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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline is panic stricken when Ridge tells her that he had a vasectomy in Paris and he is sorry he cannot give her a baby. At that time he did not know he would meet Caroline and want a baby and now there is no chance. Quinn is ecstatic when Wyatt mentions the Spencer Fashion House until he bursts her bubble that his dad wants nothing to do with it and shot it down. Ivy tells Steffy that she will earn her trust back. She is a Forrester too and belongs here so just give her one more chance and let her come back. Steffy says no, she is not welcome here anymore. Liam hears the commotion and comes in. Steffy says she does not want to keep Ivy from working, but just not here. Bill asks Katie to make two smoothies as he’d like to take one to Wyatt when he goes to see him. Katie says she thinks he needs a bigger peace offering that that. Bill says he only wants his sons to be friends and this is not the way to do it by pitting them against each other. He feels he owes Liam more than Wyatt and needs to make up for not being with his mother and raising him from the start.

Ivy goes back to Wyatt’s and explains to Quinn and Wyatt that Liam was there and still Steffy turned her down. Wyatt tells Quinn there is nothing they can do now. She says when it comes to his happiness there is no end to what she can do. He says he can handle his jellyfish brother. What makes him sick is the way they treat Ivy. He can not deal with that. She tells Deacon over the phone it is a terrible day with Liam and Bill. They better hope she does not run into them today. Liam tells Steffy that he trusts her completely so he is 100% behind her. But Ivy just wants one more chance to prove herself and that would not be so bad. Ridge tells Caroline that he knows he betrayed her and it was never meant to be a secret. He thought he could get the procedure reversed and she could have her baby but it is not meant to be. She starts crying and he thinks he knows how much this hurts her but it hurt him too. This is why he proposed so fast so he could make her happy and then have a baby. He will do anything to make her smile. He just had not found the words yet. He did not tell her because he did not want this happiness to end. But that is not fair, it is not what she signed up for. He starts to take off his ring and says he will release her from any vow she made. She stops him. Bill stops by Wyatt’s while he is out walking. Quinn says Wyatt needs more than just talking by Bill. She chastises him for not paying more attention to Wyatt and giving him more support. It is always Liam and she is sick of it. Caroline wants to make sure that Ridge has taken all the tests he can to be sure there is no hope. She is so sorry….and for acting this way. She says she does not hate him. He is afraid she will five years from now or ten years when she looks around and thinks this is not enough. There will be an empty feeling. He holds her and says but he will always be here for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby helped Chad hide out while he figured out what happened to Serena and Paige.  Ben thought about killing Serena and Paige.  Ben couldnít believe he did it and still thought Chad was the killer.  Aiden told Hope that he was in debt.  Steve found the original spot where Bo was kept.  Two guys moved an unconscious Bo to another room.  Hope was upset that Aiden didnít tell her that he was in debt.  Hope wondered what else he kept from her.  Aiden thought Hope didnít want him in her life anymore.  Hope stopped him and agreed to pay his debt.  Roman and Jennifer talked about JJ not checking in about the drug operation. Jennifer wanted JJ to leave town.  JJ arrived home while they were talking.  JJ wanted to pull out of the investigation.

Aiden thanked Hope for her help with his debt.  Steve found the cuff that was used on Bo.  Bo woke up and realized he was chained to a gurney.  JJ told Roman again that he wasnít helping anymore.  After Roman left, JJ and Jennifer talked about Clyde.  JJ realized that Clyde might have bugged the house.  Ben told Abby that he didnít want to leave Salem after all.  Abby was relieved that he didnít want to leave anymore. Rafe arrived at Ben and Abbyís place to ask her about her locket being found at the docks. Ben overheard Rafe talking to Abby.  JJ found the bug and thought Clyde planted it.  Jennifer thought it was Eve who planted it.  Aiden gave the money to a man and he let him know that his debt was paid off.  Rafe continued to question Abby about Chad.  Abby let Rafe know that Chad was innocent. Aiden met with Hope. She made Aiden promise her that there were no more secrets. Chad thought about what happened the night Serena was killed. Chad realized that he wasnít near the woods the night she was killed.  JJ believed that Clyde planted the bug and that the family was in danger. Aiden said he didnít have any more secrets. After Hope left, Aiden got a text from Stefano. Steve wanted a DNA test done on the place where Bo was kept.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Michael represents Sonny and Ava represents Julian in a cartel meeting. When people demand to know if she knows who shot Sonny, she implicates Carlos Rivera. Michael wonders why and does not believe it since nobody has seen or heard from Carlos in a long time and he would have no motive. As soon as the meeting is done, Michael goes to find Dante at the police station to find out if there's any information about the whereabouts of Carlos Rivera. Strangely, Anna has had that same discussion with Julian after accusing him of murdering Duke and hearing him say she needs to find Carlos and isn't it odd that Carlos has disappeared and nobody has seen or heard from him. Paul Hornsby goes to find Dante and wants him to believe the "new DA" needs to find and prosecute the person who tried to kill Sonny. Little does Dante know. Anna goes to talk to Paul and while nobody has a clue that she killed Carlos, she overhears Michael discussing with the cops and DA that they have to find out what happened to Carlos.

After Jake "coincidentally" runs into Sam at the Noodle Buddha on the anniversary of her wedding to Jason, she talks openly to him about her inability to find closure and move on now that Jason is gone and she wants to marry Patrick. She admits that she is still not convinced that Jason is dead. She somehow believes her deceased husband is alive, although she admits this must "sound insane". Yet neither she nor Jake are consciously aware that "Jason" is standing right in front of her. Right then, the family who own the Noodle Buddha and who performed Sam and Jason's wedding ceremony greet Sam. The grandmother is going blind but has senses that many others do not have and she insists that Jake is Jason Morgan because she "knows" although nobody else has a conscious clue why she would believe that. Sonny and Carly arrange to have their wedding in his hospital room, as she reminds him of the urgency so that they can be married and hopefully have legal custody of baby Avery before Ava can. They manage to arrange it but before they can say "I do", it appears that Sonny has gone into cardiac arrest and is "crashing" while on the hospital monitor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley puts Billy in charge of Jabot while she goes to Europe. After Billy has Jabot audited, he and Jack are arrested. Noah doesn't believe Marisa at first about Marco replacing Jack as he was kidnapped, but then he goes to confront Jack and Victor about the secrets they have kept from everyone. Noah still refuses to reconcile with Marisa, because she slept with Marco in order to tie him to the bed, so that Jack and Victor could send him back to jail in Peru. Dylan gets the pilot to admit that someone paid him to fly Hilary back to Genoa City, but the pilot lies and tells Dylan he doesn't know who paid him. The pilot later meets with Neil in the park to tell him what he told Dylan, but they don't know that Gwen is watching them.

Phyllis suspects "Fred" (Ian) could be the person behind the Paragon Project and meets with him to see how he reacts when she mentions the possibility to him. Ian is offended, of course, so Phyllis apologizes and agrees to meet with him later to talk about his book. Summer sees Ian leaving Phyllis's table and tells her that she shouldn't be near him, because he is Ian Ward.

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