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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Wyatt that she deleted the video so the least Steffy can do is be grateful and go along with her first photo shoot. Steffy and Liam discuss being surprised that her dad has agreed to more children to keep Caroline. But he has always been supportive so she can not turn on him now. Bill pops in just as Ridge and Caroline are kissing. Bill says he heard the good news….Ridge laments and he came all the way over to congratulate him. Bill says he has had a night to think about it so he’d like to think that Caroline has come to her senses. And if she were marrying anybody but Ridge he would throw her the party of the year. Bill tells Katie that this is Ridge. He always runs the other way. Caroline has Spencer blood coursing through her veins and he will do everything he can to keep her happy. That includes having a baby. Ridge says that has all been taken care of. Caroline tells her Uncle Bill that she knows they all love her and she appreciates that but she wants to assure them this is what she wants. And she just wants them to all tolerate each other and no tension. They are going to get married, so be friends. Bill tells Ridge for some unknown reason his niece is crazy about him so do not screw this up.

While everyone is waiting, Steffy and Liam walk in and she tells Ivy there will not be a shoot today, at least not with her. When they all want an explanation, Steffy says she is the President and she is making some changes starting with the face of Forrester. Ivy says she thought when she deleted the video that meant they had all moved on. Steffy says it is plain and simple. Ivy’s days of modeling here at Forrester are over before it started. Both Ivy and Wyatt are livid. Ivy says Steffy should be grateful. Steffy tells her to quit playing the victim. She manipulated her to get the job in first place. Liam agrees, and Ridge picked Steffy first so it is hers if she wants it. Ivy says Steffy is going against her word. Steffy says she gave Ivy a second chance but she never once said she would keep the position. Ivy tells Liam they are so wrapped up in their power trip they can not see anything else. Ivy even throws her last name in as she deserves this too. Wyatt tells them things can get uglier so they all need to take a rest. Steffy says she knew with Ivy’s attitude they would have a hard time moving on. She can not trust her and as of now she no longer works at Forrester. She is fired. Caroline tells Ridge that is the way macho man Bill is, all wrapped up in his family. Ridge tells her that she is strong and needs no one that protective but if the day comes, he wants to be there. He wants to talk marriage; he does not want to wait any longer. Today, just the two of them. She was not expecting this. He suggests Malibu. Caroline is giddy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John explained to Brady and Marlena that he wanted to find out more about his past.  Theresa approached Nicole about being her partner at Basic Black. Julie, Maggie, and Caroline met at an old mansion. Julie remembered dating one of the grandchildren that lived in the mansion. Julie thought it would be a perfect place for the bicentennial celebration. Caroline seemed to going through something while Julie was talking. Julie and Maggie became worried about her. Adrienne was out with Lucas and she told him that she wanted to give her marriage another try. Eric was drunk so Daniel wanted to make him feel better about what happened to Serena. Eric ripped into Daniel because everything works out for him.  Adrienne explained to Lucas why she wanted to give her marriage a try. Lucas seemed to understand her reason for wanting to get back together with Justin. Theresa had a silent partner that would help her with her part of Basic Black. Nicole finally agreed to go into business with Theresa.  Eve called Marlena to tell her about Paige. Marlena rushed to be by Eve's side.

Eric wanted Nicole to make Daniel get away from him. Nicole wanted to take Eric home to drink. Marlena wanted Eve to tell her about Paige. Eve told Marlena about her affair with JJ and that Paige hated her during the last months of her life. Caroline, Julie, and Maggie looked at pictures from the past. Caroline thought about Shawn and became agitated. Caroline walked away and then saw Shawn's face in a mirror. Kate ran into Lucas and realized that Adrienne broke up with him. Kate put Adrienne down for what she did to him and that made Lucas more determined to fight for her. Marlena assured Eve that she would get through her loss a step at a time. Adrienne met with Justin to see if they could make their marriage work.  John saw the article about Paige's death and realized that Marlena went to see Eve. Marlena's meeting with Eve made her realize that she didn't want to stand in the way of John finding his relatives. Adrienne seemed sure that she and Justin could work things out. Justin wanted to try again with Adrienne. Lucas saw Justin and Adrienne together. Theresa met with Kate and told her that Nicole was willing to work with her. Theresa was in for a shock when she found out that Kate planned on running Basic Black with her and Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is worried about the grim prognosis for Sonny as Patrick warns them that he may not live with or without surgery and the procedure could have him paralyzed for life. Carly wants to assure her sons as well as their father that Sonny will be ok and that she will never stop loving him. Michael goes back to his "old role" of taking care of the family for his dad and confesses to an unconscious Sonny that he loves him and deeply regrets his previous behavior of disowning the man whom he will always know as his father. Morgan goes to the station and threatens Julian when he finds out from Dante, Lulu and Olivia that Julian was seen on the docks right when Sonny got shot. He makes it clear that he might be capable of taking the law into his own hands when he concludes that Julian intended to murder Sonny and the cops cannot or will not charge him with murder. Jake returns to Elizabeth and she is very worried finding out that he's risked his life to save Sonny and could have been killed. She is also worried about the secret coming out about Jake when Nikolas calls her to warn her that Sam, Jake and Sloane as well as Hayden may be onto them with that secret as well as his own issue with the mayoral election and taking ELQ from Michael. Sloane reveals to Nikolas that he regrets what he did and wants to hold Nikolas responsible for the fact that it has cost Sloane a future with Anna.

TJ still has loyalty for Sonny beyond what he has for his mom. Jordan wonders why Anna is hesitating to take action against Sloane as Anna does not reveal that Sloane knows her secret that she murdered Carlos Rivera. Sam tells Patrick she is committed to him but he is just as worried about her putting herself in danger, not only regarding Sonny, but with Jake...just like Elizabeth is concerned about Jake's involvement in all of this as well as Jake's "contact" with Sam. We see how both Patrick and Elizabeth are afraid of losing Sam and Jake although they are both still in their respective relationships and "acknowledging" (although Elizabeth knows otherwise) that Jason is gone and the others need to move on without him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon tells Mariah that she is afraid Dylan will leave if he finds out about the miscarriage. Dylan hires Esther to work at Crimson Lights. While Sharon shows Esther around, Mariah tries to find out if Dylan would leave if he knew the truth by asking what he would do if he was Kevin. Esther tells Dylan that she will refuse service to Colin, who is a sneak and is always up to something. Victor hires Kevin to find out who has hacked into the Newman computers. He tells Kevin not to say anything to anyone, especially Jack. Kevin tells Mariah, who advises him to stay out of it. After making love to Gwen, Neil takes Gwen's sister's hospital badge and sneaks into the storage closet at the hospital. He steals supplies for Hilary. Hilary wakes up and realizes she's at the boathouse. She calls for Neil but loses conscious again. Gwen finds that Neil has left and assumes she did something to upset him. Neil gets to the boathouse and sees that Hilary's IV has been knocked over. He gets a text from Gwen, "I'm sorry". He repeats it but it's for Hilary. Nick decides to remain at Newman Enterprises at Sage's urging.

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