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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt goes back and forth with a skeptical Bill that they could make a Spencer Fashion House work and beat Forrester at their own game. Even Katie leans toward this as something she could sink her teeth into. But it will not be easy since FC has been king of the hill for a very long time. Wyatt points out they have not had much competition so this is his chance with his dad’s help. Bill is not so sure they should just because they can. Spencer has always been a communication company. Wyatt also points out FC has international stores; they will just be a fashion house and concentrate on that. Snarky Bill asks who will draw the pictures; they need a name talent. Wyatt thinks that is perfect since Ivy just lost her job. Bill wonders if he is doing this just because of his girlfriend. Wyatt says no and he knows it will be tough going head to head with Liam. Liam likes people to tell him what to do, but he and Ivy on the other hand do not. Wyatt feels he is a team player but has no place to move up in the company so yes he’d like to start his own team that is as successful as FC. Bill smiles and says he wants to be boss. Wyatt says he wants to earn it. Steffy is glad when Carter looks over the papers and says Ivy’s contract can be terminated at any time.

Quinn walks in and wonders why she was called away from a meeting. She’s stunned when Steffy tells her she is now in charge as Ivy has been let go. Liam quickly explains it did not come out of the blue. Ivy did something and Steffy can no longer trust her. Pam warns them Charlie just said Ivy is in the building. Steffy goes to the elevator and tells Charlie to box up Ivy’s belongings all by himself as she will stay with Ivy until she leaves. Liam explains that he can not tell Quinn what happened. It was not Ivy’s work, but she let her emotions get the best of her and it took over her judgment. She’s a brilliant designer though and he does not feel good about this. Ivy walks in Wyatt's house with her box of belongings and explains she can not go back into the building. Wyatt cheers her up by asking if she has all her pencils with her. She might need them in her next job. She is surprised when Wyatt tells her that he is trying to convince Bill into opening his own fashion house. He asks if Ivy is in. She points out he still works at FC. Steffy did not fire him. He says and there is a building with his name on it, so he can do what he wants and he thinks they can accomplish a lot great together. He told Steffy and Liam they would regret letting Ivy go, and he cannot wait until he sees their faces about this.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

John has flashbacks to his past when he didn't know who he was and makes calls to investigate old articles. Marlena runs in to Paul at the club and suggests he call John if he needs someone to talk to. Stefano tells Aiden that he's on his own but Aiden wants his debts paid off when he marries Hope like they planned. Hope and Kayla show Steve the letter she received from Bo to finally convince him that Bo left on his own. Steve recognizes that it is Bo's words and handwriting so he apologizes. Ben sees the headline about Stefano's heart attack which seems to upset Abigail. Ben reminds her of her promise not to see Chad while he leaves for class as Abigail is working from home.

Ciara and Chase see Aiden coming out of Stefano's hospital room so he has to explain that he's Chad's lawyer. Ciara insists Chad is innocent since she knows him as Theo's uncle. Abigail texts Chad to see if he's okay but Chad deletes the message without a response so Abigail goes to see him as he was about to leave with his passport and money. Steve talks to Joey and offers to be there if he needs to talk which Joey takes as he might be sticking around this time. Steve explains to Joey about Bo leaving Hope so he encourages him to apologize to Hope. Aiden claims to Hope that he never met Stefano before as they take the kids to the town square and share the news of their engagement. Kayla finds an old wedding photo of her and Steve as Joey joins her. Joey is warming up to Steve while Kayla admits maybe he does love them. Aiden gets a text that his time is running out. Victor appears in Stefano's hospital room. Abigail tries to convince Chad to go see Marlena for hypnotherapy to help him remember what happened during his blackouts. John goes to the club and tells Marlena that he's making progress in finding his parents. Steve arrives and talks to John about their worries as to what happened to Bo. Ben comes home to find Abigail is gone so he tells himself that he has to trust her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There is still uncertainty with Sonny's outcome as he remains unconscious. Patrick informs his family that surgery went well but he can't promise anything encouraging and it's all still uncertain. Morgan makes it clear he might want to take the law into his own hands with Julian. Although it appears obvious that Julian had Sonny shot right when Ava informed him that something has to be done in order to prevent Sonny from marrying Carly and having the two of them taking Ava's baby from her, Julian appears very confident that the cops have nothing on him. The PCPD does, in fact, realize they cannot keep Julian in custody any longer so Nathan goes to release him. As soon as Morgan finds that out, he is clearly not going to "accept" that. Nathan admits to Valerie that he is aware that she slept with Dante. He and Maxie are friends of Dante and Lulu and he does not approve however he concludes that he can see that she respects his friends' marriage just like he does, he assumes it was just a "one time thing", realizes she is now seeing Dylan Quartermaine and so he is willing to put it in the past and forget about it. Little does he (or anyone else for that matter) know that it's not that simple since she is pregnant.

Scott Baldwin goes to visit Ava while she's in jail and tells her he can represent her even though she does not trust him and wants only Diane Miller. He tells her she may not have a better choice since Diane has loyalty to Sonny and his family and everyone suspects that she and her brother arranged for Sonny to get shot. He informs her, however, that when he left the DA's office, he made sure to take the tape-recording that can incriminate her for murder, with him, so that Ric and the DA's office cannot use it against Ava for evidence, and therefore they will have to release her from prison. He tells her he can give it to her and make sure the DA's office does not have it, in exchange for $5 million.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan goes to the police station to discuss Sharon and the baby and also to ask Paul for help. Neil sits beside Hilary and tries to get her to wake up. He watches a broadcast of a reporter telling the audience that Devon may be covering his tracks in the murder of Hilary. Neil tells Hilary that Devon is no murderer. In the park, Devon talks to Gwen about Neil possibly being on drugs. Gwen lets him know that she feels that Neil took Emma’s ID card in order to steal drugs from the medicine cabinet at the hospital and told them that he was there to pick up a prescription for sleeping pills. Kevin and Mariah enter the Underground, but they're preoccupied with their own thoughts. Noah and Marisa join her. Colin watches as Charlie comes into the Athletic Club with Joe. Colin joins Lily and warns her about letting Joe get too close and how Cane would feel. Cane and Michael interrupt them and want to know what is going on. Charlie lets Cane know that Joe came to his game. Lily asks Cane about the new evidence that they found in Virgin Gorda. Dylan lets Paul know about his talk with Esther and about her telling him that something fishy was going on between Devon and Colin. Paul pulls back the curtain and shows him Kevin, who is on the computer in the squad room. Dylan and Kevin search the computer and find evidence that Colin deposited large amounts of money. Cane tells Lily the news that someone loaded on to an airplane. In the park, Devon asks Neil what is going on with him. Neil stalls in giving him an answer. Neil tells Devon that he is responsible for Hilary’s disappearance.

At the Underground, Noah asks Mariah what is going on with her. Mariah opens up to him and tells him that sex with Kevin was awful. Kevin tells Michael that there was no chemistry between him and Mariah. Michael urges Kevin to tell Mariah the truth. Michael lets Paul know that he has a lead on Hilary. Cane tells Joe that he appreciates his help but only for Lily’s benefit. Dylan talks to the prostitute about Devon’s bachelor party, but she is quiet until Dylan begins to pay her for the information. The prostitute puts Dylan on the trail of Colin who suddenly shows up. Devon asks Neil to tell him the truth. Kevin and Mariah confess that the sex was awful, and they should go back to just being friends. They go out to celebrate their friendship. Noah and Marisa kiss but are soon interrupted by a man who claims to he Marisa’s husband. Colin puts Dylan on Neil’s trail. Michael finds out some new evidence about Hilary but doesn’t know where she could be. Dylan begins to question Neil about what he knows about Hilary’s disappearance.

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