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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge can not believe his own son would do this to him. Caroline cries that she is so sorry. She says Thomas only came over to be a friend to her. Ridge begs her to tell him this is not so, not with his son. Steffy chastises Thomas for punching his dad in the face. She tells him he should have just talked to him like an adult and not disrespect him like this. Thomas says he is the one who got demeaned doing no more than Ridge has done over the years. They have more unresolved issues than he realized so he hauled off and hit him. Wyatt and Ivy lie in the afterglow and she tells him how lucky she is to have him. She misses FC but now she does not have to wake up and have a job to go to. She keeps asking Steffy but she keeps shutting her down. Maybe she should go over and see her Uncle Eric. She’s tired of being punished. She arrives at Eric’s and he is glad to see her. Wyatt brings up that Steffy forced Ivy out so it wasn’t something Ivy wanted. Ivy says that is why she is here. She wants to go back. She misses her job and the company and thinks she deserves a second chance and Eric is the one to give it to her.

Steffy says their dad can be frustrating and kind of distant but he has a lot on his plate, always has with two families. But they have turned out well and they are so fortunate to have been born into this family so he needs to stop making excuses. Thomas says she is his dad’s favorite little girl but nothing he does seems to be right. Caroline cries more saying she was in so much pain and did not want to feel anything when he left her. There are no excuses for what she did and Thomas did not take advantage of her as he did not know of the drugs or the drinking. Ridge throws a glass of water and says yeah he heard her. Thomas did not know how much Ridge loved her but he knew that night exactly what he was doing. Most people know what a woman under the influence looks like so he is sure Thomas should have known that. Caroline says all she remembers is waking up after Thomas was in her bed. Ridge repeats again that Thomas came over to talk to her but then he ended up staying with Caroline. Eric says he is not sure just what he can do as Steffy is President and Ridge is CEO. Ivy reminds him that he is always the wise one and she thinks he can get through to Steffy. This is where she belongs or she might have to go back home and start over again. Eric tells her she is not going back to Sydney or anywhere. He says it is settled, both he and Wyatt want her to stay. He says he got no real explanation except that Steffy does not trust her so she needs to explain to him why. She says it started the night of Aly’s death and Steffy’s part in it. Thomas tells Steffy that he really wants to be happy for his dad and Caroline. She wants a baby and their dad is going to make that happen. Caroline barks at Ridge not to keep saying Thomas knew and took advantage. He is his son and would not do that. Then she blurts out that Thomas is the father of her child. He’s floored that she is pregnant with Thomas’ child.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla refused to listen to Victor and Roman when they talked to her allowing Caroline to take the experimental drug.  Hope and Maggie talked about the wedding, Caroline, and Bo. Steve was looking in Boís cell and got caught by someone. Rafe was upset that Eduardo wanted to offer a reward to find Chad. Eduardo wanted to help with the case against Chad. Eve thanked Eduardo for wanting to offer a reward. Eduardo and Eve were civil towards each other. Rafe was at the station with Hope and told her that Eduardo was his father. Victor tried to get Roman to see that Caroline should get the experimental drug. Kayla visited Caroline at the hospital. Caroline had a dream about Bo. Bo was getting tortured by someone.

Eve tried to get Theresa to see that Brady wasnít a nice guy. Justin wondered if Brady was falling in love with Theresa. Rafe told Hope about Eduardo abandoning him. Rafe also told her that Paige was his sister. Hope comforted Rafe. Roman tried to talk Kayla into using the drug on Caroline, but she wasnít convinced. Steve questioned the gunman about Bo, but he said he didnít know anything about Bo. He was only following orders. Steve wanted to know whose orders he followed. Brady denied having feelings for Theresa. Justin wondered if Theresa had feelings for Brady. Theresa apologized for kissing Brady, but he didnít want to talk about it. Hope arrived at the hospital and talked about Carolineís care with Victor, Maggie, and Roman. Victor let them know that Bo was the one who wanted the drug for Caroline. A guy demanded that Bo tell him why Victor wanted the secret drug used. The guy Steve manhandled managed to fight him and get away. Eduardo thought Justin was trying to make a name for himself with the case. Justin called someone to investigate Eduardo. The guy asked Bo why Victor was using the serum and Bo said heís using it for foot fungus.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Patrick are happily ready to get married, announce it to everyone and suspect nothing when Laura comes by to pay them a visit. She makes it clear that she had an "urgent need" that prompted her to rush all the way from the airport just to tell them something "very important". They have no clue what she (as well as Nikolas and Elizabeth) know about Jake and she wants to enlighten them both, knowing how it will affect both of their lives. However, when she hears their joyous news, she hesitates to reveal the secret and abruptly leaves. Sam finds that very odd and suspects that Laura knows "something" she needs to find out about. Meanwhile Anna is with her granddaughter and hears Emma praise her grandma and express that she wants to tell her class about her hero. Hearing that, Anna is clearly uncomfortable knowing that she murdered Carlos, Paul is onto her, and she's deceived Sabrina and many others about what happened to Carlos while keeping them in the dark about what she did. Tracy urges Michael not to go back to his "old ways" of recognizing Sonny as his father when Sonny murdered his real father who is a Quartermaine. Hayden needs to find answers which she knows both Nikolas and Elizabeth are preventing her from having about what happened before she got shot. She still has no recollection what they know about Jake but may find out before too long. Neither Jake nor Sam nor Patrick have a clue. However, Laura does and may not be as willing to keep the secret about Jason as her son and Elizabeth are. She goes to find Nikolas and catches him "with" Hayden.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Everyone is upset when the truth about Adam's identity is revealed. Phyllis is upset that Jack knew the truth when Adam came back to town and didn't tell anyone. She actually takes Victor's side and thinks that Jack knew about Adam teaming up with Ian in the Paragon Project. Jack explains to Phyllis that Adam was threatening to send Billy to jail for shooting him if he didn't keep his secret. Victoria begs Billy not to confront Adam, because she is afraid that he will end up in jail, since he wants to kill him for causing Delia's death. Billy confronts Adam who explains that there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't feel guilty for taking Delia's life. 

Victoria tells Nick and Nikki the truth and wonders if Sage knew the truth. She is forced to tell them that she did know but kept quiet for the sake of Constance. Sage explains to Nick that after Constance died, she kept Adam's secret because she was afraid to lose Nick since she had fallen in love with him.  Nick admits that she would have lost him and wonders if he is the father of the baby she is carrying. Kevin refuses to help Gabe when he figures out he was working for Ian on the Paragon Project. Victor arrives at the Athletic Club and stops the argument between Adam and Billy when he punches Adam in the face.

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