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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt asks his dad if he is in…..will he help him? Katie says she will join them. Bill says this has to be more than just impressing his girlfriend. He can do that by borrowing the jet or the yacht but he is asking him to invest a lot of money…….Wyatt says he is simply asking him to let Wyatt make them all rich…well richer…having a Spencer Fashion House with a Forrester designer is not risky. It is brilliant. And if he can score some extra points with a beautiful girl, then there is nothing wrong there. Steffy brings Liam a beer and they discuss the day. Liam says the way Katie and Bill were looking at him today he is not so sure they believe in him that he can protect Bill’s interest at Forrester. Steffy says Bill might be pouting right now but it had to be said and she knows Bill is proud of him. That’s why he trusted him with his shares. And she fired Ivy because she could not trust her and she thinks Bill would have done the same. Working side by side in the office Thomas fills Brooke in about his dad’s wedding and how it was private but they stopped by city hall before to get the papers. She says it will be interesting to see what happens. Caroline remembers the wedding. She tells Ridge that she needs to return Pam’s casserole dish and pick up a few things at the office but she will return shortly and they can start on their baby project. As they discuss the name of the business, Bill puts a kibosh on the plans by saying he is not saying yes just yet. He really has no desire to get into the fashion business. He is in the magazine business reporting on these idiots who design pretty dresses but he does not want to design them himself. Wyatt reminds him that he will make a ton more money that way. Bill lays it out. It is not about the money. He does not want to create a war between his sons. He thinks they have enough trouble getting along as it is and he does not want to add to that. Wyatt adds that he is not going to add to it. Bill is just going to choose Liam again. Caroline surprises Thomas when she shows up at work. He tells her he saw her wedding photos online. She laments that it was so beautiful and intimate and she has never felt so connected to anyone in her life. He holds her hand long enough to look at her ring and says yes she is really married. He asks if she is still going to start a family right away. She says there are a few things Ridge needs to get settled first but yeah they want to have a baby pretty soon and there is nothing in the way now.

Brooke is at Ridge’s place as she drops off a Thomas design and gives the newlyweds a wedding gift. She looks at his ring and says after all these years it is now Caroline and Ridge. Ridge tells her he does not mean to take anything away from the past but he feels this is meant to be and he is happy. Brooke says she can’t help but think of the other Caroline and her charm bracelet. All of that Ridge could not have but now maybe he can. But about the milestone of a baby he needs to make that appointment as soon as possible to see if the vasectomy can be reversed…..and he needs to tell Caroline. Ivy can’t believe that Bill shut Wyatt down like that. Wyatt grouses he can, it is what Bill always does, chooses Liam over him. He will always be second or even third but at least Will is not old enough to have a company. Ivy says she does not even mind. She got something more important today than a fashion house. She got to see Wyatt fight for her. He may not have gotten the company today, but he got the girl. What he did will not go unnoticed. She really likes him in her corner and there is no comparison to Liam. Wyatt jokes that he is much more handsome. She says Liam doesn’t do anything because he wants to, only because he is asked to. That is why he pulled her from the Seine and the reason he later married her. She says Wyatt acts and Liam reacts. There is a big difference. She isn’t sure who Wyatt thinks he failed but it certainly wasn’t her. Before Brooke leaves Ridge makes an appointment for the following day with a doctor so he can discuss his options. Brooke warns him again to tell Caroline before he finds out it will not go his way and she will be so mad that she was kept in the dark. Caroline starts to leave and Thomas says he is happy that she is happy. There is an awkward moment when they start to hug and then it turns into a handshake, but later she does hug him. She brings up that night and says she is married and happy now and Ridge must never find out about that.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

John continues searching for information on his past as Steve comes over to discuss Bo and they work together. Gabi is officially released from prison and she reunites with Arianna, Will, and Rafe as they all go out to eat at the club. Ben and Abigail talk wedding plans. Ben mentions Clyde being willing to help Jennifer pay for the wedding but Abigail insists on letting Jennifer handle it while Ben agrees that Abigail gets whatever she wants. Abigail feels the baby kick for the first time. Marlena hypnotizes Chad to the night with Serena until he gets furious over Serena slapping him so Marlena stops to calm him down and explains that it's a process that will take days but she thinks they will get answers. Chad says he will turn himself in if he's guilty but thinks he was set up though he no longer believes it was Stefano because he gave his word.

At the club, Will explains to Gabi about he and Sonny's problems leading to Sonny leaving for Paris. Gabi encourages him and they agree that Gabi will move back in with Will and Arianna. John and Steve talk about Kayla and Marlena not wanting them in the ISA. Steve finds out Bo went from Germany to Cancun and declares he's going to Cancun to bring Bo back. Chad calls Kayla to inquire about medication used to make someone blackout. Marlena prepares to head home to John but is startled when Clyde shows up at her office. Clyde says he came to pay her for their last session. Clyde talks about everything going good for him which Marlena worries could lead downward. Clyde brings up the murder case but Marlena reminds him that she can't discuss that. Abigail has a nightmare about trying to stop Chad going to prison and wakes up in a panic. She cries but lies to Ben that the dream was about Ben leaving her. Chad wonders who would put something in his drink and then remembers Clyde approaching him that night at the club.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Ava's arraignment trial for the murder of Connie, Scott has represented her and successfully gotten his new "client" acquitted of the charges after remembering to remove the flashdrive of her recorded confession so that the new DAs cannot find it. They go looking for the device in his hotel room but discover that "somebody" has broken into Scott's room, made a mess and took the flashdrive. He suspects that Ric might have gotten Sonny or his men to do that. He reminds her that the "acquittal" is only temporary as the judge informed everyone that as soon as the flashdrive recording is found, Ava will be re-tried, as there is no statute of limitations for murder. Yet she's not about to pay him until she has access to the flashdrive, for that very reason and reminds him she can get him for extortion if he doesn't cooperate with her wishes. She then goes home and re-does her hair, appearance and mannerisms to go back to being Ava instead of Denise DeMuccio. Not far behind, Tracy's ex and Dylan's dad, Paul comes to see her, revealing he might know Ava even though it appears she does not know him. Paul has also revealed to Dylan and Maxie that he can help them over-ride legal restrictions that have been put in the movie they're working on by contacting his old friend, the mayor Janet Lomax. We wonder what is up with Paul's secrets.

Morgan makes it clear to everyone that he has left the hospital with a gun to go find Julian and kill him. He can't find Julian at his penthouse and later goes to Alexis' to see if Julian is there. He discovers only TJ in Alexis' empty house. TJ has previously spied upon and overheard Julian and Alexis together talking about the secret place they would go together. Morgan urges TJ to help him do what needs to be done with Julian. At first, TJ protests that Morgan cannot get involved in his dad's and Julian's issue but it appears that maybe he's tipped Morgan off as to where to find Julian. As soon as Julian and Alexis are alone at their hiding place, assuming they are alone and have nothing to fear, Morgan finds them, points his gun at Julian and is ready to kill him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victoria finds Ben at the hospital and voices her concern that Abby is spending too much time working. She suggests Ben take Abby on a vacation. Ben and Abby meet at the Athletic Club but Abby has a meeting. Ben leaves and Abby receives a note that says her meeting has been moved to a suite. When she gets there, the door is open. She goes in hesitantly and finds Ben in a romantic setting. He asks her to go to Europe with him. She says she needs time to wrap her head around the idea. Jack asks Victor if he's working with Marco behind his back and tells him that Marisa's husband, Luca, is in town. Victor finds Luca in a suite at GCAC and asks him what it will take to get him to leave town. Luca says he only wants one thing- Marisa. Victor finds Marisa and tells her it's her responsibility to see that Luca leaves town. Adam sees Ian having coffee with Phyllis in the trailer. When Phyllis leaves Adam tells Ian that he has to leave Chelsea 2.0 out of the Paragon Project and he must end his new friendship with Phyllis. Phyllis decides to invite Fred/Ian over for dinner to meet Jack. Sharon decides to check herself into Fairview because it is the only facility that has room for her. While there, someone watches her.

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