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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Wyatt and Ivy design, he tells her that he doesn’t get it. Bill has half a dozen fashion magazines, so it would not hurt for him to do this fashion house for him and for Ivy. His dad lives on the edge just as he does, not like Liam who lives in fear. Liam and Steffy have their heads together as to how to announce Ivy leaving without calling attention to it. Bill walks in and Liam chastises him for just barging in. Liam says he does not need him looking over his shoulder. Steffy assures Bill that Liam had nothing to do with Ivy leaving. It was all her decision. Quinn tells Rick that Steffy is as brutal as he was as CEO. This had nothing to do with Ridge, it was all Steffy. Quinn calls Wyatt and says she has given him space but she heard there was a big scene about Ivy and it feels like opportunity might be knocking for them. Steffy tells Bill this is a private matter and his 12 ½% does not give him rights to walk in here and throw his weight around. Liam says he does not like the fact that Bill is trying to micromanage him. Bill fires back that Steffy sure has a choke hold on him. Katie even says she does not recognize Liam anymore as he is just a yes man to Steffy. Liam tells Steffy later that Katie usually has his back even if his dad doesn’t. Maya feels responsible for what happened to Rick when teenagers threw food and drink on him. They called him names they used to call Maya. She says she is used to rudeness and curiosity but he should not have to. He should not have to swallow the consequences that she made. Now he knows what Julius probably had to go through. People of his generation were judged by being the kind of man you were. But a parent should always be there to fight for their child. He says people have tried to break them up but that will never happen again.

Katie comes by Wyatt’s and says Bill is still dragging his feet. He wanted to see how things are going at FC, but he would not come with her now. However within minutes he is there and said he had been acting childish. Wyatt tells him that he wants to make Bill a fortune so just back him with a fashion house. Liam has a bigger beach house than he and has a job at both FC and Spencer so Wyatt should have this. Liam tells Steffy that Wyatt gets so resentful about him that he wishes they could give him a title. Steffy says Liam has done nothing wrong. Bill asks Wyatt just what does he know about running a company and why should he trust him with that kind of money. And he does not know that Ivy can design. Wyatt says to back him, trust him that he knows Ivy and even Katie wants to be in on this. Bill has no more questions. Wyatt does – is he in?

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Victor and Stefano talk in Stefano's hospital room. Victor suggests Stefano stay in the hospital and focus on his health while letting Chad get picked up by the police. Stefano asks Victor about his personal life with Caroline and Maggie but Victor says that's none of his business and leaves. The henchman watching Aiden finds him and demands the money owed from his loans. Aiden tries to explain that he will get the money but the man doesn't want to hear it and ends up fracturing Aiden's finger. Marlena and Will talk in the town square. Will doesn't think Chad could be behind the murders while he blames himself for everything with Sonny. Marlena encourages him to give Sonny time and take the time to write again. Kayla meets with Steve and questions him about making progress with Joey when he's just going to leave town again to go hunting for Bo. Steve wants to bring Bo back but also wants her to give him another chance. Abigail continues trying to convince Chad to let Marlena hypnotize him, promising that no one will know since Chad worries that it will make him look guilty.

Rafe and Hope go over the evidence at the station where Hope gets flowers from Aiden delivered leading to Rafe finding out about their engagement. Kayla arrives and Hope shares the news with her as well. Kayla insists that she's happy for her while Hope thinks Kayla is still attracted to Steve. Kayla calls it an old habit she is fighting. Hope wishes Steve could bring Bo back so she can tell him to his face that it's over. Ben waits at the club for Abigail and tries calling her but gets her voicemail as he tries to convince himself it's not a big deal. Abigail brings Chad to Marlena's office for hypnotherapy. Chad explains everything to Marlena so Abigail leaves them for privacy but before they can start, Rafe arrives so Chad hides in the closet. Marlena covers for him as Rafe tells Marlena that they want her to do a psychological profile on the killer. Rafe mentions being unconvinced that Chad is the killer.

Aiden has his fractured finger checked out at the hospital where he overhears a nurse talking about giving Stefano his sleeping medication. Aiden sneaks in to Stefano's room and steals his keys then sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion where he steals from a checkbook and a paper with Stefano's signature on it. Will finds Abigail in the town square but she rushes off when he asks about Chad. Steve contacts an old friend named Monica who tells him when she last saw Bo. Steve excitedly tells Kayla about it but she is not enthused and worries about him getting everyone's hopes up for nothing. Steve realizes Kayla doesn't think he'll come back so he asks if she wants him to come back. Kayla says no but Steve doesn't believe her. Bo remains in his cell and dreams of coming home to Hope. Will brings Arianna to Rafe at the police station for a surprise emotional reunion with Gabi. Abigail finally meets Ben at the club. He questions where she's been but she just kisses him and says she's here now where she wants to be and that's what matters. Marlena prepares Chad for hypnotherapy.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Scott Baldwin represents Ava at her arraignment trial and successfully gets her acquitted of murder charges after he's removed the only evidence the DA has to convict her, after getting done with his job in the DA's office. Ric prosecutes the case and is confident this is an open and shut case until he discovers that the taped confession has mysteriously disappeared from his office. He instantly suspects Scott of taking it although the judge tells him he has no proof. The judge concludes that  "for now", the charges against Ava will be dropped for the murder of Connie and she will be released from jail. The judge lets all interested parties know, however, that as soon as the taped recording is found, the case can and will be re-opened, reminding them all there is not "statute of limitations" for murder. At that point. Scott knows he has "leverage" over Ava. If she wants to remain free, she needs to pay him $5 million for his "services". Yet she does not trust him, and is not about to pay him, in good faith, to keep the flash drive from being turned over to the "wrong party", knowing the consequences if that ever happens. She tells him in order to pay him, he needs to hand over the flash drive to her. Yet he has no "incentive" to do that....

Sonny wakes up in his hospital room and is clearly going to be ok and recover. Everybody is happy. Yet there is a serious issue when they realize that Julian has been freed from jail after the cops realize they have no evidence to convict him of the attempted murder of Sonny and TJ. Sam and Alexis want to believe in Julian's innocence although nobody else does. Sonny's and Alexis' daughter, Kristina returns after being away for a long time, rushes to see her father, and indicates that she is not ok with what appears to be Sam's father getting away with the attempted murder of her father. Morgan is also not ok, assumes it's obvious that Julian shot Morgan's father, and realizes that he can't rely on the cops to convict Julian nor on TJ to positively identify him as the shooter. Later, we see him going to Julian's home with a loaded gun.

Nathan talks privately to Dante admitting he knows his partner cheated on his wife with Valerie. He does not want to judge his partner and is willing to keep the secret for him when it appears Dante and Lulu are getting back on track, Valerie appears to be "moving on" by seeing Dylan, and the mistake Dante and Valerie made appears to be a "one time thing". Little does anyone know, however, that Valerie is pregnant from her one-time encounter with Dante.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis and Jack have dinner at the roof restaurant and share small talk. They discuss how lonesome Fred must be. In his trailer, Ian looks at a picture of Phyllis and Jack. He receives a call from Gabriel. Abby stops by to talk to Chelsea but encounters Gabriel instead. Gabriel warns her that she may be making a mistake. Victoria and Chelsea discuss her new fashion line and how the sales are going through the roof, but Chelsea needs to be leery of all this rise in sales. Dylan and Neil discuss the bachelor party and what happened between Devon and the prostitute. They discuss the video that Colin made of Devon and the prostitute. Neil confesses that he was going to use it against Devon. Sharon is on the phone at the Coffeehouse, agreeing to check herself into a rehab hospital. Nick comes in and asks her if she is all right. Sharon lets him know that he always could tell when something was going on with her. Marisa and Noah are confronted by her husband but she brushes it aside and makes Noah believe that Luca is married to a friend of hers, and they're separated. Marisa pretends she is writing down her friend’s address but really she writes him a note to meet her in the park. While Noah goes in the back to check on some things, Marisa gets her purse and leaves. Jack confesses to Phyllis how it was without her and why he had turned to Kelly but that he always thought that he was cheating on her. Neil wonders why Dylan is questioning him. Sharon assures Nick that she is fine, but something is going on with her. Jack surprises Phyllis with an Alexandrite crystal necklace. Abby asks Gabriel why he thinks she is making a mistake. Gabriel explains to her that the way the sales are rising, it would signal a disaster. Chelsea accuses Victoria of being jealous of Abby and the authority she has. Chelsea asks Victoria why she is so worried about the sales of her designs. Victoria confesses that Abby may bail on this just as she has on everything else. Sharon owns up to Nick that she was off her meds because of her pregnancy. Nick urges her to go into rehab until she gets back on track. Dylan walks in and wants to know what is going on.

Abby joins Chelsea and Victoria and wants to know what is going on. They discuss the spike in European sales. Abby tells Chelsea that she was talking to Gabriel. Gabriel watches Jack with Phyllis but reluctantly intrudes on them. Jack tells him that this isn’t a good time, but Phyllis says she has some things to do and leaves. Jack and Gabriel discuss the Paragon Project and Victor not sticking to their deal. Neil admits to Gwen that he lied to her. Gwen slaps him. Neil tells her that he started drinking again but vows to get help. Sharon tells Dylan that she is checking herself into a rehab hospital to get back on track. Dylan and Sharon hug good-bye. Nick joins Victoria, Abby, and Chelsea and finds out what is going on with the European sales, but Nick lets them know that Victor trusts Abby and her decision. Gabriel tells Jack that whoever is behind the Paragon Project may also be behind taking over Newman and Jabot. Phyllis visits Fred and finds out he is writing a book about his wife. She wishes him luck. Gabriel stands outside the trailer reluctant to go in. Marisa joins Luca in the park and tells him to leave town, but he refuses. Luca tells her that Marco told him where she was. Marisa joins Jack at the rooftop pool and tells him about Luca being in town and how Marco told him where she was. Marisa and Jack wonder if Victor could be helping Marco.

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