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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Looking rather forlorn, Ridge sits in his office looking at many photos of Caroline when Brooke walks in. He tells her before she starts that no he did not tell Caroline yet. She was so happy last night, and he too is trying to wrap his head around this. It is going to be a process for both of them. He informs Brooke there is no way he could have been misdiagnosed as they ran the tests twice. He tells her there is no medication, nothing they can do. He wanted this for Caroline. Brooke says she is sorry, she knows how much he wanted this. Caroline is sketching in the same room with Thomas and he likes seeing her exuberance like this over one of his designs. She jokes they need to find a girl for him. He says he does not think he is up for a relationship right now but he did kiss Nicole the other day. She’s gorgeous and a fun girl but she was getting a little too close and asking a few too many questions about him and Caroline so he kissed her. Caroline is going to have a baby with his dad and nothing is going to come in the way of that. She is stunned that he would protect her like that. She says no one will know this, especially his father. Thomas promises this is just between the two of them and will go no further. Nicole is talking with Zende and says again the Thomas kiss was nothing serious but Zende seems to think so. She wonders why he never tried to kiss her if he is this interested. He says he does have that urge but he thought he should take it slow and be respectful. She says Thomas is a very successful and handsome Forrester but he is not the Forrester that she is into. Zende jokes that aha, it’s grandpa, he gets all the girls and he’s such a player. She lets him know that he is the only guy on her radar and she does not know why she has to tell him that. He says he is not mad, just disappointed. They aren’t even dating yet. She picks up on the word yet and says there is still hope yet. And she will shout his name to the rooftops if he will believe her. There is no one else she had rather spend her time with. And she is not smooth talking him or playing games. As he gets up to leave a folder with tickets falls on the floor and she asks if those are for the two of them. He first says it is for his cousin but she does not believe him. Pam has Charlie taste a piece of her cake and give her his honest opinion. She is still bummed that she came in 5th out of only 5 contestants. He jokes that maybe he can cheer her up if they play Contessa and the cabana boy. They come out looking for Nicole and Zende and let the cat out of the bag. They ask if he has given her the tickets. She says she saw it was for a rock concert of one of her favorite bands…..and yes she’d love to go. Charlie says no problem, he works as security at The Bowl and was happy to get the tickets. He thinks they will have a grand time. Zende gets up the courage to give Nicole a little peck on the lips. And a second time when she gives her approval.

Ridge tells Brooke that she was right when she said to explain to Caroline and work this out. He didn’t and now what does he do. Brooke says this is his responsibility and he has to talk to her now. There are other methods of having a baby. He says not for Caroline. She wants his baby and he pretty much guaranteed that for her. Brooke laments this does not have to ruin his marriage but it will affect their relationship if he does not tell her as soon as he can. She’s young and healthy and if she does not get pregnant very soon she will start figuring things out. Ridge barks that he appreciates her concern but right now he wants her to lay off of him. Caroline walks in and is concerned at what she just heard. She remarks that it seem awfully tense in here. Brooke starts to leave and says they just had a difference of opinion but it always helps to tell the truth. She tells Thomas that he does not have to rush the designs as she does not think Caroline will be going on maternity leave any time soon, there are no guarantees. Life is always full of surprises. Caroline tells Ridge that she wishes he would look at her. She feels their commitment and hopes they will have a baby but she realizes there is no guarantee it will happen right away. Slowly he tells her when she called he was at the doctor’s office. She barges in and says she knows and she is so grateful that he changed his mind and wants to have a baby with her. He is giving her everything she ever wanted. She wraps herself in his arms.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Nicole confronts Kate about being Theresa's partner and says she won't let it happen. Justin and Adrienne go on a date at the club. Ben thanks Marlena for helping Clyde with their sessions as they decide to go to the hospital together. Chad goes to see Stefano but he's not in his room causing him to worry until Abigail comes in and explains that Stefano was taken for tests. Abigail encourages Chad about the hypnosis with Marlena and still believes he's not the murderer. Chad touches her face and they get close until Ben interrupts, catching them together. Ben can't believe it and accuses Abigail of lying to him and breaking her promise to him after she promised to stay away from Chad so he questions why he should even marry her since she thinks he's a fool as he storms out in anger. Abigail is upset but still encourages Chad, who feels Ben is right that she is better off away from him. Adrienne wants to hear how Justin's doing. Justin excitedly talks about being DA and wanting to nail Chad for the murder so he can say he brought down a DiMera but Adrienne worries that he's sounding a lot like Victor. Rafe is shocked to learn from Eve that Paige was his half-sister and that Eduardo had another family. Eduardo sees Gabi with Arianna in the town square. Arianna drops her toy so Gabi asks Eduardo for help picking it up, not knowing who he is.

Chad goes to Marlena's office to be hypnotized again and this time he remembers getting in a fight with someone after leaving Serena that night. Kate suggests she and Nicole can do business together and get rich despite that they will never like each other but Nicole refuses and brings up all the bad things Kate has done in the past, warning her that she will have no part in the Basic Black deal. Rafe finds Eduardo with Gabi and Arianna so he tells Gabi to take Arianna home. Rafe then questions Eduardo about abandoning his other family too, reminding him to stay away from he and Gabi. Adrienne and Justin finish their date and agree to take things slow. Eduardo goes to the club and exchanges looks with Kate. Chad goes to the docks and has visions of the fight he was remembering being there. Rafe looks over the evidence chart with Paige's photo. Someone sneaks in to Marlena's office when she steps out. Abigail cries outside and goes home looking for Ben but he isn't home. After Marlena returns to her office, the killer sneaks in and begins to strangle her with a necktie in the same way that Serena and Paige were killed.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Michael persuades Morgan not to shoot and kill Julian....At least for now... Or, one could say, maybe, after Morgan agreed to do what his brother asked (not kill Julian right then and there, in order to shut Michael up), he returns to the hospital to hear his mom lecture him on the seriousness of his actions. She tells him her concerns knowing, were it not for Michael finding them and intervening before it was too late, Morgan would have committed murder in front of witnesses and served a life sentence in Pentonville. Carly concludes that since she knows her son does not "want" these consequences for his actions, yet does these things without thinking, he clearly needs to see a psychiatrist and take medication. Morgan tells her he's not about to see a shrink right now and has higher making Julian pay. Carly tells him that he cannot assume that Julian was the shooter of Sonny. She reminds him that Ava is a more likely suspect given her history with Sonny and her means, motive and opportunity to have him shot. The most compelling of which is, now that she's out of prison, if Sonny dies before he has a chance to marry Carly, neither he nor Carly will have any legal parental rights to her baby daughter, Avery. If they get married, they may be able to prevent Ava from seeing her baby.

After finding out that Paul is not only the new DA, but has the flashdrive recording of her confession of murder, Ava knows that Paul Hornsby "holds all the cards" and she has to do what he wants, if she wants to remain a free woman. She knows he wants to do battle with Julian yet hears her brother tell her that he is in a very vulnerable position after getting falsely accused of having Sonny killed. He knows many people want him dead and he needs his sister's help and alliance. She knows, however, she has a lot more "incentive" to work with Paul. Sam is having reservations about Patrick's marriage proposal as Jake is having reservations of Elizabeth's marriage proposal of him. Neither is consciously aware of why but once again, everybody remembers Jason

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack and Phyllis discuss the possibility that Fred is connected to Marco. Jack calls Fred hoping to get more information. Ian struggles through the phone call, then destroys his phone. From his computer, Ian puts Newman's shipping line up for sale for cheap. Billy buys it for Jabot. Nick and Victoria ask Kevin to check it out. He finds out that someone used Victoria's password to do it. Abby goes to Chelsea's apartment looking for a shoulder to cry on about her break up with Ben. While there, she finds out about the sale, but not the name of the company. Chelsea worries it is Chelsea 2.0. Gabe convinces her to take a bath and relax. He goes across the hall and tells Ian that he doesn't want Jack involved in their scheme. Ian says there are only so many ways he can get revenge against Victor. Why does he care who benefits from it anyway? At Newman, Abby accuses Victoria of doing this purposely to make her look bad. Nick finds out that Sage was taken to the hospital and Victor is with her. While Nick and Abby go to the hospital, Victoria goes to Jabot to see Billy. He assures her that he bought the shipping company but didn't use her password to do it. At the hospital, Nick accuses Victor of putting stress on Sage because he is suing Chelsea for visitation rights and Sage is afraid Victor will do something like that with her baby. Kevin tells Gabe what he knows, as promised. He tells both Gabe and Chelsea that Newman's system has a virus and it's bad. Abby tries to talk to Ben but he receives Sage's test results and says he has to talk to Nick and Sage. Victor tells Victoria that he thinks something is wrong with Nick besides worrying about Sage. Victoria tells Victor to look at his phone. Victor is shocked to find that Jabot has bought one of Newman's most profitable divisions. At this moment, Billy walks in.

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