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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline continues to walk where she exchanged her vows but then waking up in bed with Thomas by her side. Back home she remembers the doctor’s word that she is pregnant. Liam tells Wyatt and Ivy that his mother confronted him and he thinks she is on her move. She threatened him in so many words. Wyatt asks him to explain just what that was. Quinn grouses to Deacon that Liam has to be stopped this time when it comes to her son. Brothers should look out for each other and now Wyatt is the innocent victim. It’s like Liam is on a mission to take down his brother, from jobs to girls in his life. She says she does not want a pity party and she knows it is a lot of her fault that it is rubbing off on Wyatt. Wyatt tells Liam that his mom is upset because Liam is the golden child and he keeps getting picked over but she will not do anything against Liam. Thomas tells Ridge he sure as hell does not need him to tell him who he can go to bed with. He does not need his approval anymore. He sure as hell did not get it growing up or hardly any attention by Ridge.

Liam says he is not saying Quinn is off her rocker but they sure need to be on guard. Wyatt says he is in the trenches with her every day and she is even friendly with Ivy now so he sees none of this behavior that Liam is spouting. Ridge tells Thomas that he is an adult and certain things are off limits. Thomas laments that he set his boundaries just like Ridge did. As he leaves, Ridge tells him that he won’t forget this. Deacon says maybe Bill is right and Wyatt has too much of her in him. Quinn grouses that Bill even says Wyatt is not as smart as Liam and that infuriates her. She has to handle this. Somehow Liam has to be neutralized and change his attitude. Deacon tells her to be careful. She may talk big but be careful of carrying that big stick. Ivy tells Liam that she will keep an eye on Quinn. He tells her that he did not want things to work out this way. He did not want Steffy to fire her. Thomas recalls what his dad said just before he decked him. When Ridge comes home Caroline says she has been waiting for him. She notices his face and he tells her it was Thomas that hit him over what he said about who Thomas has been sleeping with. Wyatt can’t believe his brother came over with an olive branch. He should have just talked with Steffy and had her not fire Ivy. Ivy said what mattered today was that Wyatt stood up for her again and that is sexy. It’s nice to have a man in her corner. Thomas keeps thinking back to that night with Caroline. Ridge notices that Caroline does not seem surprised when he tells her about the intern that Thomas slept with at the Forrester house. Caroline still does not know why Thomas hit him. Ridge says he called him on it and he thinks Thomas enjoyed it. And he told him he could have anyone he wanted in his bed. Ridge says as far as the baby they will have to work through that. She says but she has something to tell him first.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad offered to bribe the homeless guy so he would tell what happened the night Serena was killed. Abby tried on wedding dresses. While she was trying on dresses, Jennifer let Abby know that she didnít like Clyde buying a house for her and Ben. Abby and Jennifer talked a little about it.  Abby wanted Theresa to design her dress. Jennifer was surprised by Abbyís decision. Ben thought about killing Serena and Paige. Chad took money from the DiMera safe. Chad didnít know who Andre was until he introduced himself. Stefano found out that Chad wanted the money to bribe the guy to talk to the police. Chad and Andre talked about the case.

Theresa let Anne know that she has to change so she couldnít hang out with her anymore. Abby texted Theresa about designing a wedding dress for her. Chad went back to the pier, but the homeless guy didnít remember him. Jennifer went to see Eve. Justin went to the DiMera mansion to search for evidence. Eve was upset that Paige went to Jennifer. Eve lashed out at Jennifer because she couldnít relate to her loss. Chad told the homeless guy that he needed him to talk to Rafe. They guy didnít remember Chad anymore. Justin found something of Sonnyís and realized where Chad was hiding. Chad got a text message that Justin knew where he was hiding. Jennifer tried to help Eve, but she didnít want her help. Eve threw her out of her apartment. The police went to the shed to look for Chad. Chad texted Stefano to let him know he was safe.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While acting out the sex scene which he wrote, directed cast himself as the leading man, Dillon reveals to Maxie that he has feelings for Lulu that are not going away even though she is not available. He admits that he does not have the connection with Valerie that he feels with Lulu as Valerie does not have the feelings for him that she still has for Dante. Maxie discusses the matter with Dillon but does not reveal to Nathan or to Dante what she found out. Meanwhile, Valerie discusses with Nathan that she's not over Dante although he does not reveal it to his partner or anyone else. Although Dante does not admit it, whenever he runs into Valerie, he makes it clear that he has a connection with her that he may not have with Lulu. Ava is able to take baby Avery out of Sonny's home although Carly, Michael and Morgan are not ok with that and Sonny is presently unconscious, unaware and it's uncertain if he will live. Meanwhile, Paul is up to no good while having all the cops and citizens of Port Charles believing he intends to enforce the law and do good. He realizes that most people question the credibility that Carlos Rivera shot Sonny since nobody has seen or heard from Carlos because he's dead (although it's still a deep dark secret that Anna killed him). Paul informs Ava that they both need to come up with a better "fall guy" in Sonny's shooting than Carlos since sooner or later, the PCPD will find out they are both lying. People also wonder why either Anna or Paul would know, with certainty that Carlos could not have shot Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Devon storms into the hospital looking for Hilary. He sees Paul coming out of a room and barges in to find that the Jane Doe isn't Hilary. It's Marisa, who was attacked before she could leave town. Devon is devastated and says he will kill whoever is responsible for Hilary's disappearance. After hearing this, Gwen calls Neil and says she needs to see him before he leaves town. The police find Noah's picture on Marisa's phone and call him. He goes to the hospital and asks if Luca was responsible. Marisa tries to tell him that it wasn't Luca but Noah leaves angry. He confronts Luca at GCAC. Luca denies any involvement but he thinks his father might be behind the attack. Dylan and Stitch discuss the Hilary situation and realize that her disappearance happened around the same time medical supplies went missing from Memorial. They bring this information to Paul while Devon, Cane, and Lily are at the station. Paul agrees to put trackers on the supplies so that when someone steals more, they will lead the police right to Hilary.

Kevin tells Adam and Chelsea that the IP address used to infiltrate Newman Enterprises was traced back to Adam's old apartment across the hall. Chelsea realizes that Adam was the mastermind behind the Paragon Project. When Kevin leaves, Chelsea confronts Adam, who explains that he was backed into a corner by Ian Ward, who threatened to go public with Adam's secret identity. Chelsea doesn't buy it and throws him out. Before he leaves, Adam tells Chelsea that it isn't over. Gwen tells Neil that she wants to help him because if his family found out that Neil was hiding Hilary all this time, they would never forgive him and he would be all alone. Also, she has a way of getting medical supplies- Emma. Kevin and Mariah try to find out who attacked Marisa.

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