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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline wants to know what Brooke and Ridge are talking about; and when both clam up, she thinks she knows it is something Brooke thinks Ridge ought to tell Caroline as the prospective bride. She guesses it might be about RJ, perhaps he is upset they are getting married. She wants to assure Brooke that she would never try to replace her, and she is not the wicked stepmother type. Ridge takes Caroline out the door and slams it. He tells Brooke that this is his life and she needs to butt out. He explains he would have never told her about the vasectomy if he thought she was going to hold it over his head. She says he can not be certain the procedure can be reversed and Caroline deserves to know that since she is counting on having children. He can not start off a marriage with such a huge secret. She questions him if he has spoken to his doctor and he says not yet; he has other important things to plan. She reminds him the longer he waits the harder it might be. He wants this conversation to be just between them.

Working, Thomas thinks about his conversation with Caroline before she completely lost it. He snaps back to reality when Zende and Nicole come in discussing fabric. They talk about a lady in the sewing room who has been there 30 years. Both of them want a future in fashion too. They briefly touch on the news about Caroline and Ridge and how Thomas did not see that coming. He claims he is happy for them. He thought Ridge was through with kids too but he is willing to do that again for Caroline. Zende tells Nicole to be careful talking about Thomas and Caroline as Ridge is CEO and he could get word of it. Zende likes her working there. Thomas and Caroline miss each other as he walks into Rick’s office to design and Caroline is walking out to go to the restroom. She returns though in a better mood and explains she was a little concerned but there is no pregnancy and she feels better now. Thomas says he is sorry that she had to go through that worry. He never would have taken advantage of her and she admits she knows that. They will never speak about this again. Ridge tells Brooke this is his little secret and no one else will know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope accepted Aiden's marriage proposal.  Kate wanted Nicole to help her buy Basic Black.  Rafe talked to Chad about the flower that was found at both crime scenes.  Chad reminded Rafe that he doesn't live with Stefano anymore.  Aiden realized that Hope was still thinking about Bo and promised to love her forever. A mystery man wanted answers from Bo.  Hope was determined not to let Bo come between her and Aiden.  Aiden got a call and had to leave Hope.  Brady visited John and Marlena and brought her flowers. Brady wanted to congratulate her for taking John back again.  Marlena let Brady know that John is going back to the ISA.  Brady didn't think it was a good idea.  Nicole didn't want to work with Kate.  Justin ripped into Rafe about two people being dead.  Justin didn't want anymore people dying. Aiden arrived while Justin was ripping into Rafe about the investigation. Aiden didn't like the idea of Rafe talking to Chad without his attorney being present. 

Nicole didn't trust Kate and didn't want to work with her. Hope told Julie and Doug about her engagement. Hope noticed that Doug wasn't too happy about it.  Doug wasn't sure that Hope was making the right decision because of Bo. Hope wanted to be happy and thought she could be with Aiden. Justin let Aiden know that he was determined to get Chad for the murders. Theresa went to see John for help buying Basic Black, but he turned her down.  Kate overheard their conversation and the wheels began spinning in her head. Justin found Eve and she thought about Paige. Aiden advised Chad not to answer any more questions about the flower that was found at the crime scenes. A man was trying to electrocute Bo if he didn't start talking. Bo didn't tell the man anything. Brady thought Theresa might have been able to run Basic Black, but John didn't think she could. Kate approached Theresa about buying Basic Black. John told Brady and Marlena that he wanted to find out about his past. Justin took Eve back to her place. She broke down again and then she kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Sonny has been fatally shot and his wedding interrupted, Carly, Michael, Morgan, Sam and Jake rush with him to the hospital and Patrick informs them that he's very willing and able to perform surgery. However the bullet was lodged in Sonny's spine and he could be paralyzed. Carly and Morgan both blame Ric for setting Charlie free and they demand he leaves. He tells them he's not going anywhere. He has the right to be there as he reminds both Carly and Michael that he's Sonny's family. Carly is not married to him and Michael disowned and turned his back on his father. Dante goes to the station and instantly suspects and confronts Julian, convinced that he arranged the shooting although Julian protests he had nothing to do with it. Dante, however places him at the scene when Olivia remembers running into Julian on the very pier where it happened at the time it happened. Jordan makes it clear to TJ that Sonny is responsible for her son being a target and he needs to move out of Sonny's home and out of his life. She lives in fear every day that her son could be killed while he lives with Sonny. He tells his mom, however, that he refuses to turn his back on Sonny especially now. Everyone has Jake to thank for saving both Sonny's and TJ's lives when they were hunted down at the warehouse and are in awe of Jake's heroism.

Paul indicates to Tracy that he is the process of signing his divorce papers to Jenny. When they find out what happened to Sonny, Paul reflects on how living that life almost cost him his life and they wonder if that's what will happen to Sonny. Sam goes with Jake and they talk alone, again about Jason, at the very place where Jason died. She reminisces to him about her life with Jason. And, again, they both experience unconscious deja vu, about Sam and Jason's relationship.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis and Jack arrive at the Abbott cabin. After making love, Phyllis decides to take a walk in the woods and runs into none other than Ian Ward, who lies about his true identity and tries to get close to Phyllis. Upon arriving back at the motel, Cane and Michael are surprised to see Devon there. Neil sits alone and looks at the ad on the internet asking for information on the whereabouts of Hilary. Gwen joins him. Neil asks her to join him for dinner later but he asks her to cook him dinner at her apartment instead of going out. Lily interrupts them to tell him what happened to Cane and Michael in Virgin Gorda. At the penthouse, a woman asks Chelsea to sign some legal documents and then finds out that Gabriel didn’t show up to sign the papers earlier. At the Athletic Club bar, Gabriel has a talk with Joe until Ashley arrives and interrupts them. Ashley pulls Gabriel aside and tells him to stay away from Joe. Lily asks Neil about the prescription sleeping pills but he assures her that things will be fine. Devon tells Cane and Michael that he came here to talk to Jimmy. Devon asks Jimmy what he saw at the beach. Jimmy changes his story and tells Devon that he wasn’t the one who he had seen carrying the woman. Gabriel comes home and Chelsea confronts him about him not signing the papers. Chelsea demands to know where he has been.

Neil sits by Hilary’s bed and asks her if Devon did this to her. Gwen and Emma discuss the fact that she is cooking dinner for Neil. Gabriel tells Chelsea that he is teaming up with Jack to find out who is behind the Paragon project. Phyllis and Ian have a chat about trust. Neil arrives for his date with Gwen and makes plans to steal Emma’s nametag. Lily and Joe have a chat about Cane. Joe tells Ashley that he is letting go of the past. Gabriel gets a call from Ian Ward. Chelsea, upon hearing Gabriel on the phone and thinking that it is Jack that he is talking to, makes the mistake of calling Gabriel “Adam.” Gabriel reprimands her for her slip up. Neil just about has Emma’s nametag when Gwen comes in and begins to kiss him and leads him to the bedroom. Hilary wakes up and looks around at her surroundings.

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