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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline and Ridge are both giddy that they are married. Nicole tells Thomas that he kissed her out of the blue for no reason and she did not see that coming. She says she is flattered if it had anything to do with her but something tells her that it didn’t. He heads her off and says he and Caroline were over a long time ago; almost before it started. Now she is marrying his dad and that is a line he will not cross. Liam says that was quite a scene with Ivy as she did not expect it. Steffy tells him they need to let Quinn know she is on her own now. He questions her decision but Steffy says she had no choice. She could not let her blackmail her. Ivy grouses to Wyatt that she can not believe that Steffy fired her. Wyatt takes her side and says they will regret it. Over lunch Bill does not want to talk about Caroline as she is marrying Ridge today. Katie says she is ready for a new challenge and a new project, something she can sink her teeth into. Bill says then he will get it for her. Ridge tells Caroline tomorrow he will go to city hall and make everything legal. He knows she is going to be a wonderful mother. Ivy is not sure how much longer she will even be welcome at the Forrester estate. Wyatt says it does not matter. He meant it when he said they would regret what they have done. Ridge hopes Caroline does not feel left out with her family and friends not being at their wedding. She says no, all she needs is him. They kiss.

Liam says his brother does not make idle threats so he does not know what he will do since Steffy is President of the company. Steffy says she does not trust Wyatt either so she may have to fire him too. Wyatt calls Bill and wants to meet with him. Nicole tells Thomas that he is good. He’d have to be being the son of Ridge Forrester. Thomas says some day he will be better. She says she knows, he has that look, the determination and confidence. Thomas looks at his I-phone and sees that Caroline has posted a picture. She is married to his dad. Ridge tells Caroline that his life was just fine until she came along and now he is humbled that she is his. She says he made it all happen, it was not a dream of hers. Liam tells Steffy that she looks different. She says yes because a weight has been lifted off her shoulder and now they can get on with their lives as they should have a long time ago. She considers this chapter closed. Wyatt invites Katie to stay too while he tells his dad that Ivy was unceremoniously dumped from Forrester. He asks if his position at FC is the same. He is still dirt there as long as Ridge is in control. Bill asks him to get to the point. Wyatt thinks Spencer Publication is where he belongs.......another industry that can be brought under SP. He wants to start another fashion house to compete with Liam and Steffy and take them down. Caroline and Ridge kiss as they undress each other and both think back on their meeting, guiding the hands in design and how magical it felt.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Hope and Aiden want to share their news with Ciara but decide to wait until they can tell Ciara and Chase together. JJ tries to talk to Roman at the police station but Clyde shows up and scares him off from talking. Ben demands to know if Abigail is in love with Chad but she insists nothing has changed and she loves Ben. Chad thinks Stefano is faking a heart attack but quickly realizes he's not and has him rushed to the hospital. Ben and Abigail argue about trust. Hope sees Joey and introduces him to Aiden but Joey wants none of it and is upset about Hope divorcing Bo, saying that Hope is no longer family. Abigail questions Ben tracking her and he says he just wants to protect her as he believes Chad is the murderer.

Kayla assures Chad that Stefano will be ok at the hospital. Steve shows up to talk to Kayla about Joey. Clyde tells Roman that he saw Chad outside of Paige's dorm that night. Eve shows up at the station and tells off JJ before going to see Justin. Eve asks Justin to stay with her but he's swamped at work so she decides she needs to stop being needy. Ben apologizes to Abigail as she makes him delete the tracking app from their phones. Rafe goes in to question Stefano, who insists that Chad is not a killer. Chad tells Rafe that he believes he's being framed so they go to the park to discuss it and Rafe tells Chad he needs to prove it. Clyde summons JJ to the docks and warns him to stay away from the police. Clyde gives JJ a burner phone to use to contact him when needed. Ben has Abigail promise to stay away from Chad and they talk about their happy future together. Steve and Kayla argue about Bo leaving Hope. Steve wants to retrace Bo's steps which Kayla believes is just an excuse for Steve to leave again. Eve trashes her apartment in a rage over Paige's death. Chad packs a suitcase with money and a passport. Aiden goes to see Stefano and tells him not to die until the job he's doing for him is finished and he gets his money.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is still wondering if Sonny is going to make it or not. Patrick tells Sonny's family that he has the option of doing surgery which may kill his patient but if he waits, the same thing could happen to Sonny. They all know that Sonny's kids are next of kin who would make the decision (next to Ric whom nobody wants anywhere near Sonny). Yet Michael concludes that he knows his dad would only want his mom to make the decision for him so it's Carly's call. She concludes that she knows Sonny would want them to attempt to save his life and risk the consequences instead of doing nothing. Another thing that is very noteworthy to many people is Jake. Sam knows the only other person she's met in her life who can kill in an instant in order to save a life or do what is needed in that manner, was Jason. Maxie is also really in awe when Nathan informs her that Jake killed 3 gunmen who were going to kill both Sonny and TJ if he had not shot them first and so the cops have to overlook what happened and exonerate Jake.

At Elizabeth's, she is agonized with guilt for not telling Jake "the secret". She attempts to let him know that she "did something terrible to Sam". Yet, she cannot bring herself to tell Jake the secret that could end their trust and end their relationship for good. So she tells him how when Danny was born, Jason and Sam were broken up and she thought she might have a chance with Jason. He asked her to do a DNA test to see if Danny was his or not and she falsified the test results to have both him and Sam believing Danny was not Jason's. She cries as she tells Jake that the truth did not come out until after Jason died so she is to blame for Jason never knowing that Danny was his son. SHe's prevented Jason, Sam and Danny from being a family, she tells him (although she does not reveal a far more compelling truth about that). Hearing her confession, Jake wonders what that has to do with him and he tells her he does not hold that against her now since it was in that past and now Danny is with his rightful mom and family.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby wants to celebrate her making a breakthrough at Newman but Noah, Marissa, Kevin, and Mariah don’t agree. Mariah tells the group about Kevin working for Victor on some special project. Jack meets Ashley at the Athletic Club to warn her about what is going on with the Paragon Project. Ian and Phyllis plan to have dinner together. Neil sits by Hilary’s bed and shows her Emma’s ID card that he stole in order to get medication to make her well. At the hospital, the nurse supervisor tells Emma that without an ID card, she cannot work. Ben also tells them that the medicine cabinet door was slightly ajar and anyone could have stolen medication. Gwen finds out from Emma that she lost her ID. Gwen talks to Neil and tells him that Emma cannot find her ID. Neil goes over to help look for it but soon he and Gwen are kissing. Emma comes in and interrupts them. Neil pretends that he finds the ID in the sofa. Both Emma and Gwen are surprised. Gwen and Neil make love but then she questions him about stealing the ID. As a result of Gwen’s accusation, Neil breaks off their brief love affair. Jack tells Ashley that he will always have her back. Phyllis and Ian eat and talk until Jack calls that he is coming back to the cabin. Noah warns Kevin about getting involved with Victor. Mariah tells Marissa to tell Noah everything. Marissa tells Mariah about her life and the mistakes she made.

Ashley is joined by Ben who lets her know that he is there to meet Abby. Abby joins them but is less than happy that Ashley also doesn’t support her. In talking to Jack, Phyllis looks around and sees that Ian is gone. Jack rejoins Phyllis at the cabin and she welcomes him with a kiss. Ian on the computer does more damage to Newman Enterprises and Chelsea’s new clothing line. Kevin and Mariah go to a motel room but all he wants to do is work on the computer until Mariah comes out wearing a negligee. Kevin and Mariah begin to kiss and get undressed.

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