Monday 9/21/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/21/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The office is celebrating the Caroline and Ridge nuptials. Eric comments that Brooke seems a little quiet. Nicole even is subdued and wondering what Thomas is thinking. Charlie wishes them a long and happy life. Ridge wants to talk about business now that all are gathered. He tells them that Thomas is now part of the design team. Brooke catches Ridge aside and says he is marred to Caroline and should tell her about the vasectomy. He says no need since he is going to a doctor today. Steffy notices that Brooke does not seem to approve if Caroline and Ridge have kids. She finally says she wishes them all her best but for children she has reservations. Eric asks Brooke if she is opposed to Ridge having children. Steffy says she did too at first but they made it clear they are going to stay together so she has his back now 100%. Quinn quips that once Brooke has a man she marks her territory for life so she can see her acting this way.

Nicole overhears Caroline talking to Thomas and suspects something is amiss. Later she tells Thomas that he is handling it well. He might pretend around others but she can tell the marriage of his dad to Caroline is not going down well. Thomas says it is not like that. Caroline is an awesome person and they have been over a long time ago. Zende overhears Nicole talking to Thomas and mentions his kiss to her. Brooke asks Caroline if she has a minute to talk. Brooke starts off that she just wants to congratulate her. She had her doubts but now she sees how happy Ridge is. She warns Caroline though about having a family; that is never a given. They have a bright future but if they do not have children she will have to accept that. All winning streaks come to an end at some point. Caroline says she has no doubt they will have that baby soon. Ridge sees the doctor who wants to first do a fertility test as reversing a vasectomy is never guaranteed. Caroline calls Ridge and asks where he is but he is evasive, just saying he is looking out for their future.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Rafe and Hope go over evidence at the station and talk about whether or not Chad is the killer. Eve and Theresa cry over Paige's death until Paige's father, Eduardo, arrives. Julie, Maggie, and Caroline work on planning the Salem Bicentennial at the Martin Mansion where Caroline again envisions Shawn in the mirror, causing her to wonder if she's getting worse and is dying soon. Kayla brings Joey to the hospital from the principal's office to talk after he is suspending for hitting another student. Steve and Victor talk about Bo being in danger. Victor doesn't believe it but Steve persists and gets Victor's attention with photos he found showing Bo with a woman who resembles Britta Englund, who was killed many years ago.

Eve argues with Eduardo about never being there all these years. Kayla wants Joey to stay at the hospital but he plans to go see Steve before he leaves. Rafe congratulates Hope on her engagement again. Hope asks if he's really happy for her to which Rafe responds of course because Aiden is a stand up guy, especially after he got Gabi out of prison. Rafe talks about how happy Gabi has been and having their family back. Victor explains to Steve that Caroline doesn't have Alzheimer's disease but a similar more aggressive disease and they never told her so to not worry her but that is where Bo went, to find a cure. Maggie and Julie take Caroline to the hospital for a checkup. Maggie goes home and tells Victor about it so he explains to her about the disease as well. Eve tells Eduardo he can take the box of photos of Paige and leave then she breaks down crying so he hugs her. Caroline asks Kayla if she's getting worse. Kayla encourages her that they will get through it together. Bo pretends to be unconscious when the guard checks on him then prepares to make a hole in the wall when he leaves. Aiden joins Hope at the station and they talk about being on opposite sides of the case. Eduardo walks through the town square and comes across Rafe, who recognizes him and questions what he's doing there. Steve leaves on Victor's plane but finds Joey hiding inside.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny is getting better but hospital staff tell him he has to stay in the hospital and rest. He somehow knows that Morgan is in trouble and may do something rash. After Elizabeth administers pain killers to him, he reflects that he's happy her son with Jason is alive and well. He also somehow knows "something" about Jake when he asks to talk to him, tells Jake he can always count on him and calls him Jason. Sam is happily with Patrick although not ready to say yes to his marriage proposal because of Jason. Carly knows that Jake might be the only person who can understand what is needed with her kids, just the way only Jason did.

Tracy talks to Dylan and Maxie about her history with Paul Hornsby. She admits she might not mind getting back with Paul but knows he still has many secrets. Sure enough, Paul tells Dylan he will pull strings to help him get his screen play authorized, but instead goes to find Ava, reveals to her that it was himself who got Sonny shot and who removed the flash-drive of her confession from Scott's hotel room. He tells her he needs her to join forces with him and she may not have a choice since he has possession of what she needs for her freedom. Morgan goes to find Julian where he's gone off with Alexis. He is ready to shoot and kill Julian. Michael goes to intervene although it may be too late when he hears shots fired. Morgan won't listen to anyone and is sold that it was Julian, and nobody else who got Sonny shot.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack tells Phyllis that he suspects "Fred" was sent by Marco to help him get her guard down, so that he can continue to ruin their lives. Adam tells Ian to stay away from Phyllis or he will make sure that he returns to jail. Ian moves out of the trailer in the woods and into the apartment next door to Adam and Chelsea. Sharon gets scared when she discovers that Patty is also at Fairview. Dylan tells Paul that Colin told him that Neil paid him to set up Devon and make him think he slept with a prostitute. Dylan thinks that Neil is responsible for Hilary's disappearance. Paul is hesitant to believe Dylan at first, but then he talks to Neil and fears that Dylan is right. Thinking that Neil is acting strangely, Gwen follows him to the lake house and later calls Devon and tells him Neil's whereabouts. Neil begins to feel guilty over what he has done and decides to put an end to the whole thing. Neil is nervous when Devon arrives at the lake house and asks him to tell him the truth.

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