde know that the cops knew the he was connected to Kyle. Later on, JJ saw Gabi being harassed by a man at the docks. JJ came to her rescue. Theresa and Brady seemed to bond while Tate was sick. They talked about Theresa’s childhood while Tate was asleep. After Gabi left, Clyde snuck up on JJ and grabbed him. Ben didn’t like how Abby turned down Clyde’s offer to pay for half of the wedding. Ben thought she was being rude. JJ told Clyde that Kyle wrote a letter that he named names. JJ wanted to talk terms with Clyde in order to keep his mouth shut. Ben and Abby talked about her attitude towards Clyde and then she got a cramp in her stomach. Clyde wanted to kill JJ to keep his mouth shut.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After just learning that Sam is going to marry Patrick, Laura decides not to reveal the secret to Sam that Jason is alive and the same person as Jake Doe, so as not to ruin Sam's and Patrick's future together. She does however, go to Wyndemere to pay her son a visit and walks in on Nikolas having a “heated scene” with Hayden. She seems intrigued to learn that Hayden has awoken from her coma, that Nikolas is “co-habitating” with the woman whom he had shot in order to not have her reveal to Jake or Sam that Jake is Jason, and that it appears Hayden has no memory of her life, any events before the shooting or what she knew before she went into the coma. Laura does not reveal anything of “interest” to Hayden but makes it clear to her son that she is mindful of what he is doing. As soon as Nikolas is alone he calls Elizabeth and they try to “brainstorm” what they are going to do with the “threat” that Hayden might regain her memory and spill their secret about Jake and that Laura knows all and might not keep it a secret forever. Elizabeth is really horrified by that threat, while she's ready to marry Jake, knowing those plans will be ruined if he ever finds out that he's Sam's presumed-deceased husband. Nikolas, Elizabeth and Laura also know that Helena knows the big secret and can only imagine what she might do the next time they see her.

Carly sits by Sonny's side and he suddenly awakens in his hospital bed. Patrick examines him and finds out that he is paralyzed. Ava is alone with baby Avery and Julian is getting along with his sister although Kiki wants nothing to do with her mom. Franco wants both Kiki and Nina to live with him although they clearly do not want to live with each other. Yet he has a plan that might work, eventually, at some point, for the three of them to be a family and replace what they have all lost in their lives. Paul is secretly trying to cover his tracks after murdering Sloane on the docks and Tracy inquires what is his secret, to which he explains he's simply having a lot of stress adjusting to his new DA position. She is still concerned about Michael having contact with either Sonny or Ava and she wants to prevent her nephew from being endangered by getting involved in Sonny's mob business Paul hears and wants to help her with that.

Y&R Recap Written by

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