Monday 9/14/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/14/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy is shocked and can’t believe Steffy is firing her. She says yes and wants her out of the building within the hour. Both Liam and Wyatt are aghast but Steffy says she is being nice. She is sending her home and not to jail. Ivy can go wherever she wants as long as it is far away from her. Charlie and Pam are having a little taste the lemon bars and find the missing ingredient, complete with blindfolds. They warn Thomas when he ducks out as a judge that he better knock before he goes into Ridge’s office. Caroline is in there and no telling with those two. He does catch them kissing, but hands Ridge his latest designs. Ridge tells him there is no hurry, he can take more time if he needs. Ridge is not going to be in the office today. He is getting married. Thomas is stunned and caught off guard but wishes them well. Ivy tells Steffy that her uncle Eric would not stand for this and Steffy needs a reason. Steffy says it is simple; she does not trust her. Ivy says fine but she is a Forrester and belongs here and is not leaving. Steffy picks up the phone and calls security. Charlie and another guard come in along with Pam. Steffy says she has fired Ivy and wants him to escort her out of the building. Nicole tells Thomas that he looks a little preoccupied. She finds out that it is because of the impending nuptials.

At Malibu, Caroline has changed into a long white flowing dress and Ridge brings her yellow flowers; they kiss. No minister, no witness, no papers, they conduct their own ceremony. Liam tells Ivy that he is not taking Steffy’s side but she is President so she has the right to fire Ivy. Wyatt also steps in and tries to stop Steffy. Ivy begs Liam to stop all of this but the guards escort her to the elevator. Nicole tells Thomas that it is clear he is throwing himself into his work to capture his attention. He says perhaps he is being distracted. He pulls her forward and kisses a surprised Nicole. Ridge says he can not wait to call Caroline his wife and lucky enough to have a kid. He can see her being so happy and he does not care what others think as they are together. He says the vows to make Caroline Spencer his wife. She says their hands have come full circle and together she has taught him how to draw again and he taught her how to walk again. So she takes him as her husband to have and to hold……good times and bad and all in between. He puts the wedding ring on her finger and she puts his on as her commitment to him and promises that everything she embodies from this day forward will be his. He pronounces them man and wife and they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Abigail finds out Chad is being held by the police so she calls the station but finds out he's being released. Rafe and Justin continue to argue over the case and Chad being the suspect. Ben tells Clyde about Paige's murder, and they talk about Chad being the suspect. JJ reveals everything to Jennifer about Clyde being the head of the drug ring and all that happened with him, Clyde, and Kyle. Jennifer is hysterical and wants JJ to stop everything now and tell the police, but JJ refuses because of the danger it would put them in.

Abigail goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion after he's released where they argue with Stefano about Chad being guilty or not. Abigail encourages Chad and tells him that she will do whatever she can to help and will never give up on him no matter what. Clyde gives Ben an early wedding present, a new house for him and Abigail which Ben is grateful for. JJ goes to the police station, disguised in a hoodie and sunglasses so he's not followed, to try and talk to Roman. Clyde goes to see Jennifer to talk about Ben and Abigail's wedding while Jennifer is uncomfortable with what she now knows about him. Rafe, Justin, and Roman continue to go over the case and the evidence, wanting to wrap this up. Ben uses his phone app to track Abigail to the DiMera Mansion so when she comes home, he reveals the app to her and that he's known every time she has gone there. Ben demands to know if Abigail is still in love with Chad. Chad goes off on Stefano one more time until Stefano cries that he loves him and collapses.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny is still in critical condition, unconscious and remaining in the hospital ICU. Patrick warns his family that he may not make it. Everybody wonders what they are going to do is Sonny dies. Morgan makes it clear he intends to go after Julian Jerome because he's had Sonny shot. Michael urges his brother to pull himself together and if he can't do it on his own, perhaps he needs professional help. Carly sits at the chapel praying for Sonny to make it, not knowing how her life can go on without him. Right then, we see previous scenes in their relationship throughout the year with all the times they wanted to be apart and never get back together. While Sonny is unconscious, we hear and see what he thinks and feels as he clings to life. Everybody has Jake to credit for his heroic deed. yet Patrick is concerned about "something" regarding both Jake and Jason being able to easily kill people when he saves lives. Elizabeth becomes emotional wondering if she should reveal to Jake that she knows he's really Jason. Yet, once again, she does not reveal it to him, afraid of losing him if he finds out.

Franco and Nina are both confident that Ric is out of their lives. They know they can press charges against him for attempting to scam Nina while working with Madeline in order to take Nina's money. Nathan admits to Maxie that he has Franco to credit for saving his sister's life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis thanks Ian, who claims his name is Fred, for his advice about Jack. Ian invites himself to the cabin to cook Phyllis dinner.  Phyllis send Jack back to Genoa City to handle Paragon Project business with Victor while she stays at the cabin for one more night.  Ian thinks he is double-crossing him, but Adam tells him that he has to be on the inside with Jack, so he can find out what Jack and Victor know about the Paragon Project.  After Adam figures out that Kevin is working for Victor, they agree to share whatever information they discover to protect both companies.  Chelsea is excited that her company has had more sales since she joined Newman Enterprises.  Adam feels badly that if his plans with Ian work, Chelsea's company will sink along with Newman Enterprises.

Sharon's doctor tells her she isn't pregnant, and she shouldn't rush things. She will get pregnant again eventually and carry to term.  Sharon's doctor also suggests that she talk to her psychiatrist to deal with the grief of the miscarriage.  Sharon tells Mariah she is pregnant again, so she doesn't need to tell Dylan she lost their first child.  Colin tries to persuade Esther to return to work at the mansion, but she says she is happy at the coffeehouse.  Sharon asks Dylan to go to Virgin Gorda and help Devon find Hilary.

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