Friday 10/2/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/2/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A model flirts with Thomas as he hems up her dress she is wearing. He reminds him of her pool birthday party this weekend….and no presents. Just seeing him in a swimsuit is enough. Steffy overhears this and teases Thomas. He tells her not to compare him to his father. She asks why he is so down on his father. He explains that he punched his father in the face and he had it coming. He explains that he got all judgmental and called him a spoiled little brat and that was rich coming from him of all people. Wyatt tells Ivy that he knows it is hard for her to trust people after Liam. She says true but he makes it easy. They really see each other now. Wyatt takes her clothes off and they make passionate love.

As Ridge tries to talk, Caroline says she does not care about the vasectomy and she knows he wanted to take care of it. She cries that she wishes she could fix something too and she needs her husband to tell it to. He asks if she is sick and when she says no, he says then it can not be that bad. Slowly she tries to tell him about the night they broke up. He says he had regrets about that night but he wanted her life to be fulfilled. He would do it differently now. She tells him it started with pills she took. She was alone and thought she could relax and sleep. And then she did something stupid and drank some wine. What happened was not Ridge’s fault. But the combination of the wine and pills controlled her. Suddenly she mentions another guy and Ridge thinks he took advantage of her. What kind of guy does that? Het gets it – she did not push him away. Ridge is glad she told him. He should have been there. She does not have to be ashamed of anything. He holds her and says he is sorry. They will get through this and it will not break them. She says there is more. Steffy says Thomas crossed the line. He laments that he and Charlotte are consenting adults and his dad had no right to say those things to him when everybody else around here sleeps with who they want to. She reminds him of scandal and lawsuits. Caroline tells Ridge that things have changed now. She accepted they could not have a baby and was trying to accept that. Ridge says again they can still make this work but he does ask who the other guy was. He is shocked when she finally tells him it was Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve thought about Paige's life. Eduardo showed up at Eve's place because of Paige. Chad was with Andre and Stefano to talk about the charges against him. Chad was upset with Andre and wasn't sure he wanted his help. Eve blamed Eduardo for why she and Paige were in Salem. Rafe and Gabi were talking about her getting a job. Eduardo arrived and saw them together. Eduardo and Rafe got into an argument. 

Paige's funeral started. Justin blamed Rafe for why Chad wasn't caught. JJ wanted to say something to Eve, but Daniel and Jennifer advised him against it. Daniel and Jennifer talked about JJ. Jennifer was worried about him wanting to be the head of the house now. Theresa blamed Jennifer and JJ for what happened to Paige. Brady didn't understand why Theresa blamed them for Paige's death. Eduardo tried to comfort Eve, but she didn't want him near her. Paige's ghost appeared to Eve. Rafe and Eduardo got into another argument at Paige's funeral. Eduardo wanted to help Rafe find Paige's killer. Rafe didn't want his help. Eduardo wanted to get to know Gabi since he lost two daughters. Paige's ghost let Eve know that she forgave her and wanted her to forgive herself so she could move on with her life. The guests were at the repass when Eve arrived. Eve lashed out at Jennifer, JJ, and Daniel. She yelled that she wanted them out of the room because known of them did right by Paige. Andre wanted to figure out who framed Chad. Andre had an idea of what could help him. Eduardo talked to a reporter and offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who assisted in the capture of Chad.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Both Maxie and Nathan realize they have to each keep a secret told to them in confidence, from everyone including each other. She has just caught wind that Dillon has Lulu on his mind and can't stop believing she is the one for him instead of Valerie, even though he knows Lulu married to Dante. Nathan has just discussed with Valerie that she only has feelings for Dante and not for Dillon. Dante and Lulu are happily together and not remotely considering breaking up or cheating on one another. Yet, regardless, he indicates that he feels close to Valerie and there might be a connection he has with her that he does not have with Lulu, and she has the same special bond with Dillon. When Valerie and Dillon meet up, after he's shot the scene with Maxie, he admits that he has feelings for Lulu, to which she promises not to divulge and respect his anonymity. She also confides in Dillon that she made the "one time mistake" of sleeping with Dillon and has not told anyone. He graciously promises her that her secret is safe with him. Yet, while they speak "privately", they are unaware that the video camera is taking their entire conversation. Kiki is ready to sell the place she and Silas used to live and Franco is concerned that she is shutting everybody out, realizing she may be all alone, without her dad, her mom or her boyfriend. He wants to be there for her but is not certain how to do that. Sam agrees to marry Patrick. But before they can spend an evening together, they get a surprise visit from Laura. Little do they know what she knows (that Jason is alive and the same person as Jake).

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon's doctor runs a pregnancy test on her and tells Patty that Sharon is pregnant and isn't lying to anyone. When Patty gives her the news, Sharon is thrilled that she is pregnant again. The doctor tells Sharon that the blood work she did on her revealed that she is in the middle of a bipolar episode, so she gives her stronger medication that makes her sleepy. Patty sneaks into Sharon's room while she is asleep and leaves baby booties. Sharon's doctor arrives and wonders what Patty is doing in Sharon's room. Chelsea tells Adam that their relationship never had a future, and she is going to tell everyone his true identity, so that he can pay for all the awful things he has done.

Kyle, Jack, and Victoria try to persuade Billy to stop buying up pieces of Newman Enterprises that are being sold, because of the Paragon virus, but Billy is determined to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Adam tries to tell Ian to put an end to the computer virus, but instead Ian tells Phyllis that Adam is alive and that he was his partner in the Paragon Project. Paul arrests Ian at the park and takes him back to prison. Phyllis goes to Victor's office and tells him and Jack everything Ian told her about Adam. Chelsea goes to Billy's office and tells him and Victoria that Adam is alive and has been pretending to be Gabriel Bingham.

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