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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline and Thomas listen as Steffy tells them that the video has been deleted. Thomas does not think this sounds like the Ivy of late but hopes she came to her senses. Steffy is not happy that even Caroline knows but makes Caroline promise secrecy from Ridge. Ridge does breeze in and is happy when Steffy tells him that Lt. Baker called and they have dropped the investigation. Ridge says he has more good news. He and Caroline are engaged. The reluctant Steffy says she is okay with this if it is what they want. Caroline explains that her two mothers are happy too. She leaves to go inform Bill. Steffy reminds Thomas it wasn’t that long ago that he and Caroline were more than friends. Now he is all for Caroline marrying his dad so she wants to hear more. He sloughs it off and she accuses him of not being a very good best man with this attitude.

Brooke is working on the Sky Lounge when Katie and Bill walk out and say they have been summoned by Caroline with some news. Brooke looks worried. Caroline joins them and asks Brooke to stay as she has news for her too. She flashes her big rock on her fingers as Bill rolls his eyes and Brooke’s widen. Bill makes a snarky remark that Ridge has had plenty of those already. Caroline says she knows several have a history with Ridge, both Katie and Brooke for instance. Yes they all have pasts but they have moved on. Both are surprised when she says they are also planning on having children despite Ridge originally saying he did not want another family. Bill makes another remark about Caroline pushing Ridge in a wheelchair to his son’s graduation. Brooke says good luck with that. Although he is against it, Bill assures her if she marries he will be there in support. Brooke storms off and into Ridge’s office and asks if he is out of his mind. She does not think this is something to joke about. He points out that she thinks Caroline is of a different era but that is exactly what Stephanie used to say about her when Brooke married Eric. Brooke tells him he already has grown children and one that still needs his attention. And there is no guarantee that his vasectomy can be reversed so he needs to tell Caroline….and if he doesn’t she will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ found Paige dead in her bathroom.  Eve suddenly talked to Theresa about Paige.  Steve saw Hope and Aiden and wanted to tell her about his suspicions about Bo.  The police arrived at Paigeís dorm room to investigate Paigeís death.  JJ was upset when Rafe, Roman, as well as the rest of the police couldnít find out much about the killer.  Steve tried to tell Hope that Bo was in danger, but Hope and Aiden didnít believe it.  Brady met Chad at the town square and warned him that his addiction could be dangerous.  Chad didnít think he did anything wrong.  Roman left the investigation and found Eve at the hospital.  Roman told Eve that Paige was killed.  Eve broke down and started crying.

Steve continued to convince Hope that something happened to Bo, but she wouldnít believe him.  She was convinced that Bo abandoned his family for the ISA.  Steve eventually gave up and walked away.  Aiden wanted to know if Hope believed that Bo was in danger.  Hope didnít think Bo was in trouble.  Bo was shown in his cell with a mysterious man.  Steve went to the hospital to see Kayla. They talked about the problems that Joey was having.  Kayla was desperate and wanted Steve to help her.  Rafe talked to Justin about the newest murder.  Justin was convinced that Chad was guilty.  The police found a clue involving Paigeís death.  They found a rare flower.  Rafe said that he saw that flower at the DiMera mansion.  JJ met with Clyde and accused him of murdering Paige.  Clyde warned JJ about the way he was treating him. Aiden ran into someone who threatened him if he didnít pay the money that he owed.  Hope thought about leaving Bo.  Bo dreamed about returning home to find Hope in danger.  Steve reminded Kayla that Joey was mad at him.  Kayla thought she had to take care of everything by herself as usual.  Steve promised that he would make things right with her and Joey.  Kayla let him know that he couldnít make things right with her.  Someone gave Bo a pill and he spit it out after the guy left.  Aiden showed up at Hopeís house and she decided to accept his proposal.  JJ told Clyde that he didnít have to kill Paige because he didnít say anything to the police.  Clyde warned JJ that he would get him if he let him down.  Chad was at his hotel room when someone knocked on the door.  Rafe was at the door and showed Chad the flower that the police found.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Sonny and Carly's wedding is supposed to be taking place and everybody is waiting for the groom, Jake enters and informs them that Sonny has been fatally shot. Carly, Michael and Morgan rush to the hospital with Sam and Patrick rushes to save Sonny before he's gone. Yet it appears he might not make it. Back at the house, Maxie reminds Lulu and Sabrina that they must both know the dangers of being in a relationship with Sonny's sons. Sabrina learns that there are things about Michael's history regarding his family and Sonny that she's never before known. They tend to baby Avery and Maxie admits that she wonders if the little one will be without her daddy.

Julian goes to visit Ava while she's in jail and he "indicates" he's not really worried that Sonny will be able to keep Julian's sister in prison nor prevent her from being with her daughter. She is terrified and furious remembering Sonny coming to visit her not long ago and telling her she'll never see "their" daughter again and that Carly will be baby Avery's mom after she becomes Mrs. Corinthos. Julian sounds as though he somehow knows that those plans might not go the way Sonny wants (or the way Ava fears).

Sloane reveals to Anna that he really did not want to implicate Nikolas for the mayoral election tampering, because he's not really concerned about Sonny's son and other rich people losing their company. He's not afraid of going down for Nikolas and is not worried that he's likely to get into any serious legal consequences for that, as he reminds her he happens to know that she murdered a man in cold blood. He informs her that he covered for her, got himself fired and paid a price so he doesn't believe he "owes" her what she may believe he owes her. All the while Sonny is in the hospital, it appears he may very well die. And it becomes very "note-worthy" that the person who single-handedly saved both Sonny's and TJ's lives is the guy known as Jake Doe. People wonder why Jake would do that given that he and Sonny barely know and don't really care for each other. What might that mean?

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Chelsea meet at the Coffeehouse to discuss her new clothing line at Newman and how her designs are now under the Newman umbrella. Chelsea reminds her that if it weren’t for Victor, they would be in Paris right now. Victoria lets Chelsea know that Victor had her arrested on her wedding day five years ago. Cane calls Lily to let her know about the eyewitness placing Devon at the scene of Hilary’s death and carrying her away. Lily insists to Cane that Devon did not hurt Hilary. Neil notices the IV is empty and tells Hilary not to die on him. He thinks of a way to help her. Cane insists to Lily that the eyewitness is legit. Michael explains to Lily what the man told them. Michael also asks Lily to get Devon to talk about what happened in Virgin Gorda so that it might help his case. Victoria tells Chelsea that Gabriel accused Victor of forcing them to stay in Genoa City. Billy stops Gabriel from asking for his job back. Jack defends Gabriel’s actions and tells them that he could be of benefit to Jabot. Ashley refuses to hire Gabriel back. Jack talks to Gabriel and comes up with another plan to get him on at Jabot. Lily lets Devon know about the eyewitness who placed him at the murder scene. Cane and Michael talk to Jimmy about what he saw. Jimmy becomes angry that he won’t receive his money and threatens to go to the police with his information. Neil tries to steal medications from the hospital but is foiled in his attempt when he finds the medicine cabinet locked. Out in the corridor, he bumps into Gwen and Emma who ask him why he was in the medicine room. Neil makes up an excuse that he was getting away from a reporter who was hounding him about Devon and Hilary. Neil also lies to Gwen and tells her that he was at the hospital to pick up a prescription from the doctor for sleeping pills. Neil notices Emma’s name tag.

Lily tries to help Devon remember all that happened in Virgin Gorda concerning Hilary’s disappearance, but he only becomes angry when he thinks that his family and lawyer don’t believe him. Jack and Gabriel come up with an alternative plan to find out who is behind the Paragon project. Jack tells Ashley that he has hired Gabriel, and he will only report to him. Gabriel meets Chelsea at the Coffeehouse to let her know about his meeting with Jack, Ashley, and Billy, but now he only has to await their decision. Jack comes in and lets Gabriel know that he is hired. Lily finds out that Cane and Michael are in jail themselves because of Jimmy. Billy and Victoria make love. Gwen tells Lily about Neil picking up sleeping pills at the hospital.

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