Wednesday 9/30/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/30/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas stands at his bedroom door and wonders what is so important that Caroline has to talk to him right now. He makes it clear that he is busy. She asks Charlotte if she can speak with Thomas a minute. He does not want to and advises Caroline to start taking care of herself if she is trying to have a baby. Brooke asks Ridge if Caroline was devastated when he told her she would not be having his baby since the vasectomy could not be reversed. Ridge gets a text from Pam telling him one of the intern’s cell phones is missing. Ridge tells her that he will handle it. He tells Brooke not to stay as he does not want her talking to Caroline right now. Liam asks if Quinn is still on this mantra of hers. She says she is not threatening him. He thinks that is good as he could fire her. She does not think he will do that. Ivy is gone and someone needs to take over the demand for their jewelry. He guesses she had some blowup with Bill. She grouses that Wyatt will always come in second and a large part is because Quinn is his mother. Liam says Bill is just trying to get under her skin and does not mean all he says. Caroline apologizes to Thomas and then Charlotte. She says this will not affect her internship at all, just forget she was here. In fact it is not important and she will go. Quinn wants to know from Liam why Wyatt is not basking in the glow of being a Spencer. Then there is the Liam with the replacement sword around his neck. Thomas walks Charlotte to the front door and tells her Ridge will never know about this……yet he opens the door and there is Ridge. He tells Charlotte to leave and looks angry at Thomas. Liam storms in Wyatt’s house just as he is asking Ivy if he would like Australia. She says yes but she is not returning there as a failure. Wyatt chastises Liam for not knocking and just walking on in. Liam says he could knock all day long and he knows he is not welcome. He tells Wyatt that Quinn is stirring again and he figures he is her favorite target. Ivy can not believe Liam wants Wyatt’s help with his battles. Ivy also finds it strange that she can trust the woman who threw her in the Seine River as opposed to Liam who threw her under the bus. Liam warns Wyatt just to watch out for Quinn.

Quinn is sort of dismissive of Deacon as he tries to cheer her. She says Liam was not buying anything she said about Wyatt being overlooked and she will not stand for it. Caroline walks around the grounds of where she was married, thinking about the last couple of weeks….getting married, sleeping with Thomas and finding out she is pregnant now. Ridge and Thomas have words and Thomas tries to downplay it as being on curfew. Ridge tells him that he had to track one of his interns here and he does not want another scandal. Thomas hands it back by saying Ridge sure caused enough of them in his day and he will never surpass him. Ridge says they just had this conversation in Paris about another girl and Thomas can not have any girl he wants without consequences. Thomas throws both Brooke and Taylor in Ridge’s face, going back and forth. Ridge says Thomas can not say anything he has not already told himself but he wants to stay on point with Thomas right now. Thomas asks why; he should have taught him those things way back when. He does not have room in his life for a father now. And he will never have a son or daughter to disappoint every day like Ridge did. Ridge reminds him how he cleaned up Thomas’s messes, paid for his college and sports car, gave him a job at International, and now gave him a job on the design team because Thomas wanted to come home. Ridge says Thomas is a spoiled little brat who will take all he can from his father. Thomas slugs him in the mouth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Lani talked about the murders. Lani thought the killer was trying to make the killings look identical. Aiden found out that Andre and Stefano paid off his debts. Aiden thought he could tell Hope everything and have nothing to lose. Andre reminded Aiden about Chase. Kayla and Victor talked about Caroline’s health. Kayla was ready to prepare for the worst. Victor wanted to fight for Caroline. Caroline was determined not to die yet. Caroline saw Shawn’s face in the mirror and let him know that she wasn’t going to die because her family needed her. Julie heard Caroline talking to the mirror at the Martin house. Julie called Kayla to tell her about Caroline. Kayla and Victor went to find Caroline. Aiden told Andre and Stefano that he wanted to pay them back by being Chad’s lawyer. Andre didn’t want Aiden to represent Chad. Chad snuck out of the shed and talked to a homeless person about seeing a “friend” of his.

Kayla and Victor found Caroline at the Martin house. Caroline didn’t remember Kayla and Victor at first. Caroline told them about seeing Shawn in the mirror. Rafe talked to Marlena about Chad attacking her. Marlena wasn’t sure if Chad was the one who attacked her anymore. Chad found the guy he fought when Serena was killed. Maggie called Victor and told him about the doctor who showed up. Victor wanted Maggie and Hope to meet him at the hospital. Chad talked homeless man and the guy remembered him. Maggie and Hope met Kayla, Julie, and Victor at the hospital. Victor told them that Dr. Salinas was developing a cure that could help Caroline. Chad wanted the homeless guy to talk to the police about seeing him the night Serena was killed. Kayla didn’t want Victor to use an experimental treatment on Caroline. The homeless man refused to go to the police.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Michael wants to help Sonny and Carly prevent Ava from taking Avery from them and informs his mom that he attending the meeting of the 5 families by taking Sonny's seat. Ava was also there to represent the Jeromes and she informed him and the others that Carlos Rivera must have shot Sonny. They both find that hard to believe and still implicate Ava and/or Julian. Paul is not only successfully hiding from everyone except Ava that he killed Sonny. He has just also anonymously shot Sloane dead right after Sloane gave him information about Carlos Rivera and implicated Anna Devane for killing Carlos. He discusses the matter with Anna but does not let on to her what he knows. Meanwhile, as Dante waits outside Sonny's hospital room, Valerie comes by. He is still very comfortable talking to her in ways he may not be around Lulu, although he still has no clue that she's pregnant from their one encounter. Dillon is ready to be the director, writer and romantic lead in his play alongside Maxie. Nathan is not entirely comfortable with that but does realize it's not Maxie Dillon is interested in. It's Lulu He remembers that although Valerie is "dating" Dillon, she admitted she still has feelings for Dante. After Carly, Michael and Morgan "exhaust" all their efforts to persuade Ava to bring Avery back to them, she comes to the house and demands they hand over her daughter as the court order instructs.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil tries to explain to Gwen that he has been helping Hilary all this time and that he has developed feelings for her. Gwen says he has been using her, stealing her sister's hospital badge for supplies. Neil begs Gwen not to tell anyone what she saw. He has fallen for her. Gwen doesn't want to be a part of his sick games. She leaves, saying she'll do what she has to do. Neil tells Hilary that it's time for her to go home and he's going to take her to the hospital himself, then leave town. Devon pressures Paul to do more to find Hilary. Paul says he's doing the best he can. After Devon leaves, Paul gets a phone call from Dylan. A Jane Doe was brought to Memorial Hospital matching Hilary's description. Cane, who was at the station, races to tell Devon. Devon and Lily are at the athletic club. Gwen finds them there and tells them there is something they should know about Neil. Cane comes in and tells them the news and Devon rushes out before Gwen can tell him what she learned.

Ian pretends not to know anything about the Paragon Project or Phyllis. They don't believe him and ask the warden how it was possible for Ian to leave of his own accord. The warden says it's impossible and that Ian was there the whole time. Kevin, Jack, Chelsea, and Adam figure out that Ian must have had an accomplice and Kevin says he will find out who it is. Kevin and Jack go to Newman Enterprises. Victor and Phyllis arrive. Victor says he thinks the accomplices are Ashley and Billy. Jack doesn't believe it. Victor tells Kevin to find out who it is, then. Victor gets a call from the warden. Ian Ward has escaped prison. Adam tells Chelsea he made a big mistake telling her she needed to come back to Genoa City. They should be in Paris now with their son. Kevin arrives and tells them that whoever was working with Ian used an IP address from their building.

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