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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tells her doctor that she can not leave here today until she knows who the father is. There must be some test. Ridge also tells Brooke that he’s had tests and he could have a thousand more and it will not change things. Brooke again advises him to tell Caroline. He says Caroline has wanted this for so long and now he finds out he is sterile and it is not possible so he can not tell her now. Thomas asks Steffy if she had had second thoughts in letting Ivy go if she is not that pleased with Quinn’s designs. Wyatt kisses Ivy and tells her he is going to work from home today as he can not go in and see that smug face of Liam. And now his dad has shot down his own fashion house. Ivy tells Wyatt that she has as much right to be at FC as Steffy so she will not stand for this. Quinn walks in and wonders if they are plotting a way to get her back into FC. Ivy says they are not plotting but she is going to see Steffy and talk to her again. Wyatt has done all he can and Quinn thinks they are being awfully cryptic. The doctor tells Caroline there is no test immediately to give her the answer but she’d like to find out more about this period that Caroline had around the time she had sex with the other guy and is wondering if he could be the father. The doctor says based on everything she has said she has no doubts this is her husband’s child and she sees no problems. They will get her started on vitamins right away. Caroline is optimistically happy and can’t wait to tell Ridge.

Ridge tells Brooke that he wants to be alone when Caroline comes back so he’d like her to leave. She says again that he needs to tell Caroline and face the future. There are other ways to have a baby. Ridge won’t hear of that since Caroline wants his baby. Quinn tells Wyatt that Liam’s track record with women is sickening. He will not stand up for Ivy against Steffy. They were both disrespected but he hopes that will change today. Ivy slips in past the guards and tells Steffy that she thinks it is about time she came back to work. Thomas wants to show his dad some designs but runs into Brooke instead. She thinks it is brilliant and adding him to the design team has added a plus. She says Ridge went home as he needed to talk to Caroline, something in private. Caroline is not expecting him at home but can not wait to tell him her news. She starts to gush it out but he stops her and says there is something he needs to tell her first. He starts by saying there is something he needs to tell her about Paris. He was living at a crossroad then and trying to decide what to do with his life. His children were all grown except RJ who was turning into a fine young man. Having another family did not cross his mind so he took steps to make sure he never had any more....he had a vasectomy. So when he had earlier told her he could not give her kids that is what he meant. But then she seemed so broken and cried over the phone and no one to lean on and he knew he had lost her and he would be lost too. So he decided that he would go and have the vasectomy reversed. They can have one kid or ten kids. So he went to the doctor today and he ran tests and Ridge says he is sorry but nothing is viable. He is sorry but he can not be the father to her child.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

André DiMera returns, revealing to be alive as Stefano's son, surprising Stefano who warns him about the dangers of returning to Salem as André wants to help the DiMera family. Steve meets with Claudia, the woman who looks just like Britta Englund, and she reveals that she was hired to convince Bo that she was Britta's daughter and that she knew where Britta was to lure him in to a trap. Eve meets Eduardo at the club and questions him suddenly caring about Paige. Kayla tells Hope that Steve left town in search of Bo. Hope is surprised that Kayla is believing Steve. Rafe is in charge of the search for Chad which Hope encourages him on but Justin demands that Rafe find and arrest Chad. Stefano tells André that Chad must never find out that he is his long lost brother. Aiden is summoned to the DiMera Mansion where Stefano reveals he knows Aiden stole from his checkbook and that he already called to stop the payment. Aiden reminds Stefano of their deal but Stefano tells him it's off. Aiden argues that he lived up to his part in making Hope fall for him and divorce Bo like he wanted. Stefano fires Aiden as Chad's attorney so Aiden threatens to tell Hope everything but Stefano doesn't believe he will.

Steve pays Claudia $1000 to give him the phone number that she was told to give to Bo. Steve calls John to look in to it and they trace the phone to a monastery in Mexico as they wonder why Bo would be lured there. Aiden threatens to come clean to Hope and the cops but Stefano sends him out of his house. André questions what Stefano is up to in breaking up Hope and Bo to which Stefano responds all in good time. Adrienne finds Lucas at the hospital as he sprained his wrist playing basketball. Lucas tells Adrienne that he thinks she's making a huge mistake with Justin but Adrienne is pulled away by Kayla. Adrienne expresses her concern to Kayla about possibly having cancer due to her mother having it so Kayla agrees to test her. A new woman named Lani Price, a transfer from Miami, reports to the police department for work and meets Rafe. Lani seems to express interest in Abe as she looks at his photo and reads an article about him. Aiden finds the man who fractured his finger with Chase. The man warns Aiden that he has 24 hours to come up with what he owes his boss and threatens him.

Eve and Eduardo continue to argue until Justin shows up as Eduardo leaves. Eve tells Justin that Eduardo is Paige's father. Justin wants to help as Eve thanks him for being a friend. Lucas enters the club and sees Justin hugging Eve. Aiden meets with Hope, who can tell something is wrong. Aiden admits to Hope that he has a confession and she is not going to like what he has to say. Steve calls Kayla, who is positive about the change in Joey since he talked with Steve. Steve assures Kayla that he's coming home even if he doesn't find Bo but he thinks made real progress today and is on the right track. Bo breaks free and chokes out the prison guard but is caught by another man who pulls a gun on him. Bo is then strapped to a board with a knife held to his throat.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Sonny is still recovering, Carly knows she must inform him of the disturbing news that not only is Ava acquitted of the murder charges due to the flash drive with her recorded confession disappearing from the DA's office. She's gotten a court order to take baby Avery home with her in 24 hours after serving them the notice. They know they can't let that happen. Ric informs Michael and Morgan that there's going to be a cartel meeting and "somebody" has to represent Sonny's interests and hopefully find out who got him shot. All three of them argue about each wanting only himself to attend on behalf of Sonny. But Michael determines that it must be him. He attends. Also, before the meeting, Ava meets privately with Paul and he tells her he needs her to inform the members that she shot Sonny although they both know that he did. If she refuses, her only other option is to help him falsely accuse and convict her brother and, in turn probably get Julian shot. She agrees to attend although Paul realizes he really cannot assume to know what she will do what he wants or not and he gets on the phone to warn his "contact" of that about Ava. Meanwhile, Alexis seems confident that Paul can be trusted to not allow Julian to be thrown under the bus and do the right thing for him. Little does she know.

Sam wants to marry Patrick but somehow knows there is a really good reason why she cannot go through with it. She goes to the Noodle Buddha, the place where she and Jason decided, without planning or intending, to get married. And wouldn't you know that is the very place Jake selects when he goes to get food for Sonny's family while they wait outside his hospital room. She sees him and seems to know it's more than a "coincidence" that she runs into Jake at this very place and time. She admits to him that she cannot let go of Jason even if it seems irrational, because, for some reason, she believes that Jason is still alive, she tells Jake. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Patrick discusses the same thing with Elizabeth. She wants him to marry Sam, as she's ready to marry Jake, although she does not tell him the real reason why she wants both Sam and Jake to be "off the market" (Jake is really Jason).

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren asks Michael to move back home, and he agrees because they can't work out their problems if they are apart from each other. Lily forgives Lauren for kissing Cane and apologizes for blaming her for all the problems in her marriage to Cane. Noah is upset that Marisa lied to him about her marriage to Luca. Noah and Mariah visit Sharon and after talking to her, Noah decides to give Marisa another chance. Noah sees Marisa with Luca at the Underground and tells her their relationship is over, because she can't tell him the truth. Marisa tells Noah she doesn't want to lose him, and she says that she will tell him the whole truth. 

Neil tells an unconscious Hilary that he has feelings for Gwen. He realizes that by keeping her at the lake house, he is hurting himself more than he is hurting Devon. Patty overhears Mariah telling Sharon that she should tell Dylan the truth about losing the baby. Patty tells Sharon's doctor who advises her not to tell anyone Sharon's secret. Patty tells Sharon that she knows that she is faking her pregnancy. Kevin does his computer magic and finds the name of the pilot who could have taken Hilary out of Virgin Gorda and flown her back to the United States. Dylan is about to get information from the guy when Devon loses his temper and demands that he tell him Hilary's whereabouts. The pilot says he doesn't know anything about Hilary or what Devon is talking about so Devon punches him.

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