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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline is working in Rick’s office when Brooke comes in to see Ridge. Caroline says he is out looking ahead to their future whatever that means. Brooke says she will know soon enough. Caroline does not want Brooke to spoil the surprise and asks her not to tell. Caroline is glad she can speak to Brooke like this about her ex-husband. No one else could know how she feels. And Brooke was so lucky to have a baby by the man that she loved. Brooke says she will always love Ridge but she is not pining away for him. She knows he loves Caroline and they want to have a baby and she is all for that. She just doesn’t want Caroline to put too much on this surprise of Ridge’s as not all are as they are cracked up to be. Ridge asks the doctor how long it will be before he gets the results. The doctor explains this is not an easy procedure and they can not rush it. After the doctor is gone for a spell he comes back in and is surprised that Ridge is still waiting there. Ridge says he knows he is being a pain but he will wait as he promised Caroline a baby and nothing is going to prevent him from doing that. If all is okay they can do the procedure this afternoon.

Zende overhears Thomas say he kissed Nicole but he explains to Zende it meant nothing. It was just one kiss and she did not encourage it. Zende does think it is more to it than Thomas admits. Nicole walks in and thinks they are making too much of this and wants to speak to Zende alone. She explains and he is okay that it is not so fuzzy now. They are both free to see or kiss who they please. She says Thomas was probably thinking of someone else and perhaps so was she. The doctor has the results and Ridge is delighted until the doctor says they will not be reversing the vasectomy and that his sperm count is not viable. He tells Ridge that he did three tests and they are not going to change. They can try a few things but will have less than 10% chance of working. Caroline shows Thomas how to fix a design. He keeps looking at her and thinking about their night of sex. She explains that Ridge is gone as he is planning something for their future. She knows Thomas has big shoes to fill but she really wants him to be closer to his father. And a baby would be a blessing to all. Brooke comes by when Ridge returns and assumes he saw the doctor. He is gloomy and says he did not have the vasectomy reversed as it is a matter of fertility. He can not give Caroline the baby that she wants. Brooke is sorry and hugs Ridge. Yet Caroline tells Thomas that Ridge is going to give her a baby and they are elated.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Eduardo is revealed to be Rafe's father and Rafe wants him gone. Eve and Kate bond at the club over their similar pasts and misfortunes. Steve finds Joey on the plane and questions him. Joey explains that he followed him because he didn't want him to abandon them again but Steve tries to explain he's going to save Bo. Joey wants to help by coming with him. Rafe questions Eduardo suddenly caring after all the time that has passed. Theresa talks with Brady about losing Paige and Nicole joins them to go over Basic Black work. Steve tells Joey he can't go with him causing Joey to continue thinking Steve is abandoning them. Eve and Kate toast to making Paige's killer pay.

Rafe agrees to give Eduardo ten minutes to talk to him at the club. Rafe assumes he wants something. Eduardo asks how he and Gabi are doing. Rafe responds that they don't need anything from him. Steve wishes that he could've done things differently with Joey and compares it to his difficult childhood. Joey yells at Steve that he already blew his chance to get it right and says he doesn't need him. Steve says he will show that he needs them. Nicole questions Theresa about her investor but Theresa reminds it's a silent partner as they go over business ideas. Rafe argues with Eduardo about not caring about his kids. Eve and Kate notice as Rafe storms out leading to Eve confronting Eduardo and being shocked to learn that Rafe is his son. Steve talks to Joey about first meeting Kayla as Kayla also has flashbacks while looking at their wedding photo. Eve can't believe Eduardo had another family before Paige and tells him to go to Hell. The weather prevents Steve's plane from leaving yet as he talks more with Joey about the past. Theresa gets a call from Kate which Nicole listens in on then when Theresa leaves the room, Nicole checks her phone to see it was Kate. Nicole then confronts Kate about being Theresa's silent partner. Eve goes to the police station and reveals to Rafe that Paige was his sister. Brady tells Theresa that maybe working together won't be such a disaster. Steve tells Joey that he can't go with him despite his insisting. Steve calls Kayla and tells her that he's sending Joey home and when he finds Bo then he will be done with no more missions so next time he comes home, it will be for good.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dylan and Maxie "deliberate" on whether he should trust his father, let him into Dylan's life and take a risk. They both agree that they really do not know what to expect from Paul Hornsby or what kinds of secrets he may have. Paul goes to talk to Ava who tells him she does not really trust him and won't help him double-cross her brother. However, he is able to enlighten her that they have one common goal which is win their respective battles against Sonny so that Sonny cannot ruin either of their lives. Paul reveals to her, as Mayor Lomax reveals to Ric Lansing, that Ric is hereby fired from the DA's office and Paul is the new DA. While Sonny is in the hospital and on pain-killers, he notices Jake and "equates" him to Jason. Nobody has a clue why he's doing that except for Elizabeth who is concerned and worried when she hears Jake promise to make sure that Sonny and his family are "safe". She expresses her reason for concern is because Jake is going to marry her and be her kids' father and they need him to be out of harm's way. She does not admit the "other" concern she has about Jake's sudden and apparent "bonding" with Sonny. (The secret she knows that he's really Jason.) Morgan gets ready to murder Julian although Michael talks him out of it, just for this one time. Morgan reveals that he is not about to give up on going after the man who intended to kill his dad although everyone tells him that is not his battle to fight.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil tells Devon that he is renovating the lake house as a present for Hilary and Devon. Gwen arrives in time to tell Neil it was her that followed him to the lake house. Neil tells Gwen it is over between them and she should just accept that. Later, Devon finds Gwen at GCAC. She admits she is falling in love with Neil. At Hilary's bedside, Neil breaks down. Quarterly reports show a decline in Chelsea 2.0 and just as much of an incline of Brash & Sassy sales. Nick thinks it's more than just a coincidence. Victoria points out that she's been saying this would happen all along. Abby thinks Victoria tried to sabotage Chelsea 2.0. Victoria admits that she went to Ben and suggested he take Abby away so she could regroup.

When Abby confronts Ben, they have a fight that leads to a break up. Adam tells Chelsea that this is the way it usually works, not to worry about it. Meanwhile, Ian moves in across the hall from Chelsea and Adam. Chelsea wants to go over and introduce themselves but Adam says their new neighbor isn't home. Sage insists on working on the books during her bed rest. Noah leaves his dinner with Marisa to bring Sage some receipts leaving Marisa wide open to Luca's advances. Victor observes Luca leaving Marisa alone at the table. He tells her that she has to make Luca disappear the way she did Marco. While Sage goes through the receipts, she collapses. Victor finds her, but she covers and insists she is all right and doesn't need his help.

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