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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline cries with Ridge holding her and saying it is all his fault. Bill tells Quinn that he has no interest in listening to one of her grand schemes. She tells him it is always Liam. He would be moving everything he could if Liam came to him but Liam is not his only son and he needs to acknowledge Wyatt more. She is not attacking him but just making him more aware. Bill says he does not run things at FC, Ridge does, so he had nothing to do with Liam getting the position there. Quinn says she knows he is always going to hold it against Wyatt that Quinn is his mother. She can not do anything about Wyatt’s genes coming from her but he has Bill’s genes too so he can admire that side. Bill explains that Wyatt will never have some things because he has Quinn’s DNA. But also the rinky dinky little jewelry company they ran just isn’t as bright as Liam’s expertise. And yes Wyatt will always have that instability because of Quinn’s genes which his other son does not possess. Brooke comes in on a meeting between Thomas and Othello who are working on shots for the next showing. Brooke asks about Caroline and Ridge but Thomas thinks they have left for the day. Steffy tells Liam that she realizes that Caroline makes her father genuinely happy so she approves of their union.

Caroline wipes away her tears and tells Ridge that he lost something too in the process. She leaves and immediately calls Thomas. She finds out that he is home and wants to see him right away. Thomas shakes her off and says now is not a good time. She says he will have to make it a good time, this is too important. Liam tells Steffy that Ivy is not irreplaceable but she was a buffer to Quinn and now they will have to deal with her directly. She has no working sense of right and wrong and he doesn’t believe that will change. He does not trust her. Steffy will have to keep her guard up. Bill tells Katie that he never saw Wyatt. Quinn went off on him how he always favors Liam over Wyatt and he said some things to get under her skin. Katie points out that Liam does have two important positions with both companies and Wyatt is just an employee so she can understand how Quinn feels. And he repeats again that there is enough animosity between his boys without competing for titles or jobs. She says that will only mean that Wyatt will naturally feel he is always going to favor Liam. With Steffy going out, Quinn slips in and up on Liam and asks if he can be nice. She points out that there he sits yet his brother has nothing and it is not fair. Liam says Wyatt has a nice job and he has Ivy so Quinn does not have to micromanage everything in his life. She says again that he needs to support Wyatt. He rescues Ivy and stray puppies so surely he can support his own brother. Brooke drops in on Ridge and guesses that he told Caroline that he can not have children. She is sorry it went so badly. He says nothing will ever come between them but Caroline left to get some air. Meanwhile Caroline shows up to find Thomas at Eric’s house. She goes upstairs and knocks on his door. He ignores her for a few minutes but finally lets her into the room where she finds a girl in his bed. He says he told her it was not a good time. She says she has something urgent to tell him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve was upset about planning Paigeís funeral.  Theresa was there for her to help her with the plans. Adrienne waited to find out the results of her test.  Justin was determined to get Chad convicted for murder. A new cop (Lani) approached Abe and she acted as if she knew him.  Nicole was determined not to work with Kate until Theresa arrived.  Theresa reminded Nicole that Paige was murdered. Nicole eventually caved and agreed to work with Kate.  Lucas let Will know that his relationship with Adrienne was done.  Will talked to Lucas about his marriage to Sonny.  Eve went to the police station and yelled at Justin because hasnít caught Paigeís killer yet.  Eve was ready to find the killer herself.

Nicole, Kate, and Theresa argued over the clothing line until Brady interrupted them.  Justin promised Eve that he would get Paigeís killer.  Eve apologized for the way she spoke to Justin. Adrienne saw Eve and Justin together and ran off.  Lucas saw Adrienne and went after her.  Abe wasnít sure if he knew Lani. Lani claimed that they donít know each other. Lucas caught up with Adrienne and wanted to know what was going on with her.  Adrienne decided to tell him about her problem. Justin offered to escort Eve to Paigeís funeral. Eve appreciated the gesture and thanked him for being there for her.  Adrienne talked to Lucas about possibly having the breast cancer gene. Lucas tried to make her feel better. Theresa became enraged that Nicole and Kate were talking and didnít include her in the plans for the company. Theresa refused to just be an errand girl. Kate told Theresa that she had to work her way to the top.  Brady noticed that Theresa was upset.  Justin saw Adrienne with Lucas and thought they were still together. Adrienne assured Justin that she and Lucas were just friends. Adrienne received a call about her test results, but she didnít tell Justin about them. Brady talked to Theresa about what happened during her meeting. One thing led to another and Brady and Theresa ended up sharing a brief kiss.  Brady was upset that they ended up kissing and walked away from her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In the cartel meeting, Ava is able to convince Michael that there's a good possibility it was Carlos Rivera who shot Sonny even though nobody has seen or heard from Carlos in a long time (since Anna killed him after he shot and killed Duke). Michael immediately goes to the police station to find Dante and speak to the new DA to inform them of that. When Paul hears that Ava gave Michael this "information", he recalls telling her he expects her to "cover" for him by implicating Julian after informing her that it was he (Paul) who shot Sonny. While they speak about this, Anna happens to be there overhearing and very worried to hear that people are "looking for" Carlo and wondering where he may have disappeared to. Ava goes to talk to Julian about the same thing, assuring her brother that while many people believe he shot Sonny including the cops and DA, she lead them in another direction. She does not let on to Julian that she knows Paul tried to kill Sonny and he seems to know it's kind of odd that she would "know" the shooter would be Carlos as it does. She does not reveal to her brother that Paul shot Sonny and wanted to set Julian up for it. Meanwhile, Sloane is drinking and upset that Anna sold him down the river. He runs into Nikolas and Hayden at The Floating Rib and tells them he regrets giving up his chance to have Anna in order to help Nikolas and work for him. Sloane also recalls that he knows the secret that Anna Devane murdered Carlos and he covered for her. Right when Paul is at the station talking to Anna, Michael and Dante about whether Carlos shot Sonny as well as where one might find Carlos, he gets a call from Sloane who informs him he has some "information" regarding the former DA Anna Devane and the disappearance of Carlos Rivera. Sloane meets with Paul on the docks and informs him he has the evidence needed and what he wants in exchange is complete immunity. Paul tells him normally that would work for him but he realizes it would ruin his plans for who really shot Sonny Corinthos. Paul reminds Sloane that the mayor might not mind getting rid of Sloane and at that point he shoots Sloane dead.

After Carly has arranged to marry Sonny in his hospital room and everybody assumes everything is ok, he has a sudden episode where he goes into cardiac arrest and it looks like Sonny might die. Patrick reports to his family that he had a sudden episode from a blood clot going to his brain Sam and Jake talk while at the Noodle Buddha, as she remembers everything about Jason and, again, they experience unconscious "dťjŗ vu" although they still cannot figure out that he is Jason. She continues to wonder if Jason is still alive and concludes if he was, he'd find his way back to her so that proves to her that he's gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Noah confronts Victor with Marisa's story. Victor and Jack are both disappointed to find out Marisa didn't keep their secret. They try to convince Noah that it's best for everyone if they don't know the truth. They are interrupted by federal agents who arrest Jack. Agents go to Jabot to arrest Billy. Victoria and Abby interfere on Billy's behalf, getting themselves arrested also. Summer explains what happened with Ian Ward while Phyllis was in a coma. Phyllis realizes that Ian is behind the Paragon Project. Dylan tells Devon that the pilot admitted it was Hilary that he flew to Dallas and that they flew to Genoa City after that. Neil is frustrated with the pilot for telling Dylan things he was paid to keep secret. Neil realizes that he needs to move Hilary to another place. Gwen shares her concerns about Neil with Lily and Devon. Lily thinks Neil is just stressed out so he told everyone he was going to New York so he could have some time to himself. Gwen thinks it's more and she follows Neil.

Phyllis convinces Victor that Ian is behind the Paragon Project so he should drop the charges against the Abbotts. Jack and Billy are released but not Victoria and Abby. Summer finds Noah at GCAC and tells him that Ian Ward is back. Noah tells her there are things she doesn't know. He gets a text from Marisa. She has left town for good. Adam tells Ian they are going to shut down the Paragon Project. Ian hits him over the head with a flashlight, knocking him unconscious. When Adam gets up, he calls Ian and tells him they can shut down the Paragon Project or Ian can look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Victor visits the prison that Ian was supposed to be in and finds that he is still there. At the lake house where Hilary has been kept, Neil arranges to move her to another location. When he turns around, Gwen is there.

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