Thursday 9/24/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline gushes on and on about soon they will have a baby and he will have Ridge’s eyes and goofy smile. Ridge tries to sound agreeable but says it might not be that easy. He thinks back and hears Brooke’s words that Caroline is young and healthy and if she does not get pregnant right away she will figure out something is wrong. So Ridge needs to tell her about the vasectomy. Brooke tells Thomas that he probably needs to wait to give Ridge the designs he has finished as Ridge needs some privacy as he is with Caroline now. Nicole tells Zende that if he had not kissed her when he did she might have kissed him. They kiss and he says wow he wished he had not waited so long. Rick catches them and is glad they are officially a couple now. He says he and Maya will be there for them and he invites them to watch a football game which thrills Nicole as she is a big Bear fan.

Although Ridge does not think it is necessary, Caroline tells him that she has an OB/GYN appointment to make sure she is in good health and nothing will impede her getting pregnant. Her doctor tells her they will do some blood tests and then take it from there. She seems to be healthy so the best thing is just relax and keep the stress down and do things with her husband that she enjoys. Caroline agrees that having a baby with the man she loves is more than she ever dreamed of. Brooke is nosy but Ridge tells her Caroline is going to the doctor and there is nothing to worry about. Brooke says as long as he understands that she can not have Ridge’s baby if he told her that. The doctor tells Caroline that most of her tests prove what she already thought but there is one surprise, a pretty big one……she is already pregnant. She is ecstatic, saying they were not even trying. They had just gotten married recently. She suddenly thinks back to that night with Thomas. She asks the doctor if she can tell her how long it has been, a few days or even weeks. The doctor wonders why. Caroline tells her the whole sad story and asks is it possible that this other guy could be the baby’s father.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

The killer tries to strangle Marlena with the necktie until Chad comes back and he runs away. Jennifer bumps in to Clyde outside the town square and notes that he seems out of breath. Clyde jokes with her then walks to talk about the wedding which Jennifer still believes they should leave to Abigail and Ben. Chad tries to calm Marlena but she panics thinking he was the one who attacked her before she passes out and Chad flees the scene. Rafe shows up at Marlena's office and finds her unconscious then immediately calls for help. Ben comes home to find Abigail and questions why she's still there. Abigail insists she loves him and not Chad, arguing that he was overreacting. Ben decides that if Abigail loves him then she will leave town with him which she eventually agrees to.

Daniel, John, and Rafe check on Marlena at the hospital. Marlena tells them that it was Chad. John wants to go after Chad but Rafe convinces him that they have to do it by the book. Clyde and Jennifer argue about their involvement in the wedding. Jennifer insists that it's Abigail and Ben's wedding while they are just supporters. Clyde ends up telling her that he is looking forward to a closer relationship when their kids are married. Daniel makes sure Marlena will be safe staying at the hospital. Abigail goes home and tells Jennifer that she and Ben are leaving town which surprises Jennifer but she understands. Clyde goes to see Ben, who tells him about leaving town but Clyde says he's not going anywhere. Clyde encourages Ben to stay and watch Chad go down. Chad prepares to leave town but first meets Abigail on the docks. Chad tells her that he didn't do it, says goodbye and that he loves her. Abigail refuses to let him go and threatens to turn him in if he leaves. Instead, Abigail takes him to a cabin to hide at then tells him that she's leaving town with Ben so she won't be back. Clyde convinces Ben to stay in Salem after all. Jennifer prays for Abigail to be safe and hopes that Clyde will end up in jail. Ben watches the news report about the APB out on Chad. Ben then reveals a box under his bed full of neckties, flower petals, gloves and a mask. Ben puts all the evidence in a trash bag then tosses it in the lake.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis goes to visit and introduce herself to Paul Hornsby, admitting she's there to see him on behalf of Julian. He is able to convince her that he might be a much better DA than the previous two incumbents (Scott Baldwin and Ric Lansing) and that she (and Julian) might be able to trust him. She encourages Julian to believe he might be on their side. Little do they know who Paul really is. Julian admits to Sam that he has yet to find out who framed him for the shooting of Sonny. She is worried about somebody coming after him and offers to unravel the mystery for her dad. He urges her not to get involved and put herself in danger. Jake is still “ever-present” in man people's lives, leaving Sam feeling incomplete with the loss of Jason and stalling to marry Patrick just as Jake is stalling to marry Elizabeth. Sonny somehow knows there was something more than just pain-killers and wishful thinking that caused him to see Jake as Jason. He knows there is no other human being on earth like Jason and he admits he believes Jake cannot be anyone except Jason...although Sonny, like everyone else, has no conscious awareness or reason as to why anyone would believe that.

When Carly is happily with baby Avery and confident that she and Sonny and their family will be able to raise her, Ava comes by to surprise them with a court-ordered document that allows her to take the baby within 24 hours. Carly fights her, along with Morgan and realizes that maybe now is not the time to let Sonny know that this has happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack calls an emergency board meeting to vote on whether or not to keep Lancelot Shipping. Summer begs Kyle to vote for giving it back to Newman. Jack, Kyle, and another board member vote to give it back. Ashley, Billy, and another board member vote to keep it. The deciding vote is Tracy's and she has asked Lauren to be her proxy. Lauren apologizes to Jack. Tracy votes to keep it. Jack tells Ashley that he won't fight her on it but she should be ready. She has just reignited the feud between the Abbotts and the Newmans. Faith is sad when she visits Sharon. Sharon and Dylan try to make her understand that Sharon is going to be fine and so is Sage and so are the babies. At the coffeehouse, Dylan tries to cheer up Faith and Summer comes to the rescue. Dylan tells Faith that no matter what happens, he's there for her. Stitch tells Nick and Sage that Sage has an infection. They are relieved to learn that Sage and the baby will be fine after taking meds to fight the infection. Sharon tells her therapist that she doesn't think it's fair that some people like Nick have charmed lives while she has to struggle. Victoria overhears her parents talking about Nick eventually becoming the patriarch of the family. Nick apologizes to Victor for blaming him for Sage's health concerns. They hug. Victoria calls Nick a sell-out. He assures her that he is always on her side.

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